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The Silly Alchemist is a web novel completed by Blue-collar Xiao Xiao Sheng, 蓝领笑笑生.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Cultivation (2)

“Alright, please stop talking, I fear the misunderstanding will only deepen! Let me tell you this- we’re only pa.s.sersby, we are not here to attack all of you! It was only because some of you upset me earlier so we had a few conflicts and I had to teach them a lesson. And now you all won’t leave me alone, and matters have escalated to today.” Li Yue seemed to have replenished her energy but she still tore off more roasted rabbit and ate bits of it.

Her energy may have been replenished but it was time to store some extra!

“Check if this one’s good.” Ye Lang tore off a rabbit thigh and pa.s.sed it to Li Yue.

Li Yue took the thigh, shiny with grease, then took a bite. She chewed slowly as if she was savouring it.

“Mmm, not bad. Your roasting skills will be better than me soon,” commented Li Yue after she swallowed the chunk of rabbit. She wasn’t saying it out of arrogance, it was true that her food tasted way better than Ye Lang’s.

Usually, Li Yue would be the one roasting while Ye Lang would just wait for food- unless he was practising his cooking skills. However, Li Yue was currently a patient who was just saved from the brink of death, obviously it wasn’t appropriate for her to cook now.

“Hey, are you both really going to act as if we don’t exist? Let’s not forget what situation you’re in right now!” reminded the general. With how they were both acting, it really felt as if the soldiers were here to guard them- when the truth was the opposite!

“Yeah, I’m ignoring you! If you want to eat, you’ll have to roast your own food!” replied Ye Lang.

The soldiers were silent for a while before realising what he meant– Ye Lang thought they were here to ask for food…

It’s so obvious we’re not here for food, that’s impossible! Does this idiot really think he can disrespect us like that?

Yeah, he must think we’re a joke!

“Hmmph, since you seem to have a death wish, I’ll grant it for you! I need to avenge the death of my brothers! NOW!” cried the general, gesticulating wildly.

At the same time, about forty people from the group of soldiers surrounding Ye Lang stepped forward. They were the fiercer ones of the bunch. They believed that this group would be able to capture the two young adults easily.

Although the Sorceress Li Yue was well-known, now that they saw her in person, they thought the previous people were just very careless for her to be able to kill so many of them.

Li Yue, a maiden of twenty-plus age. Even if she was a genius, it would be impressive if she could reach the Di Earthly level. A Di level warrior was nothing to them, plus given her age, she was likely one of the lower-ranked Di warriors.

In reality, they made sense. Out of all the times the soldiers came to attack Li Yue, she’d been injured several times. If she were alone, she would’ve just been an easy Di level warrior.

However, she had Ye Lang by her side!

Of course, she was also very impressive on her own- successfully surprising the enemies every time!

“Looks like food will have to wait…” When Li Yue saw them, she quickly wolfed down the remaining rabbit, wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and stood up.

Unsheathing her sword, Li Yue looked around with an air of determination.

“Li Yue…” She heard Ye Lang’s voice.

“I know, I musn’t use the Tianji Armour!” Li Yue replied flatly. Ye Lang would remind her every time, and she had listened to him even when she was about to die.

Ye Lang was doing this so that Li Yue was not dependent on the armour. The Tianji Armour was too powerful, if she always relied on its defensive properties, then the ‘free training’ she received would be wasted. It would just be an obstacle on her journey to improve her fighting skills.

In the beginning, Ye Lang didn’t stop her because of this. If she knew of his true reasons, she would definitely kill him!

The true reason was…

If Li Yue used the Tianji Armour, Ye Lang would have a problem if it was damaged during battle! It was safer for her not to use it!

He could heal an injured human but maybe not a broken armour!

However, the odd initial intentions slowly evolved because they didn’t expect Li Yue’s capabilities to skyrocket after every brush with death.

And when they noticed this, Ye Lang decided to let Li Yue continue fighting without activating the armour and he did not help her until the last second. She was left to fend for herself.

However, she suffered heavily through all of this, her injuries were not something an ordinary person could live through. Every one or two days, she would be half-dead lying on the ground once again. If it wasn’t for Ye Lang’s highly advanced medical abilities, she would’ve died.

Then again, Li Yue did not show any signs of concern. Instead, she liked it because of how gentle he was when he fussed over her. She felt like she was reliving the time during the group hunt.

She’d also forgotten about one thing that came with being injured– scars. Li Yue didn’t really like scars in the beginning. She didn’t want a future lover to see scary scars all over her one day.

However, she did not think much about a future lover. Not now, not in the past.

There was also the fact that Ye Lang had been treating her wounds since the beginning, and her wounds were often in various parts of her body. In simple terms- he’d seen everything.

She only treated him as a medical professional though. It did not matter if a doctor saw her– this was what she told herself.

As for Ye Lang, he did not care at all. He was already used to it, this wasn’t his first time being a doctor. He’d been in similar situations many times though they were patients he did not know.

“No…” Ye Lang shook his head. He didn’t need to remind her again because Li Yue was already used to fighting without the help of the Tianji Armour.

After a moment of silence, Li Yue said, “Don’t worry, I won’t show mercy. I’ll deliver fatal strokes where I can, using the least effort to inflict the most damage!”

Ye Lang had been giving her martial arts advice too. Although they weren’t advice to strengthen her douqi abilities, they greatly improved her fighting techniques.

“Not that…” Ye Lang shook his head quickly.

“?? What do you want to say?” Li Yue didn’t understand. He didn’t usually say anything else, at least not during such a critical moment.

“I mean, your clothes are torn, it might be a little inappropriate…” said Ye Lang.


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