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The Sacred Ruins is a web novel produced by Chen Dong, 辰东.
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Wei Xin, the ninth in history, was emotionless in his feminine face. His desire to kill rose to the skies as it transformed into a black tornado, making him the center.

This scene was somewhat terrifying. The surrounding planets, for example, the three moons beyond the nine dark stars were blown, as with many large meteorites that were warped in the raging black winds that orbited around Wei Xing.

Suddenly, he became the center of the galaxy, and his rapidly rising energy caused the surrounding saints to freeze and their hair to stand on end.

When Wei Xing received the news, he rushed at the first moment, but before he descended into the land of the nine planets, he knew his youngest son had already died.

The bond between their blood was cut, and he could no longer feel a trace of it. What was left were strings of death, the thunder and lightning, and the gusty winds and storms in his heart.

He was Wei Xing, the top warrior among the saints. Who would dare go against him?

But today, someone killed the son that he spoiled the most without any mercy and wiped it clean!

Most of the time, saints from everywhere must respect him and no one dared to offend him. Until now, he had enjoyed the treatment from ancient ancestors of all races beforehand.

Sometimes, humans saw him as the future strong warrior that would s.h.i.+ne in the skies


A moon exploded in the s.p.a.ce beyond the nine dark stars. When it was blown toward the black tornado beside Wei Xing, it orbited around ten or more times before exploding violently.

This was an act of self-destruction from a small planet, and this made all the strong warriors horrified.

Even the saints were shaking in their hearts. They felt firsthand the terror of Wei Xing. If a random aura of his could lead to this, what would happen when he actually makes a move?


Afterward, another moon disseminated near Wei Xin and became specks of dust of the universe.

Wei Xin howled, and all of a sudden, his body expanded like a G.o.dly statue that radiated terrifying light which stretched from the skies to the ground.

In a moment, the Nine Nether World was shaking as many meteorites that floated around the universe exploded and became dust.

Wei Xing extended a large hand that covered the galaxy and lifted up his hand to catch the nearest planet of the Nine Nether Realm into his palms.


He crushed that planet with a frightening move!

The volatile fluctuations shocked everyone.

Those who were below the level of saints s.h.i.+vered, whether they were inside battles.h.i.+ps or floating in s.p.a.ce. Many people involuntarily found themselves numb, and some were kneeling and s.h.i.+vering.

Wei Xing’s hair was all over the place. His handsome face became cold as and lightning exploded from his hollow pupils, shocking saints from all races.

Wei Tiansheng, his youngest child, was the one he favored the most. Not only were they alike in appearances, but they were also similar in personalities. And yet, he had actually died here due to unknown causes.

“Who is it?” Wei Xing howled as icy cold lightning that scarred the dark universe came out of his eyes. He scanned everywhere to find the enemy.

At this time, a lazy voice rang out—this was the only person in this galaxy who was not afraid of Wei Xing.

“Brother Wei, what happened to you? This seems to be inappropriate. Today, the Nine Yin Sparrow would become a holy creature but now you’re showcasing your powers here. What’s this all about?”

A white and silver war carriage radiating gentle lights came over—it was dragged by sky horses as it traversed the sky. The entire place soon radiated with the powers of holiness that made one pay respect.

That was the vehicle of saints. Those who could use eight pure-blooded sky horses to carry its carriage must be a powerful person, and this carriage could roam around the sea of galaxies!

In the white and silver war carriage, a teenager sat there lazily as he enjoyed ma.s.sage services from servant girls. The crowd was shocked to discover that these servant girls were saints from a very powerful race!

“Li Zhongtian, get out of my sight!” Wei Xing said icily. His words were concise and showed his arrogance.

Yet, people made noises from every direction and were shocked.

Li Zhongtian was not a typical strong warrior. At a certain era, he was the fourth of the galaxy and part of a generation that roamed across galaxies—he had been a saint for a long time.

Many people felt awkward as they knew that the two had a grudge against each other.

Because in this galaxy, demons and those with Nine Orifice Tribulation Physique were recognized as the strongest and were nicknamed the golden generation that could not be surpa.s.sed.

This was acknowledged by all the races.

But some powerful people in other eras were unconvinced; for instance, those who said that each golden generation spanned across 400 years.

Li Zhongtian was named the galaxy’s fourth in the generation of white and silver and he was very reluctant to accept that. He also had issues with Wei Xing, and as such, he dared to point at the latter.

He didn’t know Wei Xing lost his son. If he knew, perhaps he would not make a scene today.

“Wei Xing, you’re too much, let me see if you can prove yourself to be called the ninth in the history!” Li Zhongtian’s face was dark on the white and silver war carriage. Who dared tell him to go away with his reputation?


The universe darkened in a moment. When Wei Xing roamed around the galaxy, his destructive strength tore the skies, causing the depths of the black universe to reveal itself. This was, in and of itself, a horrifying scene.

He made a quick and direct move that appeared on the white and silver war carriage.

At the moment, his heart was burning with rage—whoever provoked him would be targeted by his infinite desire to kill. He was in pain from the loss of his son, and in his heart, it was thunder and lightning with blazing flames like floodgates.

“You dare!” Li Zhongtian was extremely angry. It was out of his expectations that Wei Xing would actually make a move directly.


The white and silver war carriage exploded into pieces—the eight pure-blooded horses and that group of servant girls evaporated into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. In the end, the dust in the universe was not spared, and after it exploded, it vanished.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The outsiders could not see clearly, but they felt that two lights were mangled together and killed one another ferociously. Afterward, a few distant planets cracked open and soon exploded after the clash of two saint weapons. Their brilliant lights illuminated the dark universe.

Within moments, Li Zhongtian escaped with half his body covered in blood. He, who was ranked fourth in this white and silver age of the galaxy, was not a match against the person who was ranked ninth in the golden generation’s first age. With great rage, he tore the empty s.p.a.ce with both his hands and left.

“Friend Wei Xin, please do not be angry.”

At this moment, an old man from the Yin Sparrow race went forward to persuade him.

Everyone was shocked and felt that the situation was not right.

When the news spread, the paper bag could not hold the fire. To be honest, the Yin Sparrow race did not want to conceal and had hoped to borrow the powers of strong warriors from all races through this “observation” to find the culprit.

“Who did this? This is too much. The Nine Yin Sparrow who was supposed to become a saint faced great obstacles and was only left with a small part of its body after the battle. The enemy had also torn half of the body of the saint Yuwen Chenkong, and killed Wei Xing’s youngest son.”

This explosive news shook the galaxies!

This created heated discussions throughout the galaxy!

The interstellar network enabled all evolvers to access this news. All the evolvers who saw the news felt frightened—they knew something chaotic was brewing.

The Origin Beast Platform immediately reported the details of the event to every part of the universe.

“What a cruel person! He seems to be too powerful and only descended to ma.s.sacre and stop the Nine Yin Sparrow’s opportunity to become a saint. He killed saints as well as the son of Wei Xing. This is showcasing that he doesn’t fear any race and dares to go around the galaxy.”

“Hero, please take me with you. You are too awesome, please give me a ride!”

“Um, the Nine Yin Sparrow has been humiliated. There were many people who had seen him—he is now nothing but a small part of his body. How can he become a saint? This obviously shows that he has no place in being a saint.”

There were noisy discussions in the galaxy.

The Nine Yin Sparrow was angry and jumped with rage-like thunder. He was humiliated.

Wei Xing’s face was as solemn as still water. He wanted to wash the galaxy with blood, but n.o.body dared to touch his misfortunes. Even though the Nine Yin Sparrow and Yuwen Chenkong were tempted, they hid and did not dare to meet him.

Not long later, someone saw an undiscovered side of Wei Xing. He had always been masculine and gentle, but that day, he was mad with his hair all over the place and b.u.mping into a planet as he howled and tore that planet into pieces.

He was out of his mind. He was so angry that he had seemingly become insane.

“Serves you right, so you can taste the pain of having a loved one die!” Chu Feng was not sympathetic at all.

At this time, they escaped from the Nine Nether Realm. The ancestral planet of the Yin Sparrow Race was an important planet, but everyone was in a daze and n.o.body spread the news. It had been a long time, but the news was not exposed.

The young girl Yi nodded and said, “Cruel people like Wei Xing needs to be tortured by cruel people like you.”

She had a very bad impression of Wei Xing as he marinated his first teacher in a jar. When one listened, it made their scalps numb that this sort of snide person was not penalized no matter how painful of a punishment they delivered.

Chu Feng stared at her and said, “Who is the cruel person, how can you say that?”

At this time, Yellow Ox, Ouyeng Feng, the old donkey, and the others on Earth were in sync. They all looked at the post in Chu Feng’s gold account.

“It’s so lonely to have no enemies.”

These simple words made Wei Xing’s eyes as dark as ink and his desire to kill expanded and spread across the galaxy.

In the universe, humans were speechless. This Chu Feng was carefree and triggered “the ninth in the history”. The act was putting salt on his wounds.

Someone of the younger generation of the Xilin race scolded on the Origin Beast Platform that the comment of being lonely without enemies was inhuman, and such comments were nonsense.

Black Ox reb.u.t.ted, “F*ck your grandfather, you Xilin race dare to say we have no shame, that should be you. What did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Wei Xing do? Is he human when he cut off his teacher’s head and marinated it in the jar? Since that ancient battle, you are more enthusiastic than the G.o.ds to hunt down tribesmen that survived from the mother plane. You are beasts that are not even pigs or dogs!”

A round of spats and noises disturbed the galaxy.

At this time, another news spread and shocked all races.

The ancestral planet of the Yin Sparrow race where the saints were secluded was robbed, and the damage was severe. Because the holy pond was taken away, the Yin Sparrow race almost became mad.

The holy pond was the foundation of the Yin Sparrow race, causing other saints to become envious. If not, why would there always be two ancient saints to guard it? However, it still ended up being robbed.

After investigation, the person who dealt with the Nine Yin Sparrow, Wei Tianxing, and Yuwen Chenkong was also the same person who robbed the ancestral planet of the Yin Sparrow race.

The Yin Sparrow race almost went mad after learning what had happened—their powers would decrease significantly after this event. Compared to the attack to the Nine Yin Sparrow and losing its opportunity to become a saint, this was more terrifying and severe.

“Yee-haw yee-haw, everyone of the Yin Sparrow race, old donkey sends you my regards and care. I just want to tell you all that you deserve this!”

“Wei Jin b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you d.a.m.ned kid howl like this. You killed so many people, but do you know how many families were broken and suffering in pain? This was a G.o.dsend for you. You don’t agree? Old donkey will kick you to death with my hoofs.”

This was spurred by hatred.

Besides the Yin Sparrow race and Wei Xing’s cold face, another person was also very hurt.

The old donkey, the black yak, Ouyeng Feng, and the others used their accounts to signal one another and interacted with Chu Feng’s gold account to give an illusion that Chu Feng was still on Earth.

“This was the doing of humans in the yang realm!”

In the end, Wei Xing spoke the truth and stirred a large storm in the sea of galaxy. Wei Xing felt the energy from the remnants of saint weapons, with Yuwen Chenkong and the Nine Yin Sparrow to verify it.


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