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Read The Spectator Volume Iii Part 141

The Spectator is a Webnovel produced by Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele.
This lightnovel is currently completed.

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Read WebNovel The Spectator Volume Iii Part 141

303. HOR. Ars Poet. ver. 363.

‘–Some choose the clearest light, And boldly challenge the most piercing eye.’


304. VIRG. aen. iv. 2.

‘A latent fire preys on his feverish veins.’


305. VIRG. aen. ii. 521.

‘These times want other aids.’


306. JUV. Sat. vi. 177.

‘What beauty, or what chast.i.ty, can bear So great a price, if stately and severe She still insults?’


307. HOR. Ars Poet. ver. 39.

‘–Often try what weight you can support, And what your shoulders are too weak to bear.’


308. HOR. Od. 5. lib. ii. ver. 15.

‘–Lalage will soon proclaim Her love, nor blush to own her flame.’


309. VIRG. aen. vi. ver. 264.

‘Ye realms, yet unreveal’d to human sight, Ye G.o.ds, who rule the regions of the night, Ye gliding ghosts, permit me to relate The mystic wonders of your silent state.’


310. VIRG. aen. i. 77.

‘I’ll tie the indissoluble marriage-knot.’

311. JUV. Sat. vi. 137.

‘He sighs, adores, and courts her ev’ry hour: Who wou’d not do as much for such a dower?’


312. TULL.

‘What duty, what praise, or what honour will he think worth enduring bodily pain for, who has persuaded himself that pain is the chief evil? Nay, to what ignominy, to what baseness will he not stoop, to avoid pain, if he has determined it to be the chief evil?’

313. JUV. Sat. vii. 237.

‘Bid him besides his daily pains employ, To form the tender manners of the boy, And work him, like a waxen babe, with art, To perfect symmetry in ev’ry part.’

(Ch. Dryden).

314. HOR. 1 Od. xxiii, II.

‘Attend thy mother’s heels no more, Now grown mature for man, and ripe for joy.’


315. HOR. Ars Poet. ver. 191.

‘Never presume to make a G.o.d appear, But for a business worthy of a G.o.d.’


316. VIRG. Ecl. i. 28.

‘Freedom, which came at length, though slow to come.’


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