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When Li Qingning saw that the black clothed man had returned to the mountain, she ran over to him and anxiously asked him, “How is her brother-in-law?”

They had been on tenterhooks up on the mountain, afraid that their brother-in-law would …

The black clothed man reached out and picked Li Qingning up, touched her nose and said gently, telling her that her brother-in-law was fine. Now that the danger was gone, they could go down the mountain.


Seeing Li Qingning’s wide open eyes, the black-clothed man couldn’t help but scratch and scratch in her heart. He couldn’t help but pinch her little nose, “What? Don’t you believe me? “Hmm?”

Li Qingning looked at the black clothed man, and took off the mask on his face, seeing his handsome face, he smiled and nodded, saying that she trusted him.


Once again, he was sure that this little girl was speaking based on her face.

“Uncle, thank you.” Li Qingning solemnly thanked the black-clothed man with her small face.

The corners of the black clothed man’s mouth twitched as he looked at her. “Little girl, do I look that old?” When he heard the word ‘uncle’, he had a snack bar.

He didn’t want to hear her call him uncle.

Li Qingning shook her head, saying that she was not old.

He was the most beautiful and handsome person she had ever met.

“Since I’m not old, what should I be called?”

“Big brother?”

The man in black smiled again and nodded his head. His brother sounded much better than his uncle.

Li Qingning raised his eyebrows, and said with some annoyance, “You are older than my brother by a lot.”

She thought she should call him uncle.

“…” The black clothed man almost vomited blood. He looked at Li Qingning and smiled, then explained to her. Finally, he asked if she understood?

Li Qingning said, I understand.

“You really understand now?”

“I really understand.”

“Okay, come on, let’s hear it.” The black clothed man looked at Li Qingning in antic.i.p.ation, hoping to hear her call him brother.

Li Qingning did not disappoint her, and called her big brother.

Actually, she didn’t really understand. It was just a form of address, was it really that important?

She had to be explained to for so long. She had to call him brother.

Forget it, forget it. Seeing that he saved brother-in-law, let him be happy!

If the black-clothed man knew what Li Qingning was thinking, he really would have spat out a mouthful of blood.

He wasn’t a worm in her stomach, so he didn’t know what she was thinking. Now that he heard her older brother, his eyes curved into a smile.

“Remember, I am your Brother Ming.”

“Alright …”

Seeing her nod, the black clothed man smiled again. After pulling up his bandana, he turned and walked towards Mr. Luo and the others.

He nodded to them. “The enemy is under control. We can go down now.”

Hearing this good news, Li Qingling heaved a sigh of relief, and sincerely thanked the black clothed man.

Although she didn’t know who the black clothed man was, she could tell that he was very skilled in martial arts. With his help, he could achieve twice the results with half the effort.

The man in black nodded his head coldly and said, “Go down the mountain.”

Without waiting for Li Qingling and the others to react, he turned and left with Li Qingning in his arms. In the blink of an eye, they had disappeared without a trace.

Mr. Luo worriedly asked the man in black who he was. Would it hurt Ning Ning?

That little girl was heartless. If she was sold, she would help others count the money.

He was really worried about whether that little girl would be taken away or not.

Li Qingling shook his head lightly, saying that it should not be a bad guy, if not he would not agree to save Zhi Moge.

When the black-clothed man left the Ningxia to save Liu Zhimo, under their questioning, Li Qingning told them in detail about how she knew the black-clothed man.

He never thought that it would be such a coincidence that he would encounter the person Li Qingning had once saved in this kind of time of crisis.

It was a great turning point.

“I feel that he is not a good person. Let Ning Ning have less contact with him.”

Li Qingling acknowledged his as she will find a chance to tell the little girl.

“Alright, let’s talk when we get home.” Old Man Xue said, “Mo Er will probably be home waiting for us, let’s quickly go and report to him.”

Li Qingling agreed and nodded, then called out to Little White.

Little White ran in front of Li Qingling and bent down, waiting for Li Qingling to climb up behind it, he ran down the mountain steadily.

When they returned home, they found the courtyard full of wounded people.

When Liu Zhimo saw Li Qingling and the others, he quickly walked over. “My wife …”

When she heard him call her wife, Li Qingling’s eyes reddened. She got down from Little White’s back and held Liu Zhimo’s hand, asking him if he was injured.

Liu Zhimo shook his head lightly, saying that he was not injured.

He was well protected and unharmed by the enemy.

Then he saw the wounded people lying in the courtyard, and it made him feel guilty.

“This… What’s going on? ” Li Qingling looked at the injured people again, and asked Liu Zhimo suspiciously.

Liu Zhimo’s heart was moved as he explained everything to him. After hearing this, Li Qingling also felt moved in his heart, she never thought that the commoners would protect Liu Zhimo in such a way.

From this, it could be seen that Liu Zhimo wholeheartedly did things for the citizens in return.

“Grandfather, Big River, I’ll be troubling you next.” Li Qingling looked towards Old Man Xue and the river, “The citizens are here to save Zhi Moge from getting hurt, we have to heal them.” Fortunately, no one died. Otherwise, how would they be able to face the families of others?

“Don’t worry, with this old man helping out, it won’t be long before I’ll be able to move around freely again.” After Old Man Xue finished this sentence, he led He He to save the citizens.

Liu Zhimo shook Li Qingling’s hand hard, allowing them to return to the courtyard to rest.

He was afraid that Li Qingling would be tired from running around with his big stomach.

Li Qingling did not refuse Liu Zhimo, but nodded and acknowledged his. She indeed felt tired, and needed to rest a bit.

She had two bodies now, and she couldn’t hold on.

“Wait for me to say a few words to the people, then we’ll leave.” Li Qingling released Liu Zhimo’s hands, walked to the front of the citizens, and bowed to them, thanking them loudly for believing in Liu Zhimo, for protecting Liu Zhimo.

When the commoners heard Magistrate’s Wife’s thanks, their hearts were filled with sweetness. They all waved their hands, saying, “This is what they should do.”

They had protected the County Magistrate well, which made them feel very accomplished.

Li Qingling thanked the commoners once again before heading back to the courtyard to rest with his stomach puffed out.

When Li Qingling and the others left, the people started to discuss among themselves.

“Did you see that? Did you see that? Magistrate’s Wife climbed down from the back of a white bug? “

“I saw it. I saw it.” The other commoners also followed one after another, “Did the County Magistrate raise two big worms, one yellow and one white?”

The valiant actions of the yellow bug were still imprinted in their minds, turning their fear into admiration.

As expected of a big bug raised by the County Magistrate, so powerful.

“No, no, no, there are three big worms in there. Can’t you see that there is another small one?” Another person refuted.

“Right, right, right. There are three of them. It seems like they are the children of two big worms, one yellow and one white.” It looked really pretty. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was afraid of being bitten by it, he would have hugged it for a long time to play with it.

“County Magistrate is really amazing, raising three big bugs. If I could have such a fierce bug, I’d be able to wake up smiling even in my sleep!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a human-like bug! I don’t think they’re afraid, either. “

“Me too…”

“Me too…”

The citizens chimed in again.

When Liu Zhimo heard the citizens’ words, he heaved a sigh of relief secretly. He was afraid that the citizens would be afraid of Tiger and the others, but he never thought that they wouldn’t be afraid.

The comforting words that he had thought of would not come out.

He sincerely thanked the people for their understanding.

“Tiger and the rest were raised by us from a young age, so we won’t bite anyone. Don’t worry.”

Although he knew that the commoners were not afraid of Tiger and the others, Liu Zhimo still explained it to the commoners.

When the citizens heard Liu Zhimo’s words, they looked at Liu Zhimo in envy and asked him where he picked up the big bug.

Seeing the citizens so curious, Liu Zhimo laughed and explained it to them, causing them to be astonished.

Why weren’t they so lucky?

“Master, we heard the tiger’s roar coming from the Ningxia. It can’t be your bug’s cry, right?”

“They did.” Liu Zhimo nodded, seeing the citizens’ expressions, his heart shivered, and said in a calm voice, “There are wolves in Ningxia, the big bug is warning the wolves not to cross its territory, and to not go down the mountain to harm people.”

Hearing this, the commoners began to praise the large bug again. They felt that it was very powerful and had protected their safety.

You all must not go to Ningxia, it is very dangerous, understand? Although there were many wild animals in Ningxia, he really did not want them to go up, lest he lose their lives.

The people nodded and said yes.

They wouldn’t be so reckless as to easily go to the Ningxia.

Seeing this, Liu Zhimo heaved a sigh of relief, it was good that the people heard his words.

At this time, the citizens were very interested in Tiger and the others, and kept asking Liu Zhimo questions about Tiger and the others.

Seeing that the commoners were protecting him, Liu Zhimo generously satisfied their curiosity and patiently answered their questions.

When the commoners heard this, they were stunned. They all thought to themselves, “How could this big bug know so much about human nature?” Did he become a spirit?

After hearing these interesting things, even they were itching to raise a big bug.

“Master, do your big bug have any other babies?” Someone could not help but ask.

Liu Zhimo smiled and shook his head: “No, just an only child.” It was a rare baby.

He wondered if it was because of the only child. That’s why it was so refined?

What a pity …

The commoners sighed with regret.

“Fellow villagers and elders, let me say a few more words here.” Liu Zhimo looked at the citizens around him, and said with a raised voice, “Because Tiger and the others were raised by us from a young age, they know how to bite people, so they won’t bite people. You must remember, wild insects don’t have a human nature at all hours of the night, if you accidentally meet them, you must escape quickly, understand?” He did not want to cause any misunderstandings among the people, thinking that all the big worms knew human nature and would not eat humans.



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