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Read The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 452 – Rematch. Illegitimate Moves

The Schoolgirl Secret Agent is a web novel produced by Tobacco Powder, 末烟.
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Chapter 452: Rematch. Illegitimate Moves

After that, Yun Jian glared daggers at Qin Huan who was defeated lying on the ground, and took Yun Zhu’s hand to stand over beside Yun Yi.

She had not even exerted any strength in that move.

It was not that she looked down at Qin Huan but his flashy, complicated yet impractical techniques would have him knocked up countless times if he went international.

“Uh…” Qin Huan who was knocked down to the ground by Yun Jian stood up with widened eyes. He looked at Yun Jian in horror like he was in disbelief. He did not even know when she had countered and he was already on the ground!

In comparison to Qin Huan’s shock, Qin Li who was proud of his son and boasting it to family and friends were stunned. The latter was flabbergasted as well.

All of them gasped.

The people who had slighted Yun Jian, because Zhang Meihua had been bragging everywhere that Yun Jian had founded a company despite her young age, could not help actually scrutinizing her now.

All of them knew that Qin Huan came in third in the national youth Taekwondo championship! To win in a national compet.i.tion was an impressive achievement!

Yet, the young girl had defeated him in one move!

That was not all. Yun Jian had even pointed out that Qin Huan’s moves were brash and was not worthy to be her opponent!

A young girl who was both impressive and arrogant!

As for Qin Fenger who was the instigator, her eyes were close to falling off from how hard she was glaring from the side.

How was that possible? How could Yun Jian possibly defeat Qin Huan!

“Wait!” Qin Huan ran to stop Yun Jian when he saw her standing to the side holding Yun Zhu.

“What?” Yun Jian raised a brow with a half-smile, her hand on Yun Zhu never loosening.

Yun Zhu was checking Qin Huan out with his beady eyes as well. Looking closely, his head tilted left and right as he was focused on the task. He thought that the person was ugly, nothing like his dear Si Yi-gege!

Qin Huan who was under such scrutiny did not even know Yun Zhu’s current thoughts. His eyes were trained on Yun Jian, his gaze sharpening. He gritted, “How did you possibly defeat me? I wasn’t ready just now. I want a rematch!”

When Qin Huan spoke, he spoke with an air of confidence who knew where it came from.

What Yun Jian said just now had triggered his masculine pride! Qin Huan felt that his patriarchal ego was severely humiliated!

He demanded a rematch from Yun Jian.

“Besides, you weren’t using a Taekwondo technique just now. I’m competing with you in Taekwondo, not some illegitimate moves!” In order to win, Qin Huan continued saying, “Do you dare contest me?”

Being defeated in a single move, Qin Huan thought he was utterly embarra.s.sed in front of everyone, so he needed to patch that up. He was also conveying something else to the crowd—he had lost just now because Yun Jian had not fought him with a legitimate Taekwondo move!

The reason was far fetched but the relatives around them supported Qin Huan anyway. The majority of them a.s.sumed boys to have a brighter future than girls. No matter how good Yun Jian was, she was just a girl! Her future achievement would be limited.

“Yeah, Qin Huan’s sparring with you in Taekwondo, not illegitimate moves. Why don’t you surrender since you don’t know Taekwondo, Yun Jian? Why are you fighting him with what you know instead? You must be doing it on purpose!” Qin Fenger added for Qin Huan on the side.


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