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The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President is a web novel produced by 桃花朵朵香.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 11: Men are big pig hooves

“I’d rather be told to be stupid than be sucked up by that whole family of vampires!” She has a handle in the hands of the Mu family, which she will be subjected to throughout her life if she were to stay with Bao Junyan.

And her greatest goal in life was to stay completely away from the Mu family!

Li Meng thought of how outrageous the whole Mu family were and shook her head, “My bad. Nevertheless, strive to earn more money and fly faraway!”

“Absolutely! That’s the name of the game!” Mu Huan seconded as she sat in front of the mirror and began to remove her makeup.

Mu Huan, who planned on spending the night at Li Meng’s house, but accidentally encounted Bao Junyan, did not dare to go out. After taking a shower and changing clothes, she went back.

When Bao Junyan got home, Mu Huan was practicing her oral English.

He looked at the clock on the wall. It was more than 12 o’clock in the morning. Recalling the bad girls he had met tonight, he felt that his little wife was so much better, so hardworking and diligent in her studies.

Bao Junyan approached her silently then extended a hand to muss her hair. Who knew that just when touched her and before he could open his mouth.

Mu Huan rolled up, grabbed his hand first and leaped away, mimicking a little scared rabbit with a look of horror in her face.

Bo Junyan, “…”

“Hus… husband… you… you are back…” Holy s.h.i.t! Couldn’t he make noise when walking! She thought it was a sneak attack and almost threw him over her shoulder! If she did so, everything would have been over!

Bao Junyan, “Did I scare you?”

Mu Huan lowered her head, “No…”

Listening to the lies from her mouth, Bao Junyan frowned. He reached out and hooked her chin up so she could look straight at him, “Am I so terrible?”

She would never admit she was scared.

“No… Not terrible….” Confronted by him positively, Mu Huan instinctively was struck with some guilty conscience and involuntarily stuttered.

Bao Junyan, “…”

She’s now stuttering and still claims she wasn’t scared.

Noticing his furrowed brows, Mu Huan thought he was displeased. Afraid that he would dislike her and wouldn’t want her to be Mrs. Bao, she hurriedly added, “You’re not terrible! Husband, really! You’re not scary at all! No, you’re not scary, but too handsome! Your good looks makes people’s heart beat faster!”

Bao Junyan, “…”

“If you don’t believe, just feel my heartbeat!” Mu Huan suddenly clutched his hand and rested it on her chest.

Bao Junyan, “…”

“Isn’t it, isn’t it super fast?”

She waited anxiously for his reply with a pair of pure eyes filled with longing for him to believe her pleading.

Bao Junyan’s eyes grew darker.

Mu Huan was unaware that his thoughts have been diverted into other things. Thinking that he was still unhappy, she restlessly ignored everything and hugged him, then directly dropped kisses on his face, “Husband, you’re really not terrible… I really think you’re handsome, very handsome….”

She must sit firmly in this Mrs. Bao’s throne before she has the power to break away!

Facts have proved that men are all big pig hooves. Just be soft and sweet in their arms and they won’t pursue anything!

This was the conclusion Mu Huan has drawn when she woke up the next morning.

Mu Huan is one who’s unable to tolerate being starved. Even if she has wanted to lie longer in bed, her purring tummy forced her get up with a sense of frustration. When she was about to step out of bed, she heard the sound of flowing water in the bathroom.

She was shocked, didn’t Bao Junyan go to work yet?


TLN: *Big pig hooves – 大猪蹄子 – I’m not quite sure of the right way to word this but I took the literal mtl, which refers to girls talking boys into changing their minds.


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