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Read The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1136 – Seizing The Buddhist Relics

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Chapter 1136: Seizing The Buddhist Relics

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Reversed Buddha’s Palm? The black and red waves of the Race Annihilation was about to extinguish Lin Tong’s rays of Vairocana. As the air was filled with the strong stench of blood and gore, Gu Liang’s mind was greatly affected. Without further hesitation, he extended his right hand as he muttered,

“Come to me, Golden Sage Robe!”

The azure golden light beamed at him as the Buddhist voice continued to chant by his ears. Gu Liang felt the weight on his right arm as the tranquil golden armor wrapped his hand up. Defined and elegant lines flowed along the exterior of the gauntlet, proving that it contained an inconceivable magnificent power. It was as astonis.h.i.+ng as the arrival of the G.o.ds in the human world.

As the little universe spun and blazed enthusiastically, Gu Liang felt as though he was immersed in the boundless universe. He was surrounded by twinkling stars that formed into the constellation of Virgo. The seeds of knowledge that he planted before were now sprouting, growing into an extraordinary force.

As his gaze contained the entire galaxy, he extended his right arm and yelled with a deafening voice,


His palm that was encased in the golden gauntlet emitted a ray of peaceful and tranquil clear light. Like how a star imploded, the light swamped the entire corridor but did not affect the physical structure of the building. It completely dismissed the smiling eerie corpses and the black and red waves of the Race Annihilation.

The brilliant light shone throughout the universe sparing no corners. The Light of Limitless had limitless age!

Lin Tong’s stress was immediately reduced. She then turned to look at Gu Liang who was wearing a blue policeman’s vest as Gu Liang walked by him and took the staircase to the third floor. Gu Liang was wearing the golden gauntlet that resembled a creation of G.o.d on his right hand. The atmosphere was peaceful and harmonious, as if they were at the Pure Land of Buddha.

The gaze of senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect wavered. In a low growl, he said,

“The reincarnation of the Buddha?”

Both his hands formed a malevolent seal, wanting to activate the Reversed Buddha’s Palm again.

However, at this time, Gu Liang expanded all five of his right fingers. As it s.h.i.+mmered, the light condensed at the centre of his palm, shone through the illusions and unveiled the sparkling stars that was surrounding the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect.

A thundering voice echoed, as though the Buddha was speaking,

“The human world is separated into six realms. Where there are causes there will be effects. Kind actions merge the man and the heaven. Evil deeds will lead one to h.e.l.l…”

The sound of Zen reverberated. Gu Liang amplified the voice of solemnity and the bright light in his palm expanded abruptly,

“The Six Dao of Samsara!”

Within the brilliant light, shadows of smiling silhouettes appeared around the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect. However, all of them were missing either limbs, eyes, or missing guts. Drenched in blood, they pulled the senior of the Anti-Buddhist by his clothes, shoes, arms, legs and every other part of him. They writhed and cried in agony, “Join us in h.e.l.l!”

“No!” as the blood evaporated, mountains of knives and sea of fire surfaced. The senior screamed in anguish as he was forcefully dragged into h.e.l.l by the silhouettes.

The bright light shone as the illusions from the Six Dao of Samsara vanished. The senior in the robe of red and black collapsed at the entrance of the third floor. His body was curled, his face was contorted as if he had experienced an excruciating pain before he pa.s.sed on. Yet, there were completely no wounds found on his physical body.

This power… shocked, Gu Liang pulled his right arm back as he observed it that was coupled with undestroyable tranquility and radiance.

This is the power of G.o.d!

The corridor was shrouded by peace and silence. There were no more b.l.o.o.d.y guts or skinned arms. The smiling corpses were completely gone, too. Stupefied, Gu Liang and Lin Tong dwelled in their deep thoughts. It took them quite a while to come back to their senses.

At this time, the Virgo Golden Sage Robe on Gu Liang’s right hand had disappeared.

How much offering is required in order for one to be gifted with the Golden Sage Robe of Virgo? A sudden thought flashed across his mind.

“Check the corpse and search for clues,” Lin Tong gazed intently at Gu Liang. There was no question as she acted like nothing had happened. She climbed up the staircase and arrived at the third floor. She peered around, only to see a thick curtain covering the room. The curtain was constantly closed. As a result, the room was in pitch darkness. Inside the room, there were bottles filled with yellow liquid. Floating inside the liquid were eyeb.a.l.l.s. Real human eyeb.a.l.l.s!

Being stared at by the eyes inside the bottles, Lin Tong could not help but feel a chill down her spine. Upon a closer look, she saw other displays such as tongues, hearts, and genitalia of both genders. They were both terrifying and nauseating.

“The Anti-Buddhist Sect is inhumane!” Lin Tong berated.

She was perturbed about the possibility of other changes. She was capable of defending herself but her group members were not. Without any reinforcement, she worked with Gu Liang, who had evidently surpa.s.sed the standard of an average officer of the Special Operations Division, as they split up to investigate the scene.

Gu Liang put on a white glove and crouched down to examine the corpse. On the body of the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect, there were neither wounds, fractured bones or bruised organs. It seemed to be true that his soul was dragged into h.e.l.l by the vengeful spirits.

“Is this the Six Dao of Samsara created by Buddha?” he thought to himself and proceeded to study the belongings of the deceased.

“A red and black reverse swastika flag… two telegraphs… a pa.s.sword book… Buddhist relics?” Gu Liang found two Buddhist relics. He was able to sense one of the relics. It was gold in color and its surface smooth as glaze, emitting purity and peace. It was as though it contained the secret to the Divine Intervention. The other one appeared like a droplet formed by fresh blood. Its core was jet black and filled with bloodthirstiness and the sign of Race Annihilation.

Before he had sufficient time to figure them out, an ear-splitting voice that resembled the voice of the G.o.d of Storms and Natural Disasters resonated,

“Offer the two Buddhist relics and you will get the sacrifice.”

This can be exchanged for a sacrifice? Gu Liang threw a glimpse at Lin Tong, realizing that she had found a doc.u.ment. She picked up the telegram and the pa.s.sword book and read it attentively with her brows furrowed, completely disregarding what was happening around her. Then, she brought the Eye of Desire that she wore on her finger closer to the two Buddhist relics.

As they came into contact, the two Buddhist relics dissolved abruptly. One of them turned into a golden silhouette from the Divine Intervention. On the other hand, the other turned into a black and red evil of the Race Annihilation. The two of them entered the Eye of Desire and disappeared completely.

The Eye of Desire that had been normal after the summon of the Golden Sage Robe had once again deepened!

“I should acc.u.mulate more so I can fulfill better wishes…” Gu Liang thought to himself.

Suddenly, his little universe spun and the constellations appeared. As though it shared the same perception as the glabella of the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect, the Yin and the Yang attracted mutually as the Buddha and the devil countered each other!

A red and black colored reverse swastika appeared at the glabella of the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect. Gu Liang felt as though it had creepily became part of his body. He recollected himself. The next second, he watched as the dead body stood up unsteadily, scaring Lin Tong into activating the holy rays of Vairocana.

“Chief Inspector Lin, it’s me! I can pilot the corpses,” Gu Liang explained succinctly.

Stupefied, Lin Tong stood still. In a split of a second, her face lit up, “That’s great!”

“What’s great?” Gu Liang asked in confusion.

Lin Tong answered confidently, “Based on the information and the pa.s.sword book, I have decoded the telegram. I found out that the Anti-Buddhist Sect are currently working on something big. They are going to produce holy items before they deliberately start a war. Amid the havoc, they will sacrifice one of the bustling cities in exchange for the revival of the Anti-Buddha.”

“Some 10 years ago, the Anti-Buddha once briefly returned. However, after all the preparations, the silence resumed for an unknown reason.”

“Since you can control the corpse, we can temporarily pretend that nothing has happened here. Meanwhile, you can interact with other members of the Anti-Buddhist Sect with the corpse in order to seize the location of the Hierarchy and the inheritance of the core. With that, we can eventually eradicate them!”

For the sacrifices, Gu Liang agreed with a m.u.f.fled voice, “Roger that, Chief Inspector.”

After a short practice, he noticed that he could only control the corpse within a radius of 100 meters. Therefore, he decided to rent an apartment nearby. Lin Tong, on the other hand, was in charge of hiding the operation from the other members of the Special Operations Division while she explained the situation to the superintendents and the senior superintendents who came to support.

The silence remained for a few days. n.o.body had contacted the senior of the Anti-Buddhist Sect. Although Gu Liang was forced to be homebound, he was intrigued to cultivate his little universe and was not irritated at all.

In the middle of that night, someone banged on his door loudly. Controlling the body of the senior, Gu Liang opened the door. Followed by that, he witnessed many religious followers swarm into the apartment, almost filling it to its brim.

“Oracle, it is the day to offer sacrifice. We would like to invite you to host the ceremony,” the leader of the followers said benevolently.

Sacrifice? Ceremony? Gu Liang recalled the information he had read and said in a sombre tone, “You may proceed to start the preparation.”

The senior was one of the oracles!

All the followers dispersed and surrounded the senior that was now merely an avatar controlled by Gu Liang. They danced an ancient and ferocious dance. They gradually fell into a trance and their faces were slowly plastered with creepy smiles. Subsequently, they knelt down and pulled out their respective daggers.

It was then Gu Liang realized that some of them had lost their fingers. Their bodies were littered with scars. It was obvious that they self-mutilated to appease the Anti-Buddha to complete the offering ceremony.

What should I do now? As a considerably righteous and kind police officer, Gu Liang feared to imagine the following scene.

Can I watch as they harm themselves without feeling remorseful?

No, I have to stop them!

But, how? Gu Liang’s one and only idea was to make a wish and ask for help from the G.o.d of Storms and Natural Disasters.

After a part of his offerings was consumed, he heard G.o.d’s words that were guiding him. Abruptly, his expression was distorted.

Before the followers pushed down the dagger, a resonating and solemn voice echoed, “Wait a minute.”

For some reason, the voice sounded exceptionally trustworthy. None of the followers had the audacity to disobey as if they were personally facing the Anti-Buddha.

“The Anti-Buddha was not satisfied with the previous ceremonies. He has ordered for some amendments. You will have to follow me and relearn the procedure,” Gu Liang instructed via the voice of the Anti-Buddha. His little universe rotated and disturbed the minds.

The lead follower agreed, “Please guide us, oracle.”

The oracle nodded his head and continued, “Follow me.”

Then, he said with a solemn face,

“The ceremony starts now: The Seventh Set of Radio Calisthenic!”


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