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Read The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 590 Way of Ancients!

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Chapter 590 Way of Ancients!

Some time ago.

Doctor’s cabin.

Dr. Kiba told the parents that they each would settle in a different medicine room and undergo treatment separately.

The parents nodded, despite being stunned that they had hidden ailments they never knew.

If not for how he stated the symptoms they had, they would have felt he was deceiving them. But since he spoke about every agony their bodies suffered, they knew he was an expert. So they trusted him and were ready to follow any suggestion of his.

And they were grateful that the doctor would start the treatment now.

Perhaps by the time their children recovered, they too would be cured.

“Doctor, what would your fees be?” Mawal enquired.

Since he had an excellent background in the city, he wasn’t afraid of any costs, especially when it concerned his health.

But this time, it was different!

The doctor who was going to treat them was second to G.o.d, and he didn’t know if they could afford him. After all, a doctor of his standing wouldn’t need money.

Perhaps he would only accept precious resources that were rare and unique.

This was why Mawal enquired.

If they couldn’t afford his demands, then things would turn terrible for them. Mawal was ready to bargain if the demands were high.

“Care being of 1000 unfortunate people,” Dr. Kiba answered while handing them papers.

“What?!” Mawal and others were dumbstruck.

They took the papers and realized they were contracts.

According to the contracts, after their successful treatment, each one of them would have to help 1000 people from poor backgrounds. This included providing basic necessities of life and ensuring their allover well being for a period of one year.

Frances was amazed.

The doctor was virtually treating them for free!

Sure he demanded the care being of the poor and marginalized, but that involved no personal gain!

Frances looked at the doctor in a different light. Despite being so talented, he was using his expertise to help those in need.

How many people were capable of this in today’s age?

She knew the answer: zero.

Mutants or ordinary human, all believed in making a profit from their abilities.

This was the era of selfishness… but today she knew exceptions existed!

“Do you accept it?” Dr. Kiba asked seriously.

“Ah… yes!” Everyone nodded and grabbed the pens.

“He must be a philanthropist!” Frances thought as she signed on the contract. “Not only is he extremely handsome, but he also has an equally kind heart!”

“Doctor, you aren’t going to treat me personally?”

Mawal asked as he arrived in an advanced treatment room where a medical droid was waiting for him.

“There’s no need for me, too,” Dr. Kiba replied. “The droid would take care of everything. You can rest a.s.sured of that.”

Mawal nodded, though he wished the doctor would have taken care of the treatment. After all, the droid could be nowhere as good as the doctor.

Still, he reasoned that the doctor would be handling multiple patients. So he couldn’t personally treat everyone. He would be guiding the droids from the background instead of treating patients personally.

Alas, he didn’t know the doctor’s philosophy: personal treatment was only for female patients!

The kind doctor would rather die than bring his hand close to a male patient.

Even the thought of examining a male patient from afar was grotesque.

Of course, if it was a woman, especially a beautiful woman, then the doctor didn’t mind performing a detailed examination.

He would even go to extraordinary lengths and use his personal tools to take care of female patients.

The doctor lived up to his great philosophy as he brought Frances in another room. There was no droid or even medical equipment here.

Instead of lighting from electronic gadgets, the room was lit by hundreds of heart-shaped candles. The air was filled with the hypnotic sweet scent from incense and roses.

It was a type of room Frances never imagined to see in a high-tech clinic like this.

Frances was astonished and glanced at the doctor.

Feeling her questioning gaze, the doctor explained, “There are two ways of treatment: the Way of Science and the Way of Ancients. We will treat you in the Way of Ancients, obviously only if you want.”

Frances was confused.

She did know that long before the science of medicine developed, the doctors of past eras would use methods that couldn’t be a.s.sociated with present science.

It included acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, etc.

These practices lacked biological plausibility and were a little different from quackery.

As if feeling her worries, the doctor smiled and clarified, “The Way of Ancients is different than you imagine, a lot different. In fact, it is so advanced that once we start, you will feel liberated and experience euphoria.”

Frances looked at the doctor.


All the treatments she knew of, even of advanced science, were uncomfortable, even if not painful due to sedatives.

Yet the method the doctor wished to use offered euphoria! And that too from the start!

Just what type of advanced method was that?! Could it be related to Celestial Elysian Plane?!

Yes, it must be!

That would explain why, despite being the Way of Ancients, the method would be so advanced!

Frances was curious, and she requested the great doctor to clear her doubts.

“Well, before I explain,” Dr. Kiba started. “Do remember you have the option of picking the Way of Science. You can choose that option anytime you want.”

“I understand, doctor,” Frances replied.

“Good, only choose the way of ancients if it is to your liking.”

Dr. Kiba said as he brought her to the center of the room, the bed.

Across the room was a gla.s.s wall, and instead of being a seen-through wall, it acted as a giant mirror.

Frances looked at her reflection and that of the doctor as they sat.

“Then let me explain the Way of Ancients…” Dr. Kiba gazed her in the eyes and leaned towards her.

Frances’ heart skipped a beat.

His charm was irresistible, especially his hypnotic eyes and his devilishly handsome face.

As he learned, his lips dangerously closed to hers, just a hairbreadth away.

His cool breath fell on her smooth skin, and she felt gooseb.u.mps throughout her body.

Just as their lips were about to collide, he grabbed her by the hips, spun her around, and pulled her on his lap.

Frances was shocked as she once again saw their reflections, this time in a position she never expected.

Through the gla.s.s wall, she saw the doctor bringing his lips close to her ear. His lips slightly opened, as if to nibble at her ear.

But instead of nibbling, he whispered.

“The Way of Ancients is the fusion of the doctor and the patient…”

Dr. Kiba explained as his fingers trailed over her shoulder blades, and his mouth blew across her ear. Her skin shuddered with a tantalizing sensation, and her heart started beating rapidly.

“It is the process where two bodies are in the rhythm of nature as they dance to the tune of The Creator…”

Dr. Kiba pressed his face on her.

His nose rustled through her soft hair while his lips kissed her neck. Her breath grew slower, and her face flushed.

His fingers moved towards her chest and slipped through the gap in her dress, slowly moving across her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, savoring every ounce of her flesh.

His thumb grazed at her nipples, feeling them stiffen, as his fingers started rubbing the pink circles.

“It is the process where the doctor sacrifices his strength to inject powerful vitality deep into the patient.”

As his words rang in her ears, her a.s.s started squirming on its own. Her most sacred region was sitting on something hard, very hard, and also very large and thick.

Frances knew it was the source of the robust vitality.

She turned her head sideways to see him and speak. Before she could, his lips pressed on hers, placing a lingering kiss.

As the kiss started to break, his tongue slid out and licked her upper lip. Her back arched, and a soft moan escaped her throat.

Kiba spun her body while teasing her lips with his tongue. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were now pressing against his chest, and he slowly moved his lips down, kissing her chin and throat.

He pulled the dress straps off her shoulders and tugged it down, exposing her black lace bra. Her shoulders dropped as he started planting little kisses over the swells of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Subconsciously, her hands moved towards his head, and her fingers started running through his golden hair.

Kiba slipped his tongue into her cleavage, licking the slope and the sides of black lace. She shuddered, and every bit of rationality escaped her mind.

“Oh, G.o.d!!” She moaned under the caressing of his hands and lips.

Opposite the gla.s.s wall, her son arrived just as she moaned.


Arran screamed as he saw what was happening on the other side.

The man who not only stole his girlfriend but also beat him…was now making out with his mother!

As he saw Dr. Kiba’s licking over the bra-wrapped b.r.e.a.s.t.s of his mother, a murderous rage pumped through his body.

As if to stir his rage, Dr. Kiba’s hands moved behind Frances’ back, unhooking her bra.

“Motherf.u.c.ker! Stop!”

Arran shouted.

Sadly, the gla.s.s wall blocked the sound. Well, at least from this side, for he could clearly hear his mother’s moans.

“I’m yet to be your motherf.u.c.ker!” Dr. Kiba’s voice ringed in his mind. “Though, don’t you worry, it is just a matter of minutes!”

“!!” Arran’s eyes turned volcanic red.

Trembling with rage, he transformed his body into combat mode. His fists swept out with metallic glow, and he smashed them into the gla.s.s wall.


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