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Read The Rise of Otaku Chapter 169 – Curse And Delicacy

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Chapter 169 Curse And Delicacy

Edited by Esperanza

Looking behind Bai Mo, every step he made seemed to have a frost buff, leaving a long line of white footprints. Looking at this picture, Zhou Yu also did not dare to talk to him right now. Bai Mo just went to the house in the refrigerator, seemingly unwilling to talk to anyone.

So he could only talk to the old drunkard and Bubu.

The two looked at each other, then coughed and said, “the thing is, when we got to the G division, we saw all the idols were wearing beautiful dresses. We thought that we shouldn’t lose marks on appearance, so we also wanted to find one dress for Bai Mo. It’s all the old drunkard’s fault, he found that stupid place!”

The old drunkard immediately retorted, “you even have the audacity to say that it was me. Whose s.h.i.t luck was it? It was less than 1% probability, but you still got it, why don’t you buy a lottery ticket?”

They kept retorting to each other, and in the end, they were just repeatedly swearing at each other. But from the intermittent blaming words, Zhou Yu still got some idea about what happened.

It turned out that the old drunkard and Bubu found a wild dungeon in that area, which would drop some loot that contained beautiful dresses, so two of them took turns to raid the dungeon for two days straight, and the result was that they really got a dress treasure chest. Originally, it was a good thing, however, they didn’t know that the chest was a cursed chest. So after they gave Bai Mo the chest excitedly and asked Bai Mo to open it, a cursed dress appeared on Bai Mo’s body after he opened it, and it couldn’t be taken off.

What was worse was that it was a woman’s dress.

When they checked the information of the dungeon, they all knew that a cursed treasure chest could be dropped, but only had one percent of probability. Originally, they thought that there was no way that they would have such bad luck, but no one expected that Bubu actually got it. It could only be said that this was such a sad tragedy.

Bai Mo also couldn’t say anything to them, after all, they had good intentions, so he could only wear it to partic.i.p.ate in the idol contest. In the end, despite winning the G division’s contest, the t.i.tle – ‘the Cross-dressing Prince’ spread like wildfire, and then Bai Mo became like this.

Thinking about Bai Mo, who hated wearing women’s clothes, gritted his teeth to appear in front of the broad audience like this, and then turn countless straight Otakus into gay otakus, Zhou Yu could not help but have the impulse of wanting to laugh.

Alas, compared to little Muli, this was also a different type of famous.

Although it was funny, the problem still needed to be solved, so Zhou Yu asked the two people, “is there any way to break the curse? If it continues like this, he will become a popsicle.”

It was the summertime, but after Bai Mo walked into the room, the temperature dropped rapidly, it worked even better than the air conditioning.

Everyone shook their heads, every adventurer more or less had some curse items, and the methods of removing the curse were all different, they never heard of something that could be used to break all the curses.

Only the king of thieves, who had the most adventurous experience, thought for a moment and said, “My Lord, there are two types of curses for equipment. One is temporary, which the curse will disappear after a certain period of time. The other, though permanent, will fade if it is bathed in holy light. Of course, if we can find the cause of the curse, that would be the quickest solution.”

To find out the cause of the curse, they must go to the wild dungeon, where the cursed item was dropped, to look for clues, or find an item that could be used to break the curse. However, although the old drunkard and Bubu raided the dungeon many times, they did not pay attention to the story. It was like those, who like to skip the cutscenes whenever they play a game, but when they got stuck at the plot quest, they would have to search for solutions on the internet.

But now, where could Zhou Yu find the solution?

Since there was no quick way to do it, he could only use the second method, the king of thieves said, which was to bathe Bai Mo in holy light to weaken the curse. But where could he get holy light?

The king of thieves gave the answer, one was to find the tree of holy light, the other was to build the G.o.ddess church. However, it was a pity that these two things didn’t seem to have appeared before. They should be a high-level crop and a high-level building. At present, whether it was the Gashapon machine, vending machine or the Chubby dragon’s treasure bowl, there were no such things.

Although Zhou Yu felt sorry that Bai Mo had to go through this, before he got the item to break the curse, in this period of time, Bai Mo had to continue wearing the dress.

“Masterchef” this program’s shooting was going very smoothly. It was said that several previous seasons were already being broadcasted in some TV channels of the ACG world, and its rating was quite good. The boss of Extreme Film was very satisfied with Kaka and Benben. No matter how difficult it was to handle some of the ingredients, they could still complete the dish successfully. Their cooking skill was so great that it was almost impossible to believe that, they came from an ordinary village.

But this program really made the villagers of the mini Luhua village have a ravenous appet.i.te. After all, they didn’t know that there were so many delicious foods outside the village. Especially the chubby dragon prince, he couldn’t help himself but watch the shooting every day on the side. Every time he would be drooling over the food like a crazy dragon.

The food in mini Luhua village has always been very simple, basically the vegetables that Zhou Yu grew on the mini-farms. These vegetables, to Zhou Yu, were much better than the vegetables from the real world. Actually, whoever tried it, all thought the same. But for the villagers of the ACG world, it was too boring.

It could be said that even the fish that Zhou Yu caught were much better than those vegetables after they were made into fish soup, not to mention those rare ingredients in the program.

“Big brother, the meals you provide to us are too boring. You really need to improve them.”

The chubby prince had complained to him more than once, but unfortunately, Zhou Yu couldn’t do anything about it. Mini Luhua village was just a small village, it could not produce those high-level fish and crops, it didn’t even have a trading center, which was used to trade with Star Light city. To change this, Zhou Yu must upgrade mini Luhua village into Luhua city, but at present, it seemed that there were still many necessary conditions he needed to meet.

After receiving a villager’s complaints, although Zhou Yu couldn’t solve the root of the problem, he could still do something about it.

“Okay, I’ll go to talk with Du Quan, and ask him to make you a guest.”

Each episode of the program would invite several guests, including some popular idols, gourmets and some ordinary citizens of the ACG world, to taste foods and give comments. The chubby prince’s appearance was very cute, so asking him to be a mascot of the program, was not a bad idea.

Du Quan was the chief agent of the Extreme Film, for Zhou Yu’s request, he agreed readily, “is it that dragon, who was always drooling endlessly? Okay, no problem at all. The way he drooled over the food is very funny. It will definitely help the program increase ratings.”

As soon as the boss opened his mouth, the Chubby Prince immediately hopped over to the guest table, waiting for the food to be served.

“Brother Zhou, who else in your village also wants to be on the show? You can get them all here. If you can let Little Muli appear in the program, it will be even better. The appearance fee is not a problem. By the way, I heard that Bai Mo, the Cross-dressing Prince, is also from your village. Although he is a fallen idol, we have this show broadcast in both cities and there are no such restrictions in my program.”

Du Quan was still thinking about this thing, but Zhou Yu’s face changed quickly and he whispered, “lower your voice, please don’t mention this t.i.tle in front of Bai Mo!”

Unfortunately, it was too late, he had already appeared behind Du Quan.

The cold air around Bai Mo was already visible to the naked eye, and then suddenly, a big snowstorm appeared, which froze the entire studio. The poor chubby prince was just about to put a piece of meat into his mouth, but he was instantly frozen into an icy statue.

Zhou Yu also couldn’t bear the cold. He ran out of the studio and shivered under the Sun.

Alas, I have already warned him.


My poor old immortal crane, did the author forget that he could remove curse too?


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