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The Ruler Of All is a Webnovel completed by Jjjjjjb.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Ruler Of All 73 Pay The Toll!

“This looks magnificent from up close.. The wall is really tall and the gate is also very large!” Ku w.a.n.g said with some excitement, at this moment, it looked like he had forgotten his real reason for coming to the City of Pride and his objective to getting to the Qiang VIllage LEader’s mansion. Zhu Long however hadn’t forgotten about his object and no matter how overwhelmed he was by the city of pride, he still kept his objective in his mind. “Brother Lin, Let’s go in, I want to look around!” Ku w.a.n.g said with excited ment as he stood before the main gate. Zhu Long shook his head and smiled, ‘I guess time won’t be wasted, plus looking at the sky, it’s about to be night and I need some rest so It will be most likely that We will have to rest the night in an inn so touring won’t be a problem at all.’ Zhu Long didn’t stop Ku w.a.n.g after thinking through the situation. If they were in an extreme hurry or if Zhu Long wasn’t feeling that tired, he would have forced Ku w.a.n.g into continuing on their way. In Zhu Long’s mind, there was a small sense of hurry to get to the Village Leader’s home but after going through the events of being struck by a crimson tribulation lightning and have an intense battle with a Rock like demonic beast, he had felt extreme tiredness which made him decide to stay and rest. 

Ku w.a.n.g walked up to the gate and was stopped by a guard, Zhu Long followed up and watched. “You have to pay a toll to enter!” The guard said in a deep and harsh voice. Ku w.a.n.g furrowed his eyebrows when he heard the guard, “How much is the toll?” He replied coldly. “10 High Grade spirit stones per person! Otherwise you will not be able to enter!” The guard said harshly and smiled. Ku w.a.n.g seemed to be taken a back when he heard the guard. Zhu Long also looked surprised when he heard the guard. ’10 High Grade soul stones! That’s a huge price for something like entering a city. I’ve heard that some cities of the central continent made only for the rich would take a lot of toll for entrance but never this high, they were 1 High grade Spirit stones per person, but here… ‘”What do you mean 10 High grade spirit stones!? JUst because we are some fresh faces that you have seen doesn’t mean that we don’t know the real prices, stop lying!” Ku w.a.n.g exploded with anger, It seemed like Zhu LOng had guessed right, the price was in fact too high for a city entrance. “Humph! If you don’t have the spirit stones then just get lost! If I see you here for a second longer, Your body will be hanged from the main gate!” The guard said with some killing intent. Ku w.a.n.g looked even more angry by the guard’s hostility. Zhu Long smiled, “If the toll is so high, there must be some other way of entrance correct?” The guard looked surprised by Zhu Long’s words, he smiled coldly and said, “Of Course! But it something that you two pipsqueaks cannot do at all, especially you! Boy, I can’t sense any qi from your body, that must mean two things, You are a powerful cultivator who can hide his qi but someone like that powerful wouldn’t be allowed in the city so you must be the second option, a weak mortal who cannot use qi at all. So the second option for entering the city is impossible for you, maybe your friend here can try but I can tell you both of you will fail greatly!” Zhu Long furrowed his eyebrows, it seemed like the minute the two of them had gotten close to the gate, the Guard must have been observing both of them and had speculated that both of them aren’t powerful enough or rich enough to enter the city, and that both of them were just some young brats.

“What is the second way of getting into the city?” KU w.a.n.g asked in a serious tone. It seemed like he was dead serious just from the tone of his voice, Zhu Long smiled when he heard Ku w.a.n.g’s words. THe guard also smiled but it was different from Zhu LOng’s smile. The guard’s smile was sinister and gave off a lot of killing intent. “It’s very simple, All you have to do is survive for 10 minutes against a guard in a battle, everything goes except for external help. By looking at you qi, you are at the nascent stage you will have to battle someone at the peak of the nascent stage and lucky you because I just so happen to be at the peak of the Nascent stage.. You know what that means, right?” The guard’s smile became larger as he continued to talk. Ku w.a.n.g felt disgusted by the Guard’s smile. Zhu LOng also looked cold when he heard the guard. ‘This is something… I will let brother Ku decide what to do, I’m sure that I can survive for 10 minutes and I’m also sure that Brother Ku can also survive for 10 minutes so it won’t be a ha.s.sle if we do that..’ Zhu Long felt a bit more relieved when he realised that the condition wasn’t that difficult. “You know what? For the two of you only, I’ll make it easy. I’ll allow both of you tobattle against me, I don’t know what that mortal would do to help you but I might as well do this instead of wasting another few seconds, killing that brat. I’ll kill both of you together! HAHAHA” THe guard sounded extremely sinister at the moment, to the point of not even seeming like a guard. Ku w.a.n.g looked very furious when he heard the guard but then a small smile crept on his face, he smiled as he heard the guard mention that Zhu Long could also join him to battle, Ku w.a.n.g looked towards Zhu Long and smiled, Zhu Long smiled back at him. Ku w.a.n.g then looked towards the Guard and took a deep breath, “Then.. We accept the challenge!” 


Okay, this will be the last shout out. Another friend of mine also used to write a novel here. He still wants to write and continue from time to time but doesn’t have enough motivation so I thought to mention his novel here and ask you guys to maybe try out his novel as well. It’s a fantasy  novel so our genre matches.

Novel Name: Legend Of The 2 Swords

Author : king_of_emptiness

Chapters : 3

This is the first chapter:

In a war filled world where only hate and enmity exist among the nations. only bloodshed and violence was the way of life. Or so, was believed. Among the hostile countries there was a country which was more dominant than the others both in the battle field and wealth. The country was ruled by a powerful king and his two wives Anna and Umma. Anna being the younger wife was more prefered and taken care of by the king. But Umma on the other hand was about to be sent out of the palace in exile for the accusations of cheating on him. she was sent to exile in a dense and dark called the forest of demise. She was cast out to the forest and left there after being sentenced by the king.

she walked into the forest slowly counting all her steps in the hope of returning out. But alas she did not know about what was about to come after.

Suddenly the surrounding got hazy and misty, even then she continued to walk in. Then it was like the ground suddenly disappeared and she fell into the darkness ,into great depth. she lost consciousness and after some time when she woke up. she tried to stand but she was tied to a giant rock with something stronger than a diamond yet flexible, she called out for help but no reply came back.

In the pitch dark a small flame came her way, holding the flame was a creature that was certainly not human .It then whispered into her ear “you are the new toy for the lord.” The creature’s voice caused her body to shake from fear. From there she was taken to the palace of the lord of the creatures of the darkness. In a carige that looked like a monster’s mouth a snake’s body , which was towed by a giant dragon.


His grammar isn’t the best but his story writing skills are ten times better than mine. I’m also asking him on a daily basis to continue but he says that he just doesn’t have the motivation but I’m sure that after reading some supportive comments from you guys, He will continue to write.

I hope you guys understand.

Thank you!


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