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Chapter 1063: Meng’s Act Of Fooling

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Meng Qi had already thought of an excuse on his way there. He only needed to take out the fly-whisk, placed it on his left shoulder, acting like he was ready for a ferocious fight with a group of men. Hearing that, he immediately revealed a smile and said, “No, no. The act of Qi Zhengyan has never happened through the primitive ages, and its form seems similar to that of the Earlier Saints from the Middle Ages, but this is different.”

He did not indicate if he agreed or disagreed right away because he didn’t know what Mister Luda and the Ice Fairy thought about this matter. If he made a stand hastily, it would likely increase the gap between them.

“Its form seems similar, but it’s different?” Mister Luda guarded the lonely grave and focused on martial arts practice, so he did not consider the problem related to Southern Wasteland in depth before. He could only ask based on his impression of it; thus, he expressed his doubt again.

Meng Qi snuck a peek at Ye Yuqi, seeing that she directed her gaze which was as deep as pond water toward him and waited for a more detailed explanation. Hence, he pretended to ponder as he explained, “The Earlier Saints from the Middle Ages were those who taught everyone without any discrimination as they openly gave lectures in public. It was a n.o.ble thing to do, but they used martial arts to convey about Taoism. Therefore, their lectures were more toward their theories and pathways. For those who cultivated martial arts and above, mostly concentrated on the main points and the description of one’s intrinsic qualities. With that, how much a listener could grasp or obtain, it all depended on oneself. However, everyone is different, and everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. All flowers of every kind are in bloom, so it is hard to tell who is better. There are many followers and scholars nowadays, and many martial arts emerged in such a way.”

“Besides, the Earlier Saints allowed others to ask questions during lectures, and they were very generous in giving advice. However, time was limited, and there were a large number of students. Even if they were lucky to be advised, they would not be given pointers for all their problems. Thus, they needed lectures from other strong individuals by formally acknowledging someone as their master. Although the monopoly of sects and aristocratic families in martial arts teaching was broken, and their social status deteriorated, it did not affect their survival.

“But now what Qi Zhengyan is trying to do is to unify the basics of the martial arts by replacing it with his creation, the Peerless Divine Skill to cultivate every detail in depth. It can help to answer almost every problem faced and can popularize on a big scale in a short time. No child left behind is no longer an empty saying. For those who can pa.s.s the test, they can continue to cultivate. As a result, the monopoly of the martial arts will be broken again, but completely broken this time, especially without the presence of the small or medium-scale sects of the Peerless Divine Skill. The fundamentals of the Inheritance will be gone because no one will choose to let themselves suffer by mastering other normal martial arts other than the Peerless Divine Skill, and helplessly look at others getting stronger than them.

“In the Middle Ages, if it was not the big fight between the Tyrant and the Devil Buddha twice, then with the thriving of the equipment and weapons of the Palace of Mohism, and the generosity of the Earlier Saints, it would have developed up to this point as time went by.”

“Therefore, the Zhongxia Sect is very terrified as this is considered a catastrophe to them.”

Looking at Meng Qi speak with fervor and a.s.surance, Mister Luda paid attention listening to him without interruption. After a careful consideration, eventually he forced a smile, “Listening to your description, I think it’s a good thing as long as everyone constantly strives to become better. Then, everyone will stand a chance to become a fairy. However, most of my seniors and friends are taking it as the worst possible situation, causing others to sympathize and pity them. Things in this world are full of contradictions.”

Ye Yuqi interrupted, “We all have the desire to be just and righteous, but also care for the feelings of our relatives and friends at the same time. So, what do you think we should do to have regard for both sides?

She was aware of Meng Qi’s relations.h.i.+p with Qi Zhengyan, so she could guess his viewpoint. Therefore, it was better to ask for his suggestion right away.

“During the ancient times, human beings were not only served as food for the evil demons and as slaves for the Fairy G.o.ds; there were also aristocrats who kept slaves. When the emperor rose and decided to abolish slavery, these aristocrats were very unhappy about it. Speaking of the initial dignity, and the present damage, caused others to be pitiful and sympathetic of them. But finally they chose to accept the reality and changed their methods, and eventually evolved into aristocrat families. Did they vanish completely due to this problem?” Meng Qi gave an example, “These Zhongxia Sects can follow the footsteps of the wise men, but the form of Inheritance of all these sects needs to be changed.”

“How to make changes?” Ye Yuqi had been thinking about this problem for two years.

Meng Qi contemplated briefly before he answered, “To be frank, if these Zhongxia Sects are lucky enough to obtain a Peerless Divine Skill, will they focus more on this Peerless Divine Skill or their initial martial arts skill as their Inheritance?”

“Without a doubt, they will certainly choose the Peerless Divine Skill as their Inheritance, but this will not change the status of the previous master,” Ye Yuqi glanced at Mister Luda as she was voicing out her prediction.

Humans are born selfish. If the sects have the divine skills that could win over the previous martial arts skills, and for the sake of the sects’ development and their self-development, will the successors lose the greater for the less?

Even if there are a few stubborn and conservative successors, but as time, they will be wiped out gradually.

“I agree with your statement,” Meng Qi clapped his hands as he laughed out loud. “Please send someone to the Southern Wasteland to obtain this Peerless Divine Skill. I believe after Qi Zhengyan reviews the past actions, he will not reject most of them. In this case, others do not need to seek far and neglect what lies close at hand to forcibly make their way to the Southern Wasteland, which is thousands of miles away. At most, those who are not selected will hope for the last by taking the risk to the South, but overall, it will not affect the Inheritance of the sects.”

“This…” Ye Yuqi moved her lips, feeling unimaginably queer with Meng Qi’s suggestion.

Does it work?

Does this mean that all the Big, Medium and Small Sects in the world will obtain the Peerless Divine Skill?

On the other hand, Mister Luda nodded gently, “To practice martial arts in the Southern Wasteland depends more on one’s effort and the extremity of one’s mind. Qi Zhengyuan has been openly pa.s.sing on this skill and is not stingy in giving lectures. Hence, he will not reject the requirements of more sects who have a desire to learn. In this regard, the sects do not have to worry about disciples while those who are not selected will not lose hope because they can head to the Southern Wasteland. It will form a complementary situation.”

Ye Yuqi revealed her expression as though she was absorbed in her thoughts as she was listening. She generalized and subconsciously ignored the fact that the Peerless Divine Skill created by Qi Zhengyan was open to the public.

After Mister Luda finished his words, he took a light breath, looking slightly uncertain when he said, “If that’s the case, will it not be weird if every sect cultivates the same martial art skills?”

For sure it was weird because it had transformed from a sect into a real school by using the same teaching resources… Southern Wasteland Martial Arts League School… Meng Qi criticized silently, showing a wild boast manner in his words, “It’s not weird. How is it weird? Although they are taught the same art, the teacher will be different and the advice will be different, therefore, the cultivation method will also be different, the patriarch whom they wors.h.i.+p will also be different.”

This also means that the Interest and every varied… the relative superiority and inferiority of the sects can be segregated based on the focus of the district, mansion, family, state, and country… Meng Qi was thinking with a clear mind.

“Does this mean to change the form of Inheritance of the sects?” Mister Luda asked abruptly after a moment of silence.

It was so straight to the point… Meng twisted his tongue secretly without losing his smile as he said, “Each sect can compete for disciples based on their a.s.sets and the good or bad teaching of the teachers in the future.”

“How about our sects?” Ye Yuqi interrupted suddenly, “All the Zhongxia Sects are cultivating the Peerless Divine Skill. How about us? What is our strength?”

Meng Qi felt the urge to pull a strand of hair and turn it into a feather fan to sway it gently. He said with a smile, “Don’t you think the way Qi Zhengyan promotes the martial arts is a bit of a malpractice? Not to mention the resources problem, to have an initial understanding is not a problem, but if you look into a higher level, it requires more different pointers. Certainly, it will not satisfy the method of standardized teaching, and in the end, it will return to the method of one master leading a small number of disciples. As for this aspect, top-notch influencers have acc.u.mulated their power for many years… also, you all have Dharmakaya as your support. Do you even have to worry about not having disciples?”

He nearly said words like an abundance of teaching resources.

“That’s true,” Ye Yuqi finally agreed to him. Up to now for cultivation, she felt that for martial arts and above, everyone was different in their way, imitating the seniors would only cause them to be stuck in the past. The act of the Southern Wasteland in pa.s.sing on the martial arts openly was only suitable for gurus and below.

Seeing this, Meng Qi heaved a sigh of relief quietly, “Since returning from the Middle Ages, I feel like I became more like a martial art monk. To destroy the city at every turn, to affect the creatures, and to fight and kill are not desirable. It is better to avoid fighting and to reach a compromise if possible. I believe that Qi Zhengyan has the innocent heart of a child, thinking to benefit all beings, and have no other intentions. He accepted the Inheritance of the Devil’s Claws reluctantly, and he is trying his best to keep it under full control.”

It is time to take my stand after saying up to this point.

“This statement is good. It’s better to have no feelings of anger and desire of killing for people who have achieved this realm like us,” Mister Luda said gently. “I would like to listen to your description of the progress regarding the Southern Wasteland.”

Ye Yuqi who was listening by the side had her eyes flickered for others were qualified to say fighting and killing were not good, but Su Meng could not say that because he had the most number of Dharmakaya at hand.

Meng Qi smiled as he listened, putting both his palms together on purpose, “Senior Lu is merciful, Sadhu, Sadhu! I will get in touch with the Palace of Mohism at the Cave of Thousand Nature, to fight for the opportunity to return to the heyday of the Middle Ages. Because only with this, the world can undertake many warriors in the future.”

It could temporarily solve the conflict, as to whether it would intensify, or the Demonic Monarch would purposely start a fight, it would be a future problem. For now, the most important thing to do was to upgrade myself, achieving the level on par with the Tyrant that can pressure the world. Even if there is a war in the Southern Wasteland, I can control the situation, causing the righteous Dharmakaya and Senior Qi to sit down and negotiate with each other, eventually reaching a compromise.

I cannot compete overall arrangements, and scheme with Grand w.a.n.g Trickster and others, so the only thing I can compete with is the fist!

The most important thing is still my ability.

The Primitive Emperor at present age brings peace to the world!

Upon leaving Huamei Heights, Meng Qi continued to pay a visit to the Xi Jian Pavilion, Changle City, and other places to communicate with the righteous Dharmakaya one by one, trying his best to carry out his act of fooling.

The cottage behind the mountain at Huamei Heights.

Ye Yuqi fixed her gaze at Meng Qi’s back as she saw him off. She furrowed her brows and said, “I feel something is not right with what he has just said.”

“Let’s see how it goes. See what Qi Zhengyan from the Southern Wasteland is able to set off,” Mister Luda retracted his look and smiled as he shook his head.


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