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Read The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 820 – “Delayed” Destiny

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Chapter 820: “Delayed” Destiny

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“Ning Caichen…” Meng Qi looked at him with great interest.

After several rounds of samsara, it was the first time to be in a situation that he knew and met with those heroines that he’s familiar with. Without too much pressure in this task, Meng Qi decided to go with the flow like a spectator with ease and leisure.

Ning Caichen was a fair-complexioned scholar with a bit slender figure. “Confucius didn’t talk about occult, violent, obscene and spiritual matters,” He muttered to himself with a nervous and frightened look in his eyes.

He seemed to be scared by gloomy forests at sunset, cawing crows and chilly wind.

It would be more dangerous to walk outside at night… Yan Chixia, who had been deep in thought for a while and said: “Mr. Ning, remember to stay in the main hall when it turns dark at night. Do not stroll around other area of Lanruo Temple, let alone to sleep at the meditation room.”

Yan Chixia casted a glance at other people in the hall. Meng Qi leaned his back against capital casually with eyes half opened, right hand patting his knee. Sun Junlin, Nangong Chong and Du Qinqin looked around defensively. They are all young, energetic and have extraordinary skills. Yan Chixia then added, “You don’t need to be afraid of demons and ghosts as long as you are not alone in the hall. If n.o.body is in the hall, just follow me and you will be safe. Never go anywhere by yourself.”

Ning Caichen readily nodded his head and said: ” Uerstood. May I ask your name please?” Bookish as he is, Ning Caichen felt that Yan Chixia was a warmhearted person compared with others.

“I’m Yan Chixia, from the North”, Yan answered concisely.

After a bit further greeting, Nin Caichen put down his bookcase, collected some foliage and took out his lighter to ignite fire to warm up.

He tried several times to snap it alight but failed. Maybe it was because he walked too fast just now and he soon felt tired.

Seeing this Yan Chixia bended his finger and flipped in the direction of foliage. An ash then dropped and ignited the whole pile. The hall lighted up.

“Are you whom they call Swordsman?” Nin Caichen looked at him with eyes wide-open and asked curiously.

Yan Chixia replied with a slight nod and did not seem like to talk much.

“Then will you really be able to fly and burrow, expel ghosts and slay demon, burn down mountains and walk through sea? The sword on your back, is it what they call ‘beyond the mundane’ sword? Did you come here to expel demons…?” Ning Caichen blurted out a string of questions as if he had been thinking about them for a long time.

Meng Qi stayed quiet but could not help chuckling to himself. Ning Caichen in this world is a real talkholic with strong curiosity…

Yan Chixia answered some of the questions and politely declined Nin Caichen’s invitation to share his baked bun. Time pa.s.sed quickly. The sun sank to the west. Clouds shaded the light of bright moon and stars. It was pitch dark outside. Only the hall was slightly lighted up by the red fire.

Hoo~ A gust of cold wind blew over the hall and invested the place with an air of mystery and gloom.

Hoo~ The wind blew through the wall gaps and screamed like demons cried. Nin Caichen trembled convulsively and sensed his scalp pins and needles.

He quickly moved close to fire to warm up as his teeth collided because of chilly wind . Then suddenly his pale face reddened. Casting glances here and there, he gritted his teeth and restrained himself.

Hoo~Hoo~ The cold wind blew strongly as if the demons came by side.

Nin Caichen suddenly stood up and said: “Mr. Yan, I will have to find a toilet.”

He could not hold out much longer!

Nin Caichen was too shy to pa.s.s water in the hall as there were other people. But it was pitch dark outside and windy. Maybe demons hided themselves out there. Therefore, he thought he better ask Swordsman first.

Yan Chixia was an experienced traveler and have already felt that something was wrong with Nin Caichen. He pointed to a big whole on the sidewall and said: “Go out from here and pa.s.s water nearby. I will be aware of the danger if there are any.”

Nin Caichen did not say another word and hastened to the hole. Though he tried to walk as fast as he could, he did not run but went out quickly in small steps.

Hoo~ The wind blew through. Sun Junlin turned his head and looked at Master. Light shone upon Meng Qi’s black clothes and he breathed steadily as if he was asleep with eyes still half opened.

Sun Junlin sent out a message by heart, “Master, why not take demons down now?”

Master’s Divine Conjuration of Ether skills have reached unprecedented level and are not any worse than the Witch of Black Mountain or Tians.h.i.+ Empress. No matter how strong the Lanruo Temple demons can be, Master can easily feel their presence and take them down as he wishes.

Meng Qi kept leaning his back against capital calmly with eyes half-opened.

“No rush.” He said.

No need to rush indeed. He would rather observe how Nangong Chong would react in this kind of situation!

Furthermore, this was Meng Qi’s first time to be in a set that he was familiar with. Though it may be different but the story was still the same in general. Why not enjoy himself by watching “A Chinese Ghost Story” in real and witness Nin Caichen and Nie Xiaoqian falling in love with each other?

There seems to be something strange going on but the Lanruo Temple and forests surrounding it have all been reflected on Meng Qi’s heart. He looked at the whole thing with G.o.d-like perspective and somehow started to enjoy himself.

Meanwhile Nin Caichen climbed out through the hole and walked two more steps away. Then he found a stonehenge and started to unfasten his belt.

Phew… Nin Caichen felt refreshed and fastened belt. Suddenly he heard a slight crying sound. It lingered on nearby, making his skin crawl. If he had not already been done, he could have wet his pants.

Ghost! Ghost!

He quickly looked back but could not find the hall!

It were all corridors surrounding around!

In the hall, Yan Chixia suddenly stood up as he lost his perception of Nin Caichen just now when a gust of chilly wind blew through.

What a strong power the demon has!

He reproached himself and pulled out sword that seemed to be made by bra.s.s. It was so heavy and stiff and dim with sword power.

Yan Chixia went through the hole, dispersed chilly wind with his sword and tried to search clues.

He looked back subconsciously and found the mysterious young man in black robe still have his eyes closed, not being disturbed at all with what happed just now.

Nangong Chong hesitated for a second , then took Du Qinqin’s hand and stood up. He whispered to Meng Qi, “Master, I cannot just fold my hand here and see innocent people die since I am the Righteous man.”

Yan Chixia is a very respectful Swordsman. If I left a bad impression on him, my reputation that I have been working on so hard will be ruined.

Meng Qi nodded, “Go ahead. I will be here.”

Nangong Chong and Du Qinqin moved outside of the big hole instantly and said: “Let us help you, Swordsman Yan.”

“These are tough demons. Be careful.” Yan Chixia said appreciatively.

Nin Caichen was almost scared to death as he could only see corridors but not the Hall. He kept muttering to himself, “I study cla.s.sics written by saints therefore I’m invincible. Devils cannot get close to me…”

Self hypnosis seemed to work. He calmed down a bit and then started to run out of fear.

However, as he was running, the crying sound came closer and closer. Nin Caichen gasped and turned around to run in a different direction.

But no matter where he went, crying sound got closer.

Nin Caichen finally stopped running and his face became solemn. He took out a book from bosom printed with t.i.tle:


“The great spirit can be exceedingly great and strong…”, Nin Caichen hold the book and recited. He kept on walking carefully.

Suddenly an attractive figure appeared in white veil, through which one can see vaguely her smooth and fair skin. A girl sat crunching in corner and sobbed.

“The devil…” Nin Caichen blurted out.

The indistinct figure turned around, disclosing a breathtaking beautiful face even in such dark and cold place. Her eyebrows are dark and a bit rough but only add more to her beauty. Her eyes were sparkling like an innocent deer. Her skin under the veil is partly hidden and partly visible but did not appear as frivolous but quite on the contrary, pure yet seductive.

“Run away quickly. The Witch asked me to kill you.” The girl said with tears in her eyes.

Hearing this Nin Caichen was not afraid anymore. He asked: “May I have your name please? I’m Nin Caichen. I know a great Swordsman. He always defends the weak and helps oppressed people. He will surely help you if you are under oppression.”

The girl shook her head and said: “That is no use. The Witch is very powerful and she killed several swordsman before you come.”

“My name is Nie Xiaoqian and I’m a wandering soul under the control of Witch.”

“It is Swordsman Yan Chixia and he is one of the top swordsman in the world.” Nin Caichen wanted to return her kindness by rescuing her from the Witch’s control.

The girl’s face lighted up and said: “Swordsman Yan Chixia? If he comes, could you please do me a favor to ask him to enter the forest and find a white poplar with a bird nest on top. My cinerary urn is buried under that tree. If he can help me to smash the urn and I will be able to escape.”

“A white poplar with bird nest…” Nin Caichen repeated.

At this moment, Yan Chixia, Nangong Chong and Du Qinqin were searching for Nin Caichen separately along two sides of the Hall.

Nangong Chong carried his sword and carefully opened the door of meditation room.

The door squeaked and opened. Inside a wooden bathtub filled up with hot steaming water was placed in the room. And a fl.u.s.tered nude women sitting inside of bathtub quickly covered her bosom with both hands. Her fair skin was extremely attractive.

Nangong Chong was shocked at the sight and froze. Suddenly a black shadow flying down from top, scratched his self-defense secret treasure and went right through his head.

“No!” Du Qinqin screamed.

In the Hall, Meng Qi suddenly opened his eyes and listened attentively.

Fire disappeared and he could only sense things nearby. After one second he could sense everything again and saw Nangong Chong, Du Qinqin, Yan Chixia and Nin Caichen who was heading toward the big hole quickly with small steps!

Time goes back? Meng Qi still had his eyes half opened like nothing happened but many thoughts came across his mind.

Nangong Chong stood up suddenly and said aloud, “Mr. Nin, it’s very dangerous to go out alone by yourself. Why not just do it in the Hall?”

It took him tremendous efforts to persuade Nin Caichen to pa.s.s water in the corner of the Hall.

Everything was peaceful and quiet after that. Only the wind got more and more chilly.

Suddenly the gate of Lanruo Temple squeaked. Meng Qi opened his eyes and gazed into the distance of thousand feet.

A elder monk with a benignant look stood by the gate with eyes tightly closed. As his Qi ji was almost the same with Meng Qi, he suddenly opened his eyes too. Those eyes were crystal clear like golden glaze as if they can see through many things.

Heavenly Eye!

A spark was thrown in midair. A bolt of lightning shot across sky and lighted up Lanruo Tempo. Wind stopped instantly and the leaves were rustling.

Yan Chixia stood up with surprise and said,

“Foolish Monk Master?”


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