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Chapter 90: Rejection

Sixth prince was bestowed the t.i.tle of An w.a.n.g.

Xie Rong had also been bestowed the t.i.tle of vice director of the Military Department. Before Xie Liqing even returned from the Wu Jiang, the Emperor Yuan Hui had already promised to promote him to the position of the Military Department’s Left Vice Minister. The Duke Dingguo set up a feast in his mansion, arranged a banquet, and invited all of his comrades who were officials in the imperial court. He even invited the most famous opera troupe in the capital to sing for three days and three nights straight.

Xie Zhen and Yan Yu proceeded to the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion together, ahead of them were the lively entertaining the guests, while the backyard had all kinds of female servants to enjoy the flowers and poems, and chat and laugh.

Princess He Yi specially came out from the palace, and gave Xie Rong a big gift in his name. It was said that it was a treasured sword that had been pa.s.sed down in the palace for a long time, and on the handle of the blade, there were four to five gems embedded, it was extremely dazzling. Others might not know what Yan Yao’an was thinking, but Xie Zhen knew it very well.

If Yan Yao’an wasn’t the princess that the Emperor Yuan Hui doted on, she might really be my big brother’s good partner.

Her gaze turned, and landed on Gu Ruyi who was beside the princess.

Gu Ruyi was wearing a brocade dress embroidered on clothes today. As if she had sensed Xie Zhen’s gaze, her black eyeb.a.l.l.s rolled, and met Xie Zhen’s gaze. Immediately after, she narrowed her eyes and smiled, at the same time being amiable and reserved.

Xie Zhen replied with a smile. His att.i.tude was calm, and didn’t seem like he was peeping at someone who had been caught red-handed.

The main reason for holding this feast of flowing water was to find a wife for Eldest Brother, right? Xie Zhen looked at Madam Leng who was talking to the a.s.sistant Minister for Revenue’s wife and smiled. He seemed to understand what the Madam Leng was feeling a little. The a.s.sistant Minister of Revenue just so happened to have a young daughter who was in her twenties. Her name was Yin QiuTang, and she was a lady with a good character and character.

Xie Zhen perked up his ears and secretly listened in on their conversation. Just as he was enjoying it, he saw from the corner of his eyes a tall figure approaching from the distance. It was Xie Rong.

Xie Rong stopped in front of the octagonal pavilion and bowed to Madam Leng, “Mother, father sent a letter at the border.”

Madam Leng quickly looked over. Her son had returned, but her husband had not. She said in her heart that she was not missing him, but she did not want to appear too anxious in front of so many people.

Xie Rong shook his head, and took out a letter from his chest pocket, “Father wrote two letters, one of them was given to Grandfather, this was specifically written for you.”

It had to be said that Xie Liqing and Madam Leng were full of love.

Madam Leng was happy, but she only smiled and told the servant maids at the side to bring him back to his room, “I’ll take a look when I go back later.” He then called out to Ronger and introduced him to the other wives, “You probably haven’t seen him yet, this is the wife of the Minister of Revenue’s a.s.sistant Minister, Master Yin, Lady Gao; this is the wife of the Han Lin Inst.i.tution’s Scholar Shen …”

Xie Rong greeted them one by one, the etiquette was complete.

The other wives were full of praise for him, saying that he was a young genius, and that if he had a way out in the future, he would become a genius once more … No matter which family’s mother it was that liked to hear others praise their child, the Madam Leng smiled more than usual and humbly said no matter what. Xie Rong stood at the side with a helpless smile. He bent down and said his goodbyes to the Madam Leng, “There are some things up ahead.

The Madam Leng waved him over.

After Xie Rong left, Yan Yao’an’s gaze followed him as well.

She was originally sitting on the seat and couldn’t sit still, so she would glance in Xie Rong’s direction every now and then. She thought to herself, why is he so good-looking and good at everything, to the point that people couldn’t even shift their gazes when he was smiling. When Yan Yao’an saw him, her chest started to jump, as though a little deer was b.u.mping around in her heart, causing her to feel unsettled.

After Xie Rong walked a distance, she suddenly sat up and spoke to the palace maidservant behind her. “I’m feeling a little uncomfortable, help me walk around.”

The palace maidservant tensed up and asked with concern, “What’s wrong with the princess? But if the servant were to ask for a doctor, the banquet would still be a long time before it was dismissed … Why don’t we return to the palace first? “

She waved her hand and said flatly, “It’s not a big problem. I’ll just take a walk around.”

palace maidservant supported her doubtfully.

She then explained it to Gu Ruyi and Xie Zhen, the two of them asked for warmth, causing her to feel guilty, she only said that there were too many people here, so she decided to go somewhere else to take a breather. Seeing that she didn’t seem to be seriously ill, the two of them were at ease and let her go. They also warned her not to leave for too long and to come back later.

Yan Yao’an finally left the backyard and stood on the other side of the Moon Cave Gate as he let out a long sigh of relief.

palace maidservant asked: “Is the princess better now?”

She shook her head and pointed in the direction that Xie Rong had left, “Let’s go there!”

It was a bluestone path. On one side was the veranda that led to the front yard, while on the other was a row of trees. Spring arrived, and the flowers covered the branches, falling from the sky in a flurry, as if it were snowing. She didn’t care about the beauty of the scene. She quickened her pace, but it didn’t seem like she was feeling unwell at all.

Not long after, he saw a familiar figure appear in front of him.

Xie Rong was bowing his head and explaining things to a young servant. His face was handsome, his eyes drooped a little, and after he finished explaining, he turned around and continued walking.

Yan Yao’an immediately walked forward, but unfortunately there was a difference in height between the two of them, and seeing that she could not catch up, an idea came to her mind, causing her body to soften as she let out an “Aiyah” sound.

The person in front had indeed stopped.

She lowered her head and laughed. Before she could think of an excuse, palace maidservant asked anxiously: “Is the princess alright? Have you sprained your ankle? “

He tried to pull her up from the ground.

If Xie Rong did not come, how could she stand up?

Yan Yao’an stood halfway and successfully fell back down. He cried out in pain, “Don’t help me … Quickly find a doctor… “

palace maidservant was at a loss on what to do, she did not know whether to stay behind to accompany her or to look for a doctor.

Yan Yao’an waited for a while, and then a pair of gold striped black boots appeared in front of him. Above his head, Xie Rong’s gentle and low voice came out: “Can you stand up?”

She raised her head, her normally domineering and arrogant face had a kind of submissive look to it, “My feet are twisted, help me up.”

Xie Rong had been out for a year, so he had some experience dealing with sudden measures like this. It was not good for him to touch her, so he let Xue Ru help him up onto a rock at the side. He squatted beside her and gently pinched her ankle. “Does it hurt?”

Yan Yao’an grimaced, “It hurts!”

Xie Rong did not speak.

He pressed her ankle and asked a few more places, and she said she was in pain all the time, nodding her head like a chick pecking at rice. After a while, Xie Rong stood up and said calmly: “Princess’s feet are fine, you can stand up and walk a few more steps.”

With that, he turned and left.

Yan Yao’an was stunned, he left just like that? Why was it different from what she was thinking!

He immediately jumped down from the rock and chased after him, “How do you know I’m not injured?”

He stopped and looked at her, his eyes intriguing.

She finally realized that she had been running so fast, it didn’t look like she had sprained her leg at all. She smiled in embarra.s.sment, “I was in so much pain just now …”

Unfortunately, Xie Rong did not listen to her explanation and continued to walk forward.

She sighed and blocked his way, raising her eyebrows in the air, “Even if I’m not injured, I’m still a princess. If I fall down, can’t you give me a hand?”

But Xie Rong said, “The princess has so many people by her side, how can I help them?”

Yan Yao’an thought that Yue Yang was also interested in her, and his heartbeat uncontrollably quickened, even his voice became much gentler. “If you are willing, I can only let you support me from now on.”

Then she looked at him expectantly.

A sixteen year old girl, her eyes filled with undisguised affection, how could he not see through it?

Xie Rong was slightly startled, but immediately replied coldly: “This humble subject doesn’t dare.”

She was in high spirits, as if she wanted to give him great privileges. “What don’t you dare to do? Even father has to listen to me, anything I say will be fine. When I said that I wanted you to help me, no one dared to say anything! “

Xie Rong remained silent.

Yan Yao’an thought that Yue Yang was considering, and was wholeheartedly waiting for his answer. Unexpectedly, he took a step back and said with the etiquette of a sovereign, “Your highness, this humble subject does not deserve your kindness.”

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

He continued, “I have matters to attend to in the front courtyard, so I will take my leave first.”

With that, he turned and left.

Yan Yao’an looked at his back from where he stood and asked fl.u.s.tered and exasperatedly: “Xie Rong, what do you mean by that? How dare you speak to me like that! “

Xie Rong paused, and did not turn back, “It is exactly what Princess understands.”

Yan Yao’an watched as he walked away step by step and then disappeared from the drooping flower gate. She angrily smashed all of the in the porch’s potted plants, causing the flower pot to split into pieces. She scolded Xie Rong in her heart. She was a princess with a n.o.ble ident.i.ty, it was his honor to be able to fancy him. Not only was he not grateful, he actually rejected her?

Who did he think he was?

“You don’t know what’s good for you!” she scolded.

At the side, Xue Ru was feeling anxious and afraid. She wanted to advise but did not dare to. She did not know why the princess, who had just been fine, suddenly became so angry that she wanted to smash something. Xue Ru watched as Yan Yao’an smashed a few flower pots. She had a headache when she saw a tear drop from the corner of her eye, then the tears fell more and more.

Xue Ru was at a loss on what to do. “Why is the princess crying …” As she spoke, she took out the handkerchief to wipe her tears.

She cried and complained, “How dare he reject me …”

Xue Ru quickly added, “Second Young Master Xie doesn’t know what’s good for you.”

“It’s his honor for me to fall for him …”

Xue Ru continued to nod her head, “Yes, yes. No one would be envious of such a thing.”

But it was useless. No matter how others tried to comfort her, it was useless. She still felt uncomfortable in her heart. It was as if there was something stuck in his chest, causing him to be unable to catch his breath. She had never liked anyone before, but the first time she saw Xie Rong, she felt that he was different from the others. He was calm, self-contained, and taciturn. However, she had hinted so clearly today that he actually said, “I dare not.”

As a princess, when did she ever lower her voice like this?

He had gone too far!



When Yan Yao’an returned, her eyes were red. No matter how Xie Zhen and Gu Ruyi asked, she was not willing to tell them. In the end, palace maidservant Xue Ru stood aside to smooth things over, saying that there was a fly that had crashed into her eye on the road. The Princess felt embarra.s.sed, so she didn’t say anything.

Gu Ruyi laughed, “What’s so shameful about that? Let me see, are the bugs still there? “

Xue Ru said, “The servant has already been blown away by the princess.”

Yan Yao’an pursed her lips, not saying a word from beginning to end.

Xie Zhen felt that the matter was not as simple as Xue Ru said it was. She did not know what happened either. She didn’t want to see Yan Yao’an unhappy, so she stood up and suggested: “Ah Xun just went with a few other ladies to Pickled Lotus Tree, how about we go as well? “Let’s see who can pinch more and cook the Silver Ear Lotus Seed Soup at night!”

Yan Yao’an was in low spirits, “You guys go ahead, I will sit here for a while.”

This really wasn’t like her. She was usually the most active, and she couldn’t stay idle for even a moment. Just what was going on today? Xie Zhen and Gu Ruyi looked at each other. Gu Ruyi said: “Then I’ll go with Ah Zhen?”

She did not seem to want to keep him here at all. She just laid on the table and said listlessly, “Mhmm …”

Xie Zhen and Gu Ruyi could only leave together.

The biddy found a small boat and each of them took one of them to the depths of the Lotus Pond. They each brought one Water biddy who knew the water and one servant maids who was rowing the boat. On both sides were lotus leaves, lotus leaves that reached the sky, and sunflower petals that reflected the sun. Xie Zhen brushed away the dense lotus leaves, and seeing the big lotus seed, he made the servant maids stop, and reached out to grab it. In a short while, he had picked seven or eight.

She turned to look, she could no longer see Gu Ruyi.

Xie Xun was also inside. She wanted to find Xie Xun, so she asked the servant maids to paddle a circle around the pond. On the way, she met a lot of girls, but Xie Xun was not there.

biddy comforted her, “Perhaps Seventh Miss has already gone ash.o.r.e.”

She nodded uneasily.

In fact, what the biddy said was right. Xie Xun had indeed reached the sh.o.r.e, but he was not at the side of the octagonal pavilion, but under the shade of a willow tree on the other side. The direction of the servant maids was not good, she rowed here, and had no choice but to go ash.o.r.e. Seeing the gra.s.s on the sh.o.r.e and the willow tree covering her head, she sat down to eat a lotus flower bush first.

She opened up the lotus seed cover, revealing the tender white lotus seed inside. After putting it into her mouth, it tasted fragrant and crisp.

Xie Xun ate quite a few lotus seeds in a row, and even asked a servant maids beside him, “Are you going to eat them?”

servant maids did not dare, and shook his head to reject.

She put it in her mouth.

Suddenly, a laughing voice came from behind him, “Is it delicious?”

Xie Xun turned his head and saw that Zhong Shang was leaning against a willow tree, wearing a set of sky green practical muslin golden clothes. He held a jug of wine in his hand as he looked at her with a crooked smile. He must have drank quite a bit, but his eyes were extremely clear.

Xie Xun was surprised: “Big Brother Zhong Shang.”

Xie Xun and Zhong Rou were close, and would often go to the General’s Residence. Sometimes, she would meet Zhong Shang, so she was not unfamiliar with him.

He walked over to her and leaned over to look at the lotus seed in her hand. “Is this what you’re eating?”

Even though he had drunk a lot, his expression was still the same, and there was no sign of him getting drunk at all.

She nodded and smiled sweetly. “Yes, it’s very sweet.”

“Let me try one.”

Therefore, Xie Xun gave him a break. He reached out to take it, threw it into his mouth, and chewed it.

Zhong Shang took the opportunity to sit beside her and casually asked: “Why are you here alone?”

Xie Xun pointed to servant maids at the side and spoke honestly, “Du Ruo has stopped in the wrong direction, let’s rest here for a while.”

Duro was ashamed.

Zhong Shang laughed as he tilted his head to look at the little girl who was wholeheartedly eating the lotus seeds. It was noon, and her face was flushed from the sun’s rays. However, it could not hide her original white and tender complexion. There was a thin layer of sweat on the tip of her nose, making her look like a tofu that had just been scooped out of the water.

Seeing that she was too focused on eating and ignored everyone, Zhong Shang couldn’t help but pa.s.s the wine pot in his hands over, wanting to tease her: “Drink a mouthful of wine, and then eat the lotus seed, it will taste even better.”

Xie Xun raised his head, his clean and clear big eyes full of trust: “Really?”

He nodded his head with a guilty conscience.

Xie Xun wanted to try, but he was a little hesitant, “I know I’ll get angry from drinking too much …”

Zhong Shang felt that he was like a big tail wolf, slowly luring the kind and ignorant little white rabbit into a trap, “If you don’t tell me, if I don’t tell you, who will know?”

She looked at servant maids behind her.

Zhong Shang asked them: “Turn around and leave. You did not order them not to turn back.”

servant maids looked at each other and could only turn around.

Zhong Shang said to Xie Xun: “Then no one will know.”

Xie Xun was very moved, she moved closer and sniffed the wine pot in his hands, raised her almond eyes and said, “After finishing this, eat more lotus seeds, will it really taste better?”

Zhong Shang looked into her eyes, and for some reason, his throat felt a little dry and astringent.

She naively took it, and in the end could not resist the allure of the delicious taste. She poured out a little wine and quickly went over, stuck out her pink tongue and licked it. Then, she frowned, and smacked her lips. “It doesn’t taste good.”

Zhong Shang placed a lotus seed next to her mouth, “Open your mouth.”

She ate it obediently.

While chewing, he returned the wine pot to with a hint of complaint: “Big Brother Zhong Shang lied, it’s not tasty at all like this.”

Zhong Shang laughed happily, he did not care that the wine pot had been licked by her before, he drank two mouthfuls, “You probably aren’t used to it yet, but after you know how to drink, you will feel that it tastes good.”


After eating an entire lotus seed, she stood up and asked: “Why is Big Brother Zhong Shang here?”

He raised his head and looked at her. When the wind blew, it just so happened to blow up her jade chiffon dress, bringing with it a sweet and fragrant smell. “There are too many people in front of us. I’ll come here quietly.”

She obediently pointed at the small boat in front of them. “I’m going back. I’ll be worried if I don’t see it.”

He nodded. “Then we’ll meet again another time.”

She got into the boat and even before she left, she didn’t forget to give him a few lotus flowers that he had pinched with his own hands. She smiled and waved at him. servant maids rowed in front as she gradually disappeared into the depths of the pond.

Zhong Shang watched her as she left. He twirled the lotus seed in his hand with his thoughtfully and smiled.

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