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Chapter 284: Confrontation of Land and Sea The summit of Mount Song was covered in the scarlet clouds of dawn. The golden glow washed over the numerous ancient temples along with the evergreen pines and cypresses.

The pensive toll of the bell and the light golden temples bore a transcendent zen-like aura.

Chu Feng understood the urgency of the matter and was prepared to set out immediately. He leapt down the mountain after saying farewell to the Elder Ape and his parents.


He landed on the mountainous ground like a fallen comet. The impact caused the earth to collapse, causing the vicinity to quake, almost starting an avalanche.

The heavy snow had long since stopped falling but only the summit area and the paths up the mountain had been cleared out by the apes of the Greatwoods Temple. The remaining areas were still covered in snow.

Chu Feng was like a human-shaped flying machine as he ran madly. The mountain rocks and trees in his path were all blown apart—virtually nothing could block his path.

After the great changes, the distance between Mount Song and Mount Longhu had grown to 4000 kilometers.

At the moment, he wasn’t conserving energy at all. He ran like the wind because saving someone was just as urgent as putting out a fire.

Naturally, he wouldn’t risk damaging his own body but he only slowed down when he was about to burn up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to fight even if he arrived in time.

The sun had just risen and all living things were basking in the dense vitality.

The tranquility of this warm morning was abruptly broken.

Several pieces of news were being transmitted from the south as if numerous volcanoes had erupted at the same time.

The Golden Roc of Mount Hua was suspected to have fallen in battle. The Mastiff King of Mount Kunlun had been killed…

Everything happened so suddenly!

The news was no less disastrous than a tsunami or a comet striking the earth. A great battle took place at Mount Longhu and numerous experts from the continent suffered a b.l.o.o.d.y defeat. Grievous news came through continuously.

Several days prior to this, the marine race experts formed a coalition to launch a large-scale a.s.sault on Mount Longhu. They had planned to take down this “capital” of Taoism. Consequently, the experts from the continent also rushed over.

Who would’ve thought an earth-shattering battle would take place there that would change the power structure of the whole continent.

The b.l.o.o.d.y battle had reached its climax at dawn. The various warriors were locked in a fierce battle, dying Mount Longhu a b.l.o.o.d.y red.

The peerless experts of the continent had suffered badly. They were still fighting madly but seemed likely to be bathed in their own blood.

“Even such powerful beings as the White Snake of Mount Taihang had been beaten and cut in half!”

“The Hollow Jade temple master had been pierced through the chest. His blood has stained the ancestral court of Taoism!”

The world was shaken when such news spread.

It was like the collapse of a flood bank. The chaos swept through the world and petrified everyone.

Within one night, the famous experts of the continent were either defeated or killed.
Afterwards, more news arrived stating that the Eight Visions Temple master had lost an arm and was trapped at the summit of Mount Longhu.

Very soon, an even more worrying news appeared. It was said that the Wudang Grandmaster was last seen swept into a sea of blades—his ultimate fate, unknown.

This brilliant morning became a terrifying moment for everyone. The battle took place so suddenly that news of the continental experts’ defeat shook the whole world.
Marine race!

This showdown between experts at Mount Longhu was initiated by the marine race.

The sun’s warmth couldn’t dispel the chill in everyone’s heart. People from all across the country were restless. Everyone felt their scalps go numb and their hearts were filled with apprehension. No one had expected such a situation.

“What is the marine race doing? Are they insane? By killing so many continental experts—are they planning to invade the continent?!”

The power structure was about to change!

“I can’t believe this is really happening. The famous experts of the continent are being defeated continuously. This is unthinkable!”

“What an upheaval! Is the marine race going to colonize the continent?!”

It was like a huge flood had swept through the land. People everywhere couldn’t find peace.

Everyone was alarmed. Many were exceedingly restless and terrified.

At this time, Chu Feng wasn’t paying attention to these things as he was focused on the journey. He was completely unaware of the explosive news that morning.

His legs felt quite powerful after bathing in the morning glow and circulating his breathing technique. He would traverse well over a kilometer with every leap.

It would be incomprehensible for ordinary people that a being of flesh and blood could actually achieve such speeds.

This was no different from the continental deities of legends who could cross the vast wilderness unhindered, bathing in the northern sea at dawn and arriving in Changwu at dusk. He could cross tens of thousands of kilometers in a single day.

Chu Feng’s feet glowed. Astonis.h.i.+ng amounts of energy would gush out every time his heels struck the ground. Utilizing his divine feet, he would directly leapt over whenever he encountered wide rivers.

He could dash to the peak even if mountains were in the way. He couldn’t fly but was traveling even faster than the birds that could.

Finally, he felt tired and was forced to reduce his speed.

This exhaustion was mainly due to his internal temperature being too high. He was now like a furnace, venting white mist and overflowing with energy from all his pores.

Chu Feng slowed down to catch his breath and recover his spiritual energy. The free energy of the earth and sky were attracted to him and merged into his physical body. This allowed him to gradually relax and restore his body temperature.

His communicator rang at that time. It was Lu Tong.

“I’m hurrying over at full speed and already past halfway. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to rush over!” Chu Feng thought Lu Tong was urging him to hurry.

He had run all the way and had already covered 2500 kilometers. He only needed to cover approximately 1500 more kilometers. After resting for a while, he could run all the way to his destination.

“I somewhat regret to tell you that I’m not here to urge you to hurry. That place has already become a slaughter ground. Turn back!” Lu Tong sighed.

“What happened?” Chu Feng was astonished.

“Did you not pay attention to the news? Then I’d suggest you don’t look. Chu Feng, remember, survival is the most important. Return quickly!”

Chu Feng was shocked and quickly scanned the news on his communicator.

He was momentarily dazed. The famous experts of the continent had suffered a great defeat and their blood had stained Mount Longhu?

“The Mastiff King of Kunlun has died?!”

The White Cranes of Mount Shu—their blood and feathers filled the sky!

His heart sank after reading the news. The unexpected news caused him to s.h.i.+ver. Just how cruel was the ma.s.sacre?!

He knew very well that these people were all extremely powerful experts. But many of them have been killed or wounded. Such a battle was definitely terrifying.

Chu Feng couldn’t confirm the authenticity of the news but if it was true, then the current power structure would break completely!


He suddenly noticed a piece of news with a photo attached. The Wudang Grandmaster was being surrounded by the marine race and was full of blood and wounds. His Taoist robes were torn and tattered, his white hair drenched in blood.

Someone had taken pictures of the great battle of Mount Longhu and posted them on the internet.

This caused baleful intent to emerge on Chu Feng’s face. Radiance surged from his body as he grasped his fists tightly. He felt suffocated and felt the need to rush over and take part in this battle!

The old man had stepped up to protect him several times when Chu Feng had encountered danger. Chu Feng felt nothing but grat.i.tude towards him.

His heart tightened after seeing the elder’s white hair dyed red with blood. He had to charge into this battle even if it was incomparably dangerous.

“Even if this news is true, the marine race will also have paid a similar painful price. It’s impossible to dispatch this group of fierce continental experts with six severed shackles without bleeding themselves!”

Chu Feng began to call Yellow Ox, black yak, and the others but couldn’t reach them. He had now lost contact with the two oxen.

His expression turned solemn as he tried contacting the Manchurian Tiger and the Donkey King. Similarly, no one answered the calls.

Chu Feng inhaled deeply and set out once more. He ran even faster this time and didn’t stop at all. He crossed over mountains and ridges as if he was flying.

Finally, Chu Feng arrived in the vicinity of Mount Longhu. His body had turned scarlet while all his pores were all spewing out steam and streams of blood energy. He had run too fast.

The 1500 kilometers wasn’t always on level road; there were various obstacles in the way. However, Chu Feng had rushed over in half an hour.

Mount Longhu had recently become the gathering place of various heroes. There were many mutants and beast race members.

These people did not possess sufficient strength to climb the mountain and had only hurried here after hearing the news.

An especially great commotion had occurred after hearing of the great battle between the land and sea experts. Some bold people had decided to come and see for themselves.

Chu Feng calm down. He didn’t rush in immediately. The incident had already taken place and there was little use even if he was anxious.

He was regulating his condition. He needed to be at his peak state and well-prepared. He would partic.i.p.ate in this battle but wouldn’t rush in angrily to toss away his life.

He would choose to escape if it seemed impossible. It wasn’t his style to die for nothing. He could still settle scores with the marine race as long as he survived.

It goes without saying that he would still try his best to charge in and save certain people.

Chu Feng checked the news while recovering his spiritual energy, trying his best to understand the current situation.

All the battles had taken place on Mount Longhu so why hasn’t anyone escaped downwards? This point surprised Chu Feng but later he understood the details of the situation.

There was a mysterious s.p.a.ce on the mountain. The marine and continental experts had all fought their way in to contest the fortunes within. It would be difficult to escape even after being defeated. Some of them were still trapped inside.

“Black yak?!”

Suddenly, the images that came into view caused Chu Feng’s eyes to erupt with divine light.

A heroic looking marine race expert with light golden hair was holding up a b.l.o.o.d.y ox horn. He then tossed it onto the ground and proceeded to step on it.

Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk because the horn quite resembled the black yak’s!

Beneath that golden-haired marine race man’s foot, there were also white crane feathers and human arms. It was a terrifying sight.

The Divine Sea Tiger!

This golden-haired man came from the ocean and belonged to the sea tiger lineage. His strength was astonis.h.i.+ng. He had once stood on Mount Longhu and asked if anyone dared to duel him.

“Old Blackie!” Chu Feng’s heart was gripped with worry. Could the black yak be grievously wounded by this golden-haired man? The only thing that consoled him was the fact that the black yak’s corpse wasn’t in the picture.


Chu Feng trembled when he found, under the golden-haired man’s feet, the corner of a b.l.o.o.d.y s.h.i.+rt which looked like the one Yellow Ox was wearing.

This caused Chu Feng’s heart to churn with anxiety.

He felt truly irritable. His energy surged and his blood energy rose and fell like the tides of the vast ocean, releasing a terrifying aura.

He could no longer delay. He could wait no longer. Chu Feng approached Mount Longhu in large strides and without the slightest bit of hesitation to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle!


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