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Read The Rise Of The White Lotus Chapter 196 – We Ride Or Die

The Rise Of The White Lotus is a web novel produced by BAJJ.
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“This is ridiculous.” In a low tone, Ethan Lu could hardly believe everything. “So, you used that excuse instead– Morris Liu having an affair to confuse Kong Shuren and push her away from this mess– hitting two birds with one stone, is that it?”

Ethan Lu glanced at Morris Liu then to Chris Yu and without hearing their confirmation, he already knew the answer by the looks of their expression. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t hope to unhear all this data as he had mixed emotions acknowledging this side of the story.

Ma.s.saging his as his head slowly hurt, Ethan Lu asked. “Why are you telling me all this? Ah, right…. I asked for it.” Letting out a faint scornful chuckle, he slowly nodded his head.

“If you said you love her, you should have known that she would understand right?” Pain, unbearable pain stuck Ethan Lu straight to the heart as he bitterly muttered his words. In his perspective, Lexi deserved none of these heartaches nor did he thought that Morris Liu wished this unforeseen truth to happen. Hence, this brief realization clenched his heart and any moment it would explode.

“That is why I never told her about it. Ethan, knowing something you shouldn’t, was enough to put your life in danger. That is not the life I want for her.”

“The life you want for her… right,” Still nodding his head, Ethan Lu “But, have you ever consider the life she wanted?”

“Ethan, would you rather let her know everything even though it will cause her life or would you rather drive her away to save her from your chaotic world?” As inclement as he delivered his words, Morris Liu inquired. Though in his case, he chose the latter not expecting the consequences, alas, those were the only choices he had back then.

“Either way, your ways proved that they were impractical.” Tired of all the bulls*hits, Ethan Lu sarcastically pointed out the obvious. He was done hearing this stuff as he had enough.

Slowly standing up, Ethan Lu raised his finger and opened his mouth, but the words didn’t escape from his mouth. Nodding then shaking his head, Ethan Lu wordlessly altered his gaze from Morris Liu to Chris Yu before he let out another scoff and turned his back against them— leaving.

Just as he reached the door, Ethan Lu’s steps came into a full stop as he finally spoke, giving his honest opinion about Morris Liu’s narrow choice. “That kind of decision, that’s not for me to decide because she always deserved to know the truth… and then, we decide if we ride or die.”

Indeed, Ethan Lu would always include Lexi with his decisions especially if it’s as huge as this one. Never in his mind struck him that he has to keep a secret from her as he had been practicing a transparent relations.h.i.+p with her— maybe, stall it for a while but he knew that whatever critical information he had, he would eventually let her know.

Just when Ethan Lu slightly opened the door, his hand froze as Morris Liu’s counter-question was one of the things he would wish to avoid being asked. ” I ever intended to tell all these things to you but, since you’ve been following her around and formed a good relations.h.i.+p with her– May I know what’s your relations.h.i.+p with her? Or rather, what are you to her? Lover? Friend? Perhaps, admirer?”

That very instant, Ethan Lu had the urge to go back to Morris Liu and punch him endlessly until he could not utter a word. However, he only tightened his grip on the door handle as he clenched his teeth behind his cheeks. 

“You don’t deserve to know.” 

“Then, you won’t mind if I tell her about this?” Staring at Ethan Lu’s broad back, Morris Liu deliberately taunted with his own selfish reason. On the other hand, Chris Yu furrowed his brows as he raised his gaze and looked at Morris Liu’s side stoic profile.

“Do as you wish,” After keeping his heart at bay with great effort, Ethan Lu left Chris Yu’s office slash home with horrifying fiery eyes. Surely, the last questions Morris Liu spouted got through him really hard that in contrast with his answer, his heart tells him otherwise.

What is he to her? Does it really matter? They like each other, right? That’s what’s important, even if they have no labels and he didn’t have any right to claim her… indeed, he had no right to get mad at Morris Liu or to any man who wanted to get close to her because he was just one of the many guys who had an inkling to Lexi.

When Ethan Lu reached his car, Lyrick Jiang immediately headed out to greet him. Alas, sensing another blazing aura emanating from his boss, he gulped.

“Young Master,” 

“I will go alone,” without stopping in his tracks, Ethan Lu pa.s.sed by Lyrick Jiang and entered the driver’s seat. He didn’t even give his a.s.sistant a chance to ask or say anything as he sped away without any reserved.

“Just what happened inside?” Lyrick Jiang murmured in curiosity as this was the first time Ethan Lu left him without short notice or not dropping him back to the company. After all, even if his boss was sometimes playful, he had been a very considerate guy. Therefore, his curiosity about the discussion he had with Morris Liu grew stronger.

Pouring himself a gla.s.s of rum, Chris Yu inquired without averting his eyes on the gla.s.s. “Brother Mo, are you sure he got the gist of this meeting? Our conversation was diverted too much that we didn’t discuss protecting the Yang family.”

“He would that’s why he didn’t ask about it.” Still looking at the shut entrance, Morris Liu blankly responded as he somehow sees Ethan Lu in a new, matured light.

“Then, why did you say those things to him?” Putting down the bottle of liquor, Chris Yu grabbed the gla.s.s and leaned his back against the couch. “You don’t mean it, right?”

“I don’t…. But perhaps, I do.” 


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