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The Silly Alchemist is a web novel produced by Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng, 蓝领笑笑生.
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The Gathering at Zhu’s Soup House (3)

“Why didn’t you say so?! I spent so much time on research!” Coldblood Seven grumbled. Ye Lang’s information was way more detailed and practical.

“You didn’t ask!” Ye Lang said.


Coldblood Seven was speechless. Indeed she hadn’t and a.s.sumed that he did not know anything.

Athena would probably call me an idiot for forgetting about Ye Lang’s relationship with Li Yue.

Athena was smarter than Coldblood Seven in this sense. She knew of every detail in this case and had gotten the information from Li Yue’s best buddies.

“Game hunting…I know she’ll be interested in this- there will be a huge group hunting event near the Imperial City. Many lords and ladies will be attending. With her interest, I’m sure she’ll be there! You can use this opportunity to get closer to her!” Coldblood Seven lit up with this idea.

“Group hunting? So it’s the season for group hunting already. She will indeed partic.i.p.ate. I’ve attended this before too,” Ye Lang spoke plainly.

The group hunting event held at the Soaring Sky Empire’s Imperial City was a tradition that was partic.i.p.ated by not only the n.o.bles but also the commoners. If someone obtained great results in the event, they would become very popular thus making this a chance for commoners and n.o.bles alike to stand out.

This game was even partic.i.p.ated by the royal family in the past. However, there probably would not be any this time around as Zhao Yarou had disposed of most of them.

“It’s even better that you’ve partic.i.p.ated in the past before. The group hunting lasts seven days, so you can create many opportunities to get closer to Li Yue…” Coldblood Seven smiled. She had already come up with many ridiculous-no, miraculous plans!

“This was your idea?” Ye Lang asked.

“This is just the beginning. After that…”

“I will be heading to Zhu’s Soup House first! See ya!” Ye Lang cut her off and stood up to leave.

“d.a.m.n it! What’re you implying? Are you dismissing my ideas just like that?” A displeased Coldblood Seven immediately stopped Ye Lang from leaving.

“Yep! Even I could come up with such a plan! Don’t you know that the event starts in ten days? Are you suggesting that I have to wait for ten days to begin?” Ye Lang reminded Coldblood Seven.

Her plan wasn’t bad. To wait for ten days to commence operations or to pursue someone was indeed not too long of a duration. It could even be said to be short.

But that was not the case for Ye Lang. He did not want to waste ten days, something had to be done soon. The group hunting event could be a backup plan but it would never be the beginning.

He also believed that the plan Athena gave him would definitely start within the two days to come.

“If you’re in such a hurry, I can create an opportunity for you tomorrow,” Coldblood Seven said abruptly. She also had her ways to speed things up.

She just thought that her original plan had a higher chance of success!

“Then come with me to Zhu’s Soup House Remember, we would be strangers when we meet! This should be easy for you.” Ye Lang said after pondering.

“Great, I will tell you then. It doesn’t seem like we will have any chance talk today. I want to hear Athena’s plan too!” Coldblood Seven nodded. She seemed to be slightly unhappy when she spoke of Athena.

“It’s a good plan!”


With that, Ye Lang and the two Coldblood members went separate ways, though all heading to Zhu’s Soup House with three entirely different ident.i.ties.

Coldblood Seven’s appearance was completely different, even Ye Lang could not recognise her. Coldblood Five wore a veil, which was common among women so she did not attract much attention.

Just after Ye Lang settled down, he received a message from Athena, who gave him a schedule. They planned to begin their operations by tomorrow morning.

Athena found out that Li Yue had her breakfast every morning at a stall outside her house. She wanted him to have breakfast there as well, but without approaching Li Yue.

She also checked that she will have a meeting with the guards after that. This was a time Ye Lang could not come in contact with her, so nothing was needed to be done.

In the afternoon, she would be at archery practice. It was not the practice hall provided by the military but a place where commoners could enter as well. This was a habit she developed before enlisting into the army and it had not changed until now.

Ye Lang was tasked to go too, though he wasn’t required to practice archery… According to Athena’s plan, Ye Lang was to remain at these places for a few days without doing anything extraordinary. The purpose was to give Li Yue the impression that they both had common interests.

Athena emphasized that, no matter how suspicious Li Yue got, Ye Lang has to give an “I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on” face so that she would believe that their encounter was merely a coincidence.

It may seem that Athena’s plan could be easily thwarted if Li Yue felt that Ye Lang did it on purpose and begin to suspect his true motives…

However, the success in the plan relied on her being suspicious of Ye Lang too. The more suspicious she was, the more memorable he would be to her.

With that foundation, Ye Lang was made to act, for a while, as if he had no intention to pursue her. With a few planned “coincidences”, she would soon abandon her doubts.

After that, she would harbour guilt for suspecting him. If this opportunity was utilised properly, the plan would be easily accomplished then.

Ye Lang really liked this plan because he basically did not have to do anything!

The troublesome parts would be dealt with by Athena’s men. Those “coincidences” were the core of the operation and had to be carefully planned.

Even Coldblood Seven was impressed with Athena upon seeing the plan. It was because it reduced a variable, called ‘Ye Lang’, to the minimum. Even if it was Ye Lang pursuing the girl, he did not have much to do.

She’s right. If it was up to Ye Lang, he would definitely ruin everything!!

When she thought about it, Coldblood Seven realised that she was not as meticulous as Athena to think of Ye Lang as a variable. In her plan, she required Ye Lang to complete many tasks, which might affect the outcome of the mission.


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