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Read The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 889 – Activating Six Seals Together

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Chapter 889: Activating Six Seals Together

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The cranes were chirping and flying, and the clouds were slowly floating around. The Aquamarine Heaven was like a fairy mountain that stood on its own.

Meng Qi, wearing the mask of the Lord Yuan s.h.i.+, landed on the Fairy Lane. After taking out the materials and items, he went straight to the Central Jade Pillar and chose to exchange all items for good deeds. He had no time to wait for the other members of the Fairy World to exchange items with him.

“What a waste!” in the distance, Qu Jiuniang was stunned by Meng Qi’s action. In a normal circ.u.mstance, she would approach him and nag a few words. But at the moment, she felt that the Lord Yuan s.h.i.+ was not in the right mood. In fact, everyone could feel his gloomy mood, and thereby staying away from him.

Originally, the materials worth more than twenty thousand good deeds. At present, he had exchanged them for eleven thousand good deeds, which added up to seventy-two thousand and two hundred good deeds. He also had some auxiliary materials on hand that could be used to forge the Ice Sword of Morality. They worth about twenty thousand good deeds.

Without hesitation, Meng Qi chose to exchange the remaining auxiliary materials that were worth ten thousand good deeds, and paid forty thousand good deeds for the forging fees.

After inserting the rest of the materials, the Ghost Gate of Nether, and the Eye of Ice Crystal into the Central Jade pillar, the apathetic voice of the Master of the Six Dao of Samsara descended from the sky and echoed in Meng Qi’s mind.

“The special mission of forging a Heavenly Weapon: collect all the Premier Nine Seals within two years, including the duration needed for exchange. If the mission is completed, you can forge a Heavenly Weapon, and determine its form and name. A failure to complete the mission will result in a deduction of twenty percents of your good deeds.”

Collecting all the Premier Nine Seals within two years, including the duration needed for exchange? Meng Qi lifted the corners of his lips – he was so angry to the point that he started smiling. This was absurd. The Wu Ji Seal was still with Gu Xiaosang!

The Samsara really liked to mess things up!

Nevertheless, Meng Qi had somehow expected this!

“Haha,” looking up, Meng Qi laughed twice.

The laughter stopped abruptly. The person who wore the mask of Lord Yuan s.h.i.+ had a dignified look. It was hard to tell whether the face was old or young. All the emotions seemed to be swallowed up by an ancient well, therefore his face looked expressionless. Slowly, he inserted the Blood of the Devil Sage and the s.p.a.ce-Piercing Ancient Talisman into the Central Jade Pillar.

He no longer needed them.

The former item was worth three thousand good deeds, while the latter one was worth five thousand and four hundred good deeds. Meng Qi’s good deeds had been increased to thirty thousand and six hundred.

Twenty-four thousand good deeds were used to restore the Seven-Kill Tablet. Two thousand four hundred good deeds were used to exchange for one-year time. Looking at the remaining four thousand two hundred good deeds, Meng Qi put them on the Fairy Lane and wrote,

“Looking for the Talisman of Samsara. The price is up to you.”

“Lord Yuan s.h.i.+.”

After doing all these, Meng Qi looked at the distant mountain and the beautiful scenery. Silently, he said to himself,

“There’s no turning back…”

After breaking the Talisman of Samsara, Meng Qi was covered with light.

Qu Jiuniang watched Meng Qi disappear from afar. Feeling puzzled, she was frowning.

Su Meng seems to be a little different.

Among all the scenes, Meng Qi chose the palace of the Qi Kingdom, and landed in front of the door of Xiaobai, the Duke Huan of Qi.

Surrounded by a bright light, Meng Qi looked like a fairy who had gone down to earth. As soon as the Duke Huan of Qi sensed his existence, Meng Qi had opened the door and stepped into the room.

The Duke Huan of Qi had always been curious about this mysterious martial nephew’s origin. However, ever since he had got the inheritance of Yuan Xin Seal, and the Premier Golden Stamp – General Principles of Dharmakaya, his Cultivation Base had improved at a tremendous pace. As long as there was improvement in his realm, he did not really care about the other unimportant things. Therefore, he did not even ask why Meng Qi suddenly appeared. He laughed and teased, “Hey, you’re so sneaky. Have you become a thief?”

If Meng Qi were in the right mood, he would reply that he was not just an ordinary thief – he would only steal things from the imperial and n.o.ble families. However, he was currently not in a mood of joking around. Looking up at the Duke Huan of Qi, Meng Qi found that his aura had been getting stronger. It felt as though there were hundreds of millions of eyes hidden somewhere. Apparently, the duke had made a small achievement in using the Yuan Xin Seal. Seeing this, Meng Qi cupped his hands together in front of his chest and said, “Martial uncle, do you want to visit the Jade Palace again?”

“Can you sense the location of the Jade Palace?” the face of the Duke Huan of Qi turned serious at once.

“Most probably, yes,” said Meng Qi in a straightforward way. “However, once the Jade Palace is opened, many people may want to covet the treasures inside it. If possible, I hope you can help intercept them. If I’m lucky enough to obtain the remaining Kai Tian Seal and Four-Elephants Seal, I’ll certainly share them with you.”

Different from the one and only Dao Yi Seal, there could be more than one Kai Tian Seal and Four-Elephants Seal.

“Kai Tian Seal…” ignoring the Four-Elephants Seal right away, the white eyebrows of the Duke Huan of Qi moved slightly. Then, he laughed at himself, “I can feel the good fortune coming. There’s no harm to give it a try! You can now try to sense its location.”

Placing the three-foot-eight-inch Holy Whip on his knees, and holding the replicated Wuji Yellow Flag in his left hand, the Duke Huan of Qi was ready to go.

Meng Qi walked toward to him and sat cross-legged in front of him. Slowly, he pulled out the yellowish-orange Fire Blade that was surrounded by layer upon layer of flames. The words Ling Bao on the blade were antique-looking.

“What a nice blade!” the Duke Huan of Qi could not help but to praise it.

This Heavenly Weapon obviously has great potential – it isn’t an ordinary weapon. In the future, it will most probably be able to form a Self-Created World!

This kid is really lucky to have such an extraordinary weapon. The other gurus and Great Gurus must be very envious of him. However, it’s a notable achievement for him to be able to obtain a Heavenly Weapon by himself at such a young age. I have to admit that I’m not as good as him. The Holy Whip is handed down from my great-grandfather, whereas the replicated Wuji Yellow Flag is left behind by the patriarch, Yun Zhongzi for the Qi Kingdom. I didn’t even need to do anything to get them.

Meng Qi touched the body of his blade with his forefinger and middle finger, feeling the heat, “I happened to come across with a half-grown Ding Hai Pearl. That’s why I can get this Heavenly Weapon.”

“A half-grown Ding Hai Pearl, no wonder…” the Duke Huan of Qi stroked his white beard. The twenty-four Ding Hai Pearl from the World of G.o.ds was not just a myth – each of them had the ability to develop a Self-Created World.

After a sigh, the Duke Huan of Qi had said everything that came to his mind, “It’s too bad that the Ding Hai Pearl you got wasn’t fully-grown. Otherwise, you will be able to obtain a Heavenly Weapon of the Legendary Realm. A weapon of this level is able to create its own celestial world, which is only one level lower than the Nine Levels of Heaven. Nonetheless, the pearl takes millions of years to take shape, so you may not be able to wait for it. It seems like we will only be able to see the magnificent scenery of the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven in the next era.”

“Do the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven have something to do with the Ding Hai Pearl?” Meng Qi was curious.

The Duke Huan of Qi smiled and said, “Of course. Since the birth of heaven and earth, the celestial world only had Nine Levels of Heaven. Many years later, the Ding Hai Pearl had given birth to twenty-four more levels that added up to the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven.”

Twenty-four plus nine… no wonder some of the world has Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven, for example the world where the Pilgrimage to the West happened. On the other hand, the Main World and most of the Samsara worlds only have Nine Levels of Heaven… Meng Qi nodded slightly as some of his doubts were solved.

Speaking of this, the Duke Huan of Qi was suddenly startled. Following the acquisition of the half-grown Ding Hai Pearl, he has used it as a material to forge a Heavenly Weapon. That is to say, he knows someone who is skilled in forging Heavenly Weapons!

The Duke Huan of Qi had a great deal of primary materials that could be used to forge a Heavenly Weapon. For years, Jiang Shang had always been trying to forge one for him, but never succeeded. Due to the incomplete inheritance of the arts of forging, none of his descendants were good at it, too.

He is a person with a mysterious origin and a strong network… silently, the Duke Huan of Qi had made a comment on Meng Qi.

“Martial uncle, since you’re holding the Holy Whip, are you able to sense the List of Deification?” asked Meng Qi suddenly with a seemingly curious expression.

Feeling amused, the Duke Huan of Qi said, “If I do, I would be searching for it long ago!”

Hearing this, Meng Qi did not say anything else. Closing his eyes, he made a small change on the Arts of Eight-Nine and turned it into the Premier Golden Stamp.

These two martial arts had been going along well after repeated practice. At first, Meng Qi relied solely on the characteristic of the Arts of Eight-Nine that could take any changes and contain all things on earth to simulate the Premier Golden Stamp. Recently, both of them were in a harmonious state that they intermingled with each other and showed signs of forming a whole. They were like the symbol of Taiji, where Yin and Yang were working together harmoniously. With only a slight change on the Arts of Eight-Nine, it could be transformed into the Premier Golden Stamp, and they would grow with each other when Meng Qi was having practice. In other words, practicing the Premier Golden Stamp was the same as practicing the Arts of Eight-Nine, and vice versa.

This made Meng Qi particularly suspicious of the relations.h.i.+p between the Lord Yuan s.h.i.+ and and the Sacred Buddha!

With his eyes half-closed, the Indestructible Statue of Yuan s.h.i.+ appeared in between of the eyebrows of Meng Qi. Some acupuncture points on his body were activated.

Beams of golden lights gushed out of Meng Qi’s body, forming an illusion of a small apricot-yellow flag in front of him. Ten thousand golden lotuses were emerging from the flag, and millions upon millions of hairlike rays of light were bursting out of the lotuses. The rays of light joined together and seemed to have become a part of the earth!

“Wuji Yellow Flag… the Seal of the Fifth and Sixth of the Ten Heavenly Stems…” having witnessed this spectacular scene, the Duke Huan of Qi knew that Meng Qi had at least learned the rudiments of the Seal of the Fifth and Sixth of the Ten Heavenly Stems. Otherwise, he would not be able to form the corresponding illusion. This scene had partly resembled the form of the real body of Yuan s.h.i.+, which was why there was a maxim that said, “Once all the Premier Nine Seals are collected, the Lord Yuan s.h.i.+ will occur.”

Following the activation of more acupuncture points, a hazy glow was released from his body that shone all over Meng Qi’s right hand. On his right hand, a small, antique-looking seal was floating.

Right after that, the rest of the acupuncture points on Meng Qi’s body was activated one by one. Along with a dazzling light, a black-and-white mirror with a Taiji symbol appeared on his left hand. Behind him, there was a void that manifested nothingness.

Thump, thump, thump. The cardiac and ancestral acupuncture points were activated. Dazzling purple light was gathering at Meng Qi’s chest that looked like a heart or a bell.

The Fan Tian Seal, Yin-Yang Seal, Void Seal, and Yuan Xin Seal. He had already gotten five seals out of the Premier Nine Seals… as soon as this thought came to the mind of the Duke Huan of Qi, he saw the Indestructible Statue of Yuan s.h.i.+ appearing on top of Meng Qi’s head. It was dark, chaotic, and illusory. Time had become disordered, and there seemed to be a Taoist priest sitting within the statue.

The Taoist priest was holding a colorless ancient lamp in his hand. The bean-sized flame was releasing infinite light in black and white colors. Each ray of light was splitting up continuously, and the color changed from time to time. Sometimes, both colors mixed together, whereas at other times, they were neither black nor white, and after a while, they would turn into either color. In an instant, it shone all over the quiet room. Just like the threads of karma that grew from one to two, from two to three, and from three to the whole universe, the rays of light were filling up every corner of the room.

Almost all things were the cause of other things, as well as the result of other things. Cause and effect coexisted.

“The Dao Yi Seal!” With a stern look in the eyes, the Duke Huan of Qi was almost standing up.

The illusion of the ancient lamp had reflected Meng Qi’s comprehension of Taoism. As he had not learned the rudiments yet, he was not able to form the small seal he once saw. However, after combining the essence of Taoism and his own learnings, he had formed this small lamp that seemed to be able to symbolize the Principles of Karma!

Once the Lord Yuan s.h.i.+ occured, the Principles of Karma would reveal itself. As the light illuminated the world, the karma would be circulating and no one would be an exception to this rule!

Just when the Dao Yi Seal was formed, the illusions of an apricot-yellow flag and Fan Tian Seal flew out and revolved around the seal. At once, the light became extremely dazzling to the point that the Duke Huan of Qi was unable to open his eyes.

Meng Qi was holding the ancient lamp in his hand. As the light penetrated the wall and surged into the sky, his sight was elevated as well.

Last time, I had only learnt one seal. But now, I have six seals in total, and I’m using Dao Yi to illuminate the chaos. The effect must be better than last time!

Before his eyes, the chaos was illuminated. Suddenly, Meng Qi could sense the majestic palace with thirty-six ancient wells around it.

Once again, the Jade Palace had been found!


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