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Read The Spectator Volume Iii Part 162

The Spectator is a Webnovel made by Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele.
This webnovel is currently completed.

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‘Nature, and the common laws of sense, Forbid to reconcile antipathies; Or make a snake engender with a dove, And hungry tigers court the tender lambs.’


596. OVID, Ep. xv. 79.

‘Cupid’s light darts my tender bosom move.’



597. PETR.

‘The mind unc.u.mber’d plays.’

598. Juv. Sat. x. 28.

‘Will ye not now the pair of sages praise, Who the same end pursued by several ways?

One pity’d, one condemn’d, the woful times; One laugh’d at follies, one lamented crimes.’


599. VIRG. aen. ii. 369.

‘All parts resound with tumults, plaints, and fears.’


600. VIRG. aen. vi. 641.

‘Stars of their own, and their own suns they know.’


601. ANTONIN. lib. 9.

‘Man is naturally a beneficent creature.’

602. JUV. Sat. vi. 110.

‘This makes them hyacinths.’

603. VIRG. Ecl. viii. 68.

‘Restore, my charms, My lingering Daphnis to my longing arms.’


604. HOR. 1 Od. xi. 1.

‘Ah, do not strive too much to know, My dear Leuconoe, What the kind G.o.ds design to do With me and thee.’


605. VIRG. Georg. ii. 51.

‘They change their savage mind, Their wildness lose, and, quitting nature’s part, Obey the rules and discipline of art.’


606. VIRG. Georg. i. 293.

‘Mean time at home The good wife singing plies the various loom.’

607. OVID, Ars Amor. i. 1.

‘Now Io Paean sing, now wreaths prepare, And with repeated Ios fill the air; The prey is fallen in my successful toils.’


608. OVID, Ars Amor. i. 633.

‘Forgiving with a smile The perjuries that easy maids beguile.’



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