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Read The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 186 – Kiss

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Ethan Lu and Lexi spent their time talking about random things until the sun goes down. Of course, Ethan Lu never missed the chance to drop his cheesy romantic lines that nearly made Lexi cringe at times. Overall, it was a great experience as both felt their muscles relaxed and their minds at peace.

“Alright, I’ll go first.” Since Lexi didn’t want to get out of the water first, Ethan Lu nodded as he didn’t mind whether she peeked at his naked body or not.

Without further ado, he stood— revealing everything with confidence. However, no matter how he flaunted his great shape, Lexi didn’t give him a second glance. Hence, he excited the spring with a dejected aura and a gloomy frown.

When Lexi heard the door from the other side opened then closed, she heaved a sigh of relief. Turning her head and trying to confirm if Ethan Lu vacated— Lexi once again sighed in relief by seeing that he was gone.

“Now… how should I face him after everything that I said?” Biting her lower lips, Lexi clicked her tongue as she closed her eyes.

This was the first time she confessed to a man. Granting that she devoted her life to Morris Liu, Lexi actually never said such heartfelt words and received such outstanding answers. Therefore, after confessing her feelings to him for the first time, her great dilemma now was: how would she face Ethan Lu?

After all, it was indeed unfair to him that she admitted that she liked him through a part.i.tion as if she was confessing her sins to a priest. Moreover, knowing Ethan Lu he’d teased her or humor her about it.

Having such a headache after being at peace— Lexi could only sigh before she got out of the spring and do what she needed to do before exiting the bathing area. 

However, the moment Lexi slid open the wooden door, her eyes widened seeing Ethan Lu standing outside it.

Fortunately, he was still in his sanity as he covered himself with a thick bathrobe— and not a mere towel. Her brows creased seeing that Ethan Lu was just standing in front of the bath entrance with his eyes closed.

“Gosh… you almost gave me a heart attack.” Patting her chest a little, Lexi glared at his innocent yet das.h.i.+ng countenance with a touch of seductiveness. Surely, Ethan Lu’s front was undeniably exceptional as he looked more matured— just don’t let him open his mouth and smile like a fool to save this image.

“Love, hmm, I am just curious; are we semi-lovers now? Or what?” Tilting his head as he sensed that she was staring at him, he asked. Ethan Lu didn’t dare open his eyes as freeing them was akin to torturing himself. 

However, since he was bothered about this question not being answered, Ethan Lu was confused. If Lexi likes him but she doesn’t accept him because accepting him means marrying him then, why won’t they follow the usual route? Courts.h.i.+p, in a relations.h.i.+p then marriage?

“Uh…” Arching her brows, Lexi stared at his inquiring front with an unreadable gaze. Indeed, what are they now? Still the same? Since she confessed to him, their relations.h.i.+p development was rather confusing. 

But, thinking back, Lexi’s mouth opened as her thoughts slid from it.

“Does it really matter?” After some time, Lexi slightly looked down as she pondered on her words. “Yes, we shared mutual feelings but, do we really need a label with what we currently have?”

Slowly opening his eyes, Ethan Lu’s gaze instantly landed on her slightly looking down the head. His pair of tantalizing eyes melted as he quickly guessed what she meant. With her past with Morris Liu, although she was known to be his future wife and the future Madam Lu— that status only gave her pain.

“You’re right… it doesn’t,” Slowly walking forward, Ethan Lu wrapped his arms around her small framed as he rested his chin on her lean shoulder— not caring if they were only wearing a piece of bathrobes even though he had been restraining himself to do this since earlier.

“This is not illegal, right?” Referring to hugging her, Ethan Lu lowly inquired. Although whatever’s between them was quite confusing— right now, what’s important to him was Lexi likes him. 

Lexi momentarily stiffened feeling his heated warmth transferred immediately to her. It took her half a minute before relaxing her tense shoulders and rest her whole being to his embrace.

“Hmm, it’s not.”

“Bahh, just when I thought we’re getting married.” Again, sharing his complaints to her like a child that didn’t get the candy he wants, Ethan Lu softly tightened his grip.

“Thank you…” Raising her hands, she wrapped her arms around his waist. Lexi didn’t mind if they seemed to be a newlywed couple that was sharing a warm hug in their bathrobes. 

Unbeknownst to them, Richard Si came into the scene and seeing them hugging lovingly— he snickered and carefully walked back as a mischievous smile hid behind the hand that was covering it.

Ethan Lu unintentionally sniffed her fresh scent and part of him was aroused by it. Thus, he reluctantly let her go with a meek smile. “Keep an arm’s length away from me…” He frowned.

“Huh?” Puzzled by his sudden words that she never thought she would hear from him, Lexi slightly tilted her head to the side.

“…it’s dangerous— I might not hold myself back and kiss you for real to my heart’s content.” Still frowning, Ethan Lu didn’t know how to explain his words to her without indicating to her what the perverted beast inside him wanted right now.

After all, the fact that she has nothing underneath her bathrobe never left his mind and hugging her for a brief minute had cost him a lot of self-control.

“Tss, no label but…” Finding him silly, Lexi rolled her eyes before she took a step forward and without thinking about anything, she listened to what her heart desired. She then marginally tiptoed and placed her soft pink lips to his right cheeks— giving him a peck.

“I still like you.” Lexi bit her lower lip to suppress her laughter seeing he froze in an instant with a shocked expression all over his face. Taking a step back, she smiled as she scrutinized the building up redness on his face and ear.

Slowly raising his gaze to meet hers, Ethan Lu blinked numerous times as he processed what she did to him. After a second, his mind snapped and his eyes darkened. “I told you it’s dangerous…”

Taking a step forward, he added, “Now, I want more…” With that said low growl, his hands instant cupped her cheeks and he unhesitantly placed his lips to her tender ones. 

Lexi’s eyes dilated when his lips dominated hers as her hands automatically held on the back of his hands that was cupping her cheeks.

‘You…’ After a second, Lexi’s shoulder relaxed as her eyes slowly shut— surrendering to the gentleness and pa.s.sion of his kiss. 


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