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Chapter 396

Defeat (3)

Would Edward regret his decision to lie to Kesha if he knew what she was thinking? He should’ve been honest. It was just him asking for help, it wasn’t a big deal.

If only he knew what she thought… Perhaps then he wouldn’t have done the insane thing he did next…

Just as Ye Lang was gloating, Edward stood up. Wind magic essence rippled off his entire being, the air around him swirled faster and faster and there was one final blast.

Edward hurled himself right at Ye Lang…

This all happened in the blink of an eye. By the time the crowd wanted to remind Ye Lang, Edward -no, the ball of wind- was already very, very near him.

The ball of wind was blowing sand and dust in all directions. Based on the deep marks left on the ground, Ye Lang would be blown to pieces if the ball of wind hit him.

“Little Brother, be careful!”

“Ye Lang…”


Some of them couldn’t bear to watch Ye Lang get killed. No one could save him in time.

But they seemed to have forgotten one thing: did Ye Lang even NEED help?


People who were more experienced in fighting knew what the ball of wind was. That was an illegal technique, one that was very rare and regular fighters would never use it during an event like this one.

This illegal technique released all of a person’s hidden potential in one second, increasing his/her capabilities by many folds. However, after this, the user would be heavily injured if he/she somehow didn’t die. They would never be able to wield douqi or magic forever.

That meant they’d be more useless than a kid with no attributes like Ye Lang. At least Ye Lang could still wield douqi and magic- but Edward would never be able to for the rest of his life.

The crowd hated Edward even more. If anything happened to Ye Lang, they were going to chop Edward into pieces.

“Edward… No… Why are you doing this…” Tears flowed from Kesha’s eyes as she screamed painfully.

Why was he doing this?

Perhaps even Edward couldn’t give an answer. The only thing he knew was the hopelessness he felt. He didn’t want to lose. Not like that.

He’d exploded after acc.u.mulations of anger over the past weeks, unleashing the illegal technique he should never have used.

The situation could be summarised into a few words: he couldn’t afford to lose and he was impulsive.

How was Ye Lang going to defend himself from the maniac using an illegal attack? He had no time to ponder why Edward did it, solving the problem was of utmost importance.

Edward currently had the power of a Heavenly Tian Level fighter now…

What next?

It was simple—

“Moon Mirror!”

With the few seconds he had, Ye Lang’s hands could only draw one alchemy formation at an extremely high speed. A modified version of the moon mirror materialised before him, immediately reflecting Edward (the ball of wind) backwards.

This moon mirror was modified to be able to reflect the essence of wind-attribute attacks. It wasn’t a complete one, a lot simpler than most of the moon mirrors Ye Lang had used before.

The moon mirror was his ultimate weapon. Although it had no ability to attack, it could reflect all attacks from his opponent.

Ye Lanyu and the rest were only reminded of this now because they hadn’t seen this technique used in a very long time. Ye Lang hadn’t had the chance to use this defensive formation since he left the Soaring Sky Empire.


The wind around Edward faded, he spat a few mouthfuls of blood. He glared at Ye Lang, his eyes filled with stubbornness and the absolute refusal to accept defeat. He realised he couldn’t defeat Ye Lang even after using the illegal technique which unleashed all his power.

“Edward…” cried Kesha, rushing to hug Edward as she sobbed.

“Kesha… I’m sorry… I liked… I only wanted to…” sighed Edward as he stroked Kesha’s face. He felt like this might be his last moment with her.

“You don’t have to explain yourself… I understand, I know, and you’re an idiot! Why would you do that?!” cried Kesha, shaking her head.

“I don’t know either… I think I didn’t want to embarra.s.s you, and I thought it might create a distance between us… It was so difficult for us to get together… I didn’t want you to see me as this weak man… Cough cough…” said Edward.

Distance. This was the one reason why Edward never told her the truth. HE didn’t want Kesha to see his flaws. There was already a huge distance between their backgrounds, they were a couple that never should’ve been allowed together.

This was only what he thought. Right now, the truth was that Kesha didn’t care at all.

Tragedies are often because of misunderstandings like this…

“I can finally forgive myself for this… You must find a person who cares for you, who truly loves you…” he continued.

“No, don’t say that! I only love you! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, I’ll bring you to a doctor… This is Sheng City, isn’t there that doctor they call the confused genius doctor?” she sobbed.

“Kesha…” Fei arrived by Kesha’s side. Although she despised Edward, she didn’t like seeing Kesha cry.

“You don’t have to look for him…” Ye Lang spoke up this time.

“Why? Why are you so cruel? He’s already like this, why wouldn’t you let him get a doctor? I know he’s wronged you but I’ll give you whatever you want! As long as he lives, as long as he lives… I’ll be happy…” Kesha couldn’t do anything other than beg Ye Lang. She did not want to offend a person who had so much influence in this place.

If she insulted Ye Lang now, even if Ye Lang was willing to let Edward receive treatment, the rest wouldn’t. They wouldn’t forgive anyone who insulted Ye Lang, especially not a person like Edward.

“I didn’t stop you from getting a doctor, I mean, I’m that confused genius doctor you’re talking about. I think that’s what they call me…” said Ye Lang curtly. It was unclear what Ye Lang was going to do next.

Was he going to save Edward? Or watch him die? No one knew.

Edward understood now how large the distance was between himself and Ye Lang. Ye Lang had earned all this respect himself and did not rely on other people.

Saying he depended on the women around him was the joke of the century.

Instead, he was the joke. A very funny joke…

The confused genius doctor. He would never have guessed. He thought of how confused Ye Lang looked that day when he gave him the medicine…

He felt stupid.


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