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“I think that I will return here when the time is right.. For now, I should continue to head towards the Top of the mountain and finally cross it..” Zhu Long said as he continued to walk upwards. The temperature at his current alt.i.tude was extremely low due to which Zhu Long started to s.h.i.+ver a slight  bit. “The temperature here is extraordinarily low… Even if I consider the alt.i.tude, The temperature is too low… This mountain contains a lot of mysteries.” Zhu Long said as he started to speed up the mountain. For now, he felt that it was better to get to the top as soon as possible and cross the mountain even quicker so he had to experience the cold environment for a less amount of time.

Zhu Long continued his former strategy to get to the top of the mountain. He continued to do this for half an hour until he finally started to see the fog start to fade away. Zhu Long felt happier and continued his way up the mountain until he could finally see the sky clearly. “Finally, I’ve arrived at the peak of this mountain.” Zhu Long felt happy at the moment. He looked towards the horizon and took in the view. Even though he was looking at the Demon Continent, It still had beautiful scenery. There was a hint of red reflecting everywhere but this just enhanced the beauty of the place. There were endless mountains and hills, covered in trees. Some parts of the hills didn’t have any trees which looked very unusual but Zhu Long knew that those were villages or even cities. 

Even though the scenery was extremely beautiful, Zhu Long couldn’t help but notice a tinge of despair when he saw the Demonic Continent. He shook his head and quickly descended the mountain.”I shouldn’t get distracted by the scenery. I should just continue on my path..” Zhu Long said to himself and he quickly made his way down the mountain. But on his way, Zhu Long noticed that another fog had started, which made him feel exhausted. But it wasn’t all bad for him, The temperature had gradually begun to decrease.

As declining a mountain is  a quicker process, It wasn’t long till Zhu Long reached halfway down the mountain. After reaching half way, Zhu Long noticed that the fog had started to decrease slowly. After a few hundred more meters, Zhu Long’s vision was very clear. He turned around and saw that there was no longer any snow, it looked like a large hill, filled with green trees and plants. Zhu Long however was not surprised by seeing that as he had already expected it. If there is an illusionary boundary on one side of the mountain, it was common sense to guess that the other side would also have the same boundary.

Zhu Long stopped looking backwards and looked towards the bottom of the Mountain, which was filled with a dense forest similar to the one which he and Ku w.a.n.g had to travel through before climbing the Mountain. Zhu Long started to decline the Mountain, but this time at an even faster speed.’I guess I can speed up as my vision is clear, I no longer have to fear cras.h.i.+ng into any trees.’ He thought to himself as he ran as quickly as he could.
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“Finally! I have crossed the mountain!”


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