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The Royal’s Cute Little Wife – C44 – The Imperial Edict

When the imperial edict pa.s.sed down, Xie Zhen was sitting under the tree with a bowl of dates soup, sipping it.

Recently, the weather was getting hotter and hotter. Even with only a thin blouse made of leno on, it was of no use. She was so warm that she could only let the servant maids work harder, who were both fanning her.

Xie Xun, who was drenched in sweat, asked as she lay on the bamboo basket beside her, “sis, am I baked enough?”

Xie Zhen swallowed a mouthful of sour dates soup, touched her tender lotus-like arm, squeezed it, “Soon, you’re already 80% done.”

She rolled over, trying to bake herself more evenly. “Then I’ll get some more sun.”

Xie Zhen laughed at her. She brought the jujube soup to her mouth and fed it to her. “Are you going to bake yourself and eat yourself?”

“I’m not delicious,” Xie Xun gulped down more than half a bowl, with beads of sweat on her nose.

After sniffing Xie Zhen for a while, she curiously leaned over to her, ” sis, what’s the smell?”

Xie Zhen was puzzled, and followed her to take a smell. “What?”

She finally found the source and put her arms around Xie Zhen’s waist. ” sis smells good.”

When it got hot, the smell of Xie Zhen’s incense seemed to come out of her bones, rising up with the heat, and if someone else came close enough, her nose would be full of her scent.

Normally, it wouldn’t be so thick. Perhaps it was really too hot today, so Xie Xun felt that it was rare.

It was already hot, and with the two of them so close together, it was even more unbearable for Xie Zhen.

Holding the porcelain bowl in one hand, she nudged Xie Zhen’s head with the other hand, pursing her lips in deliberate disgust. “Go away.”

“Your sweat is all over me! “

Xie Xun refused to go, still clinging to her.

The two of them made a ruckus over the bed, and when people from the front yard arrived, Xie Zhen was being held down by Xie Xun to beg for mercy.

Xie Xun rubbed her head against her shoulder. Her eyes curved in a smile. ” Ah Xun, if you keep up like this, I’ll be mad!”

Unfortunately, her tone was too soft, and there was a hint of laughter in her voice. She did not have any deterrent effect at all.

The nannie from the front courtyard hurriedly rushed over. When she saw this scene, she almost knelt on the ground. “My two little ancestors, why are you two still arguing? The imperial edict has already been pa.s.sed down!”

The two people on the other side suddenly stopped.

The smile in Xie Zhen’s eyes didn’t fade in time, and for a moment she didn’t know what happened. “What imperial edict?”

The nannie ordered someone to help them up, then called for someone else to inform Madam Leng and Xie Liqing. She stomped her feet anxiously. “This old servant doesn’t know either. Please follow this old servant to take a look first. The palace has sent you an imperial edict. You must not neglect it!”

Xie Zhen slowly stopped laughing and sat up from the bed and let Shuang Yu put on Beizi for her.

Not long after, Madam Leng and Xie Liqing walked out from the room. With a grave expression, they led Xie Rong and the two of them towards the front courtyard.

All the way there, Xie Zhen was a little worried. She didn’t know if she was overthinking things and felt that the imperial edict seemed to have something to do with her.

She remembered what Yan Yu had said to her at the Cuiying attic a while ago. Wasn’t it about emperor granting the marriage?

Thinking of this, her hands and feet grew weak.

Arriving at the front courtyard, Duke Dingguo and his wife had already arrived, along with the third branch and fourth branch.

When they heard that the Emperor had bestowed an imperial edict on them, their eyes were filled with strangeness.

After everyone had gathered, Duke Dingguo led them to go down on their knees. Eunuch Yu glanced in the direction of the Second branch, opened the imperial edict and slowly read out the words, “The Fifth Miss of Xie Family is n.o.ble, virtuous, and pure kindness …”

“I hereby bestow her upon the sixth prince Yan Yu as his wife, who shall be married on the sixth day of October. The Ministry of Rites shall handle all of it.”

Finish talking, he looked at the stunned crowd and coughed, “The Fifth Miss of Xie Family will not obeying the imperial edict, right?”

Xie Zhen’s head was empty, she could only instinctively move forward and receive the imperial edict with both hands, “I accept the imperial edict …”

When Eunuch Yu returned, the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion was in an uproar.

Especially the old lady and Madam Xu, it could be said that their expressions were wonderful. Their faces alternated between livid and white, and they were unable to speak for a long time.

Madam Wu’s expression was somewhat strange, but she still forced herself to step forward to congratulate her. ” the fifth girl, you’re so lucky …”

Actually, what she wanted to ask was, how exactly was it you?

She had never heard of the sixth prince before, with no his news at all, so why did he suddenly want to take a wife?

And married to the second branch’s daughter?

Xie Zhen was also dumbfounded. She didn’t expect the imperial edict to come down so fast. She thought it would take at least a long time.

Just what method did Yan Yu use to convince His Majesty?

Was she really going to marry him?

There more two other persons who were more stunned than her, Madam Leng and Xie Liqing. Without warning, how could a girl not have grown up and become someone else’s …

The bystanders were all congratulating them, even though they were a bit confused, unsure of how to respond.

Only Duke Dingguo was truly happy for her. He stroked his beard and grinned from ear to ear, “My Little Lamb has good fortune, good luck!”

Xie Zhen held the imperial edict at a loss, looking at Madam Leng, and called out “mother”.

Madam Leng pulled her to the front of her, forced a smile and replied to the questions from the other branches, sending them away first.

Xie Ying looked at Xie Zhen with a complicated look before leaving. Her lips were pursed in a mixture of jealousy and unwillingness to accept the outcome of the event. “

After everyone had left, Madam Leng asked in a serious tone, “Tell Mother, what is going on?”

Tears welled in Xie Zhen’s eyes, and she said after a long time, “I’ve seen the sixth prince…”

Hearing this, even someone as calm as Madam Leng became anxious. She couldn’t help but ask, “When did you see him?”

“What did you say? What does that have to do with the Emperor’s granting?”

When Xie Zhen thought of the conversation in the Cuiying attic that day, she was so helpless that she had to agree to Yan Yu’s proposal, even though she didn’t want to marry anyone.

Actually, she didn’t want to become the Crown Prince’s concubine, nor did she want to marry him as a princess. She only wanted to stay by her parents’ side for a few more years, then marry someone who was on par with her, and live a happy life.

When she thought of this, a wave of grievances arose in her heart. She hugged Madam Leng with both hands, and just like when she was young, bowed towards her. “Mother, the sixth prince is Brother Xiao Yu.”

Madam Leng’s reaction was the same as hers. She couldn’t remember who it was. “Who?”

She repeated gloomily, “Li Yu.”

Now, Madam Leng recalled him. Li Yu was the son of the Li Family who used to live next door. At that time, Li family left without a trace, Madam Leng would never expect to see them again.

Hearing what Xie Zhen had said, she was shocked. “How could he be a prince?”

Xie Zhen didn’t know either. “I asked him. He didn’t say.”

Madam Leng and Xie Liqing glanced at each other, seeing the shock in each other’s eyes.

Xie Zhen was still at loss. She said to herself in a worried voice. “I think he’s changed a lot.”

“He is more fierce at me. He hated me so much. Why did he marry me? “

Madam Leng touched her head, recovering from her initial shock. After finding out that the other party was Li Yu, she gradually calmed down. “You two have known each other since you were young …”

“It’s been many years since you last met, so your relationship should be better than before.”

“It’s not good at all,” Xie Zhen said.

Every time they met, he looked like he was going to eat her.

She was very sad at the thought of living with him for a lifetime.

She felt that she had to think of a way to make a way out of this life.

Eunuch Yu, who had read out the edict, returned to the palace and reported the result to Emperor Yuan Hui, “The Fifth girl of Xie Family has received it and thanked for your kindness.”

Emperor Yuan Hui sat on the Dragon Throne and casually flipped through the imperial reports. He tilted his head to the side and asked the youth, “Are you satisfied?”

This brat came to the study room early in the morning and waited there. Other than saying “I’ve come to visit father” when he first came in, he didn’t say a word for the next few hours. Everyone knew that he was waiting for the result!

To see his father?

Emperor Yuan Hui sneered, “a fool would believe it”.

Yan Yu stood in the backlight, sunlight streaming in from the fan and shining on his chin.

His thin lips curved in a rare way, and he rarely smiled, but when he smiled, it was very pleasant.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for an instant before he withdrew his smile and quickly recovered his cold and arrogant face. “Thank you, father”

Hmph, stinking brat.

Who knew how happy you were, but you were still putting on a show here.

Emperor Yuan Hui finished reading the imperial report and cast a sidelong glance at him. “Someday, we can discuss the time with the Ministry of Rites and then go to the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion to send betrothal gifts and money over to the bride.”

“I know you can’t wait.”

Yan Yu paused, “Yes.”

After a while, Emperor Yuan Hui thought of something and said sincerely, “you’ll take some time to visit the crown prince’s residence. You stole your second brother’s girl, so you should at least give him an explanation.”

It was very difficult for him to be a person between his two sons.

Yan Yu was silent for a moment, the answer vague, ” Xie Zhen is not his girl.”

Oh, I said the wrong words.

Emperor Yuan Hui changed his words, “Yes, yes, she’s your girl.”

He didn’t make a sound, which was considered tacit agreement.

“Your mansion outside the palace will be completed by the end of August. You can order some things for yourself for the next month. If you have anything you don’t know, you can ask the empress and tell me what you need.”

“On the time you marry your wife, if your mansion is incomplete, people will take it as a joke.”

Emperor Yuan Hui had thought about everything thoroughly. The elder imperial brothers had only built their palaces after their marriage ceremonies, and the imperial concubines of their mothers had helped to take care of it. There was nothing to worry for father.

Only he, who hadn’t taken a wife, and even his mother pa.s.sed away, how could the father not to take care?

Yan Yu agreed.

After everything was settled, Emperor Yuan Hui saw that he had nothing to do, so he waved him off.

Yan Yu did not return to Qing Jia Palace. Instead, he rode on his horse and headed in the direction of the crown prince’s residence.

There was one thing that Emperor Yuan Hui was right about, he had to give Yan Tao an explanation.

The imperial edict had been read out in the morning, and by this time all people that must have been known might have known.


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