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Since the cars were ready and Ethan Lu still had his important arrangement that morning, Lexi let go of the matter about meeting Louis Lu years ago for now. Fortunately, what Ethan Lu did outside was to make Jarred Guo ready another vehicle so the four of them wouldn’t have to share the small s.p.a.ce on the back seat. Therefore, Lexi could finally calm down and dodge Louis Lu’s presence, the man who saw her fat version years ago and she even carelessly befriended him.

What a small world indeed.

Glancing at Lexi on his side, Ethan Lu slid his fingers through the gaps in between hers as he asked, “Are you nervous?”

“Huh?” Not catching what he meant, Lexi turned to his direction as she was currently recovering from her shock about how the world could be vast yet small at the same time.

Seeing her a little zoned out, Ethan Lu a.s.sumed that it was because she was finally going to set her foot into the main residence. Thus, he lightly squeezed her hand and offered a rea.s.suring smile. “Don’t worry. Grandpa likes you so he won’t harm you. Also, he wouldn’t dare to do that.”

“Ahh…” Slowly nodding, Lexi slightly rolled her eyes as she hasn’t forgotten how that old geezer made their car stop by almost cras.h.i.+ng into her car with his. “Does your grandpa other cars of the people he likes as well?”

“What?” Furrowing his brows, Ethan Lu was quite confused by her remarks.

“I mean, the very reason why I’m showing my displeasure about your grandfather is because of how he halted our car by b.u.mping into the rear area of it.” Lightly shaking her head sideways, Lexi explained.

Indeed, she wasn’t displeased of the fact that he personally gave her a walkthrough of what to expect if she ever joins the Lu family. After all, his voluntary act was quite helpful one way or another. Therefore, how could she get mad about it as she wasn’t harmed physically. 

However, she would never forget the first impression that he did in order to halt their car. Granted that he must have thought that Lexi would not meet with him, still, it was rather improper to force her by doing that. After all, she was pregnant for goodness sake! 

“He did, what?!” Shocked and rage instantly circled around Ethan Lu’s heart upon processing her words. Ethan Lu was certain that Lexi must have met his old man on her own volition— knowing Lexi’s fierce personality. But still, did she just tell him that Edward Lu tried to physically harm her? Did he really dare?

“Mhmm… ask Nico and check my car for evidence. It still has the dent in it.” Rolling her eyes, Lexi slightly shook her head sideways as she immediately diverted all of her attention away from the sudden memories about her meeting with Louis Lu and replaced it with Edward Lu’s displeasurable greetings. 

Ethan Lu ground his teeth in annoyance as he wanted to reach the main Lu residence in that instant to wreak havoc. He knew his grandfather well and resorting to such extent, even if Lexi was still in one piece, still, the fact that the car she was in had intentionally collided with one of their family cars, how could he keep his cool. 

‘Grandpa, you really have gone overboard this time!’ He grumbled inwardly as a terrifying glint flashed across his eyes. 

Now it made sense why Lexi drew a distant line between herself and Edward Lu as he did something aside from his private lesson that she had to expect within the family affairs. 

Soon after that, they reached the Lu family residence. One car consisted of Ethan Lu and Lexi and was driven by Jarred Guo while the other ride had Louis Lu, Evelyn Lu, and Lyrick Jiang as the driver. 

Although it has been an hour since knowing about the misconduct of Edward Lu, his rage never subsided. Ethan Lu’s eyes were still blazing with fire and his stifling aura instantly burst from within him as he went stepped his foot out of the car. 

On the other hand, Lexi was a.s.sisted by the quiet Ethan Lu and as she made her way out of the car, her eyes subconsciously moved to Louis Lu’s direction who was coincidentally giving her a side glance. 

‘It’s all in the past, Lexi. That’s not important at the moment.’ Convincing her that her shameful act that night should remain in the past and that she shouldn’t be so self-conscious around Louis Lu. She repeated those words until she felt that she believed in her repeated sentence. 

Throwing the matter again to the back of her head, Lexi diverted her attention to the vast surroundings of the Lu main residence. Surely, this place was like a modern castle as the expanse of the lot was just too much. 

There were people around, men in the same black suit uniform while women wore the same uniform of a maid. When they arrived, individuals who saw Ethan Lu bowed their heads in respect to the master. 

“Good morning, Master. Old master has been waiting for your arrival. Please follow me.” Suddenly, an elderly man approached them from the main entrance of the house and politely bowed his head as he greeted them and gestured for them to follow him. 

Ethan Lu coldly moved his eyes down before he emotionlessly nodded his head. He was preserving his energy so when he met his grandfather, he would have his hundred percent energy to apprehend him about what he did to his beloved future wife. 

“This way please.” Ignoring the overflowing aura seeping out from Ethan Lu, the butler remained calm and collected as he lead the way. 

As they followed him, Lexi scanned her eyes to wherever it could reach. Although the place was rather huge, Lexi saw that it mainly consisted of servants and bodyguards. It was like the president of the country lived in this place as they pa.s.sed through numerous guards and maids that bowed their heads when they saw them approaching. 

Soon, the butler stopped in front of a door and slowly turned around to face them. “The old master is inside.” He calmly spoke and opened the door for them.

“Oh! You’ve arrived!” The moment Edward Lu saw them outside the opened door, he gleefully grinned before it faded away upon seeing Ethan Lu’s vexed front. 

‘Ah? What’s wrong with him again?’


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