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The Strong Wife From Peasant Family is a web novel completed by Qing Yan, 轻言.
This webnovel is presently ongoing.

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“Liu Zhimo, what are you doing?” Li Qingling frantically pulled up the blanket to cover himself, then raised his head and glared at Liu Zhimo.

Liu Zhimo gave her a silly smile and burped, smoking so much that Li Qingling almost fainted. She swore that he wouldn’t let him drink so much the next time, drunk to such an extent.

“My wife …” He held Li Qingling’s face in his hands and called out in a spoiled manner, “My wife …”

Being spoiled like this, Li Qingling softened his heart again. He was angry yet amused at the same time as she asked him what he wanted to do.

However, when a drunk person asked him a question, he didn’t reply. Instead, he just kept on calling him ‘wife’ …

Li Qingling lost his temper because of his call, and allowed him to act coquettishly towards her.

“Alright, alright, it’s already very late, can we sleep now? Is there anything you’d like to talk about tomorrow? “

If she didn’t coax him to sleep, she probably wouldn’t need to sleep tonight.

“Not good.” He raised his head, and looked at Li Qingling with his wet eyes, and pouted his lips.

Li Qingling’s heart softened into a puddle of water, and he couldn’t help but kiss his lips, and ask him why wasn’t it good?

Liu Zhimo tilted her head and thought about it. Li Qingling had thought that he would say some sort of reason, but in the end, he still said one word: not good.

Helplessly laughing, Li Qingling pinched his face and coaxed him to sleep again.

“My wife …”


“My wife …”

“I’m here. What are you trying to do?” Li Qingling fixed his head down, and looked at him with his eyes, “What do you want to do? Just say it out, don’t keep calling out to me, and don’t say anything else, so how do I know what you want to do? “

“I feel terrible …” Liu Zhimo said pitifully, “My wife, I feel terrible.”

“It would be weird if I let you drink so much.” Li Qingling scolded him in a bad mood, but she actually raised her hand to help ma.s.sage his temples, wanting to ease his discomfort.

She really didn’t think that he would become like this after getting drunk. She really didn’t know what to say.

Even though he was drunk and she could see that he had a different side to him, she still felt sorry for him when she saw that he was in such a bad mood. She decided not to drink as much in the future, lest it hurt her body.

“Not here.” Liu Zhimo blinked his eyes and muttered, holding Li Qingling’s hand, he pressed towards the place that was difficult for him, “This place doesn’t feel good …”

He … He … He …

Li Qingling’s face became even redder. She wanted to take back her hand, but his strength was too strong, causing her to be unable to do so.

“Liu Zhimo…” She gritted his teeth and called out to him.

Liu Zhimo looked at Li Qingling innocently, his mouth still saying that he felt bad for his wife.


Li Qingling tried his best to maintain her expression, she cleared his throat and said, why not go and take a bath, after taking a bath, and not feel uncomfortable?

She wanted to coax him into taking a bath, so he wouldn’t be a hooligan with her.

He didn’t expect someone to be so smart as to shake his head and say no.

Li Qingling grinded his teeth, and spoke coldly, “If you don’t go and take a bath, then go and sleep. After saying that, she immediately closed his eyes, and pretended that she was going to sleep.

“My wife …” The pitiful voice of someone rang in her ears again. His big head was still rubbing against the side of her neck.

Being constantly being spoiled like that, Li Qingling was completely helpless, “Alright, I’m afraid of you.” She blushed and helped him deal with it.

… ….

The next morning, when Liu Zhimo woke up, he felt a sharp pain in his head. He covered his head and slowly sat up.

“Ugh …” His actions woke Li Qingling up, and she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at him, and said in a daze, “You’re awake?”

After saying this, she turned around and fell asleep again.

Liu Zhimo turned his head to look at her bare back, and his face immediately flushed red. The intermittent memories also poured into his head.

He… Last night …

Liu Zhimo covered his face with his hands. Fortunately he had not reached the last step, otherwise, he would have …

After half a day of mental cultivation, he was finally able to remain calm. He gently covered himself with the blanket and quietly got off the bed. He asked someone to bring him a few buckets of hot water because he needed to take a bath.

He hadn’t taken a bath last night, and the smell of alcohol on him was so strong that he couldn’t stand it anymore, let alone his wife.

“Young Master, this is the young miss, the sobering wine soup that was ordered to be prepared last night.” When the servant saw Liu Zhimo opening the door, she immediately brought out a bowl of sobering wine soup for him to drink.

Liu Zhimo did not say anything and drank it up. He returned the bowl to the servant and asked her to be quiet so that the young miss would not wake her up yet.

The maid nodded and agreed in a low voice. Then, he took the empty bowl and left.

When the servants brought the hot water in, Liu Zhimo wanted to close the door. He went to take a bath, then walked out comfortably.

“When are you up? Did you take a bath? ” Li Qingling sat on the side of the bed in a daze, looking at Liu Zhimo hazily, while asking him softly.

Seeing her expression, he knew that she was still not completely asleep yet. Liu Zhimo smiled as he walked to her side and hugged her along with the blanket, and kissed her on the lips, “She’s not awake yet, is she? “Go back to sleep, there’s nothing to do today anyway.” It was his fault for tormenting her like this all night long, causing her to be unable to sleep.

Li Qingling replied with his eyes closed. Leaning on his chest, he fell asleep again after a while.

Seeing her wake up and sleep, sleep and wake up, Liu Zhimo smiled dotingly. He was in no hurry to wake up, so he simply carried her and went back to sleep.

When the two of them woke up again, it was already noon.

“Heavens, why are you so late? Why aren’t you waking me up?” Li Qingling climbed up anxiously. As soon as he returned to the Liu Family, he woke up so late. What did the people from the Liu Family think?

“You? What’s the rush? ” Liu Zhimo scooped her up, “There’s nothing to do today, don’t be in such a hurry.”

He did not want her to become constrained once she returned to the Liu Family. He wanted her to be like the Xue Mansion, able to wake up whenever she wanted to and not have to worry so much.

If she was not free to live in the Liu Family, he would rather bring her to live in the Xue Mansion.

“Even if you don’t have anything to do, you can’t get up so late!” Li Qingling pouted at him, “If others know about this, what will they say about me?” This was not the Xue Mansion, she could sleep however long she wanted.

With a large family, the more people there were, the more complicated it would become.

Liu Zhimo turned her head around with a stern face, and the two of them looked at each other, “Ling’er, if you are feeling uncomfortable here, then let’s go back to the Xue Mansion, and after my job is done, we can move out, okay?” He couldn’t allow anyone to be wronged, not his wife.

Li Qingling looked at him for a while, then laughed and said, “Idiot.”

She leaned against his chest and hugged him tightly. She was very touched, “We just came back, and then we moved back again. What will people think of Grandpa? What will they think of the Liu Family? Forget it. It’s fine to stay here. It’s not going to last long anyway. ” She couldn’t selfishly move out just for herself, it wouldn’t be good for Liu Zhimo either.

Liu Zhimo rubbed her head and said, “It’s alright, as long as she likes it.”

“No, I don’t want to see others pointing fingers at you and saying that you have no filial piety or anything like that. I don’t want that.” Li Qingling firmly shook his head, and did not agree with Liu Zhimo’s words, “We won’t be able to stay here for long, let’s just endure it, alright?”

Liu Zhimo smiled as he shook his head. His tone sounded like she was angry at him.

“Alright, after we finish eating, let’s go back and see those two kids. I wonder how they are doing?” Especially Ning Ning, will he cry? “

He also wanted to bring the two little fellows back to live together, but since the two little fellows weren’t willing, he could only respect their opinions.

Thinking about his younger brother and sister who were still in Xue Mansion, Li Qingling’s mood became a little down again. She was also worried about the two little fellows.

“Alright, let’s go back after dinner.” Li Qingling nodded, “Let me go first. I’ll go wash my clothes and wash up.”

Liu Zhimo knew he was embarra.s.sed, so he kissed her forehead and let her go.

By the time Li Qingling had finished washing up, Liu Zhimo had already arranged for people to come over for lunch.

He smiled at her and waved her over to sit down and eat.

Li Qingling just sat down and Liu Zhiyan and Liu Zhirou came over.

“Sister-in-law, are you awake?” Liu Zhirou smiled as she walked to Li Qingling’s side.

Li Qingling uncomfortably nodded, and changed the topic, asking if Liu Zhirou and Liu Zhiyan had eaten?

“I’ll eat it. Seeing that you and big brother still haven’t woken up, second brother and I will eat it first.”

After saying that, Li Qingling felt even more embarra.s.sed. She was already such a big girl, and had even been cooped up in bed for such a long time, seriously …

She couldn’t help but glare at Liu Zhimo, blaming him for not wake her up.

Liu Zhimo received her gaze and laughed helplessly, then picked up a piece of vegetable for her. He glanced at Liu Zhirou and Liu Zhiyan, and asked them how they slept last night.

Liu Zhiyan said it was alright.

“This is bad!” Liu Zhirou pinched her fingers, and said with a bit of grievance: “I miss Ning Ning.” Since he was young, she had always slept with Ning Ning. Even though the Xue Mansion had so many rooms, the two of them still slept together, and it caused her to sleep by himself, not being able to sleep at all.

Li Qingling put down his chopsticks, touched Liu Zhirou’s head and comforted her, they would go back to see Ning Ning and Xiao Feng later.

Hearing that, Liu Zhirou’s eyes lit up, and asked Li Qingling if they could go home now?

Li Qingling and Liu Zhimo looked at each other, and then said: “Rou Rou, this is also your home, we will have to stay here for a period of time.”

In a moment, Liu Zhirou’s expression became gloomy, and her pouting mouth said that she was wronged, this was not her home.

This unfamiliar environment made her feel uncomfortable. She was afraid that she would be laughed at if she made the slightest mistake.


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