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Dylan gently opened the door and respectfully guided the group to two tables. He placed the two tablesclose to each other and added another set in order to accommodate the entire group.

“Here is your table, madams and sirs.” Dylan presented the table with utmost etiquette. ” I will be proceeding to the platform now so I may be able to start cooking for you.” Dylan informed his costumers.

“Okay.” A burly man about 2 meters tall replied.

“Now, ma’am and sirs, may I take your orders?”. Dylan acted as though a professional waiter of a 5-star restaurant. He gifted them a list of the gourmet that was the menu.

“Yes.” A 16 year old teenage girl replied to Dylan blushingly. She never had seen a handsome man act so gentlemanly and elegantly that she found it hot. She had seen many men that were more handsome than this man but they did not have that princely disposition that Dylan had. ‘I never thought that a store owner could be this hot!’. She thought in her mind.

“Thank you, young lady. May I ask what particular dishes you wish to order?” Dylan specified his question and smiled.

There was another 18 year old young lady within the group. Her faced went red as she stared intently at this man. She was mesmerized by his natural disposition and character.

“I…” the young lady said.

“Yes ma’am?” Dylan asked the young lady.

“I… like you..” the young lady stated in a faint voice.

“Huh?!” The entire family was shocked by what this girl just said

“Hmm?” The faint smile on Dylan’s face stiffened. ‘ I asked you what to order then you suddenly say “you like me”? Isn’t that way off from what I said? This girl must not be in the right mind!’ Dylan did not know whether to laugh or cry because this girl just suddenly confessed right of the bat!

But Dylan feigned ignorance as he quickly thought of an excuse.

“You like what dish ma’am? I wasn’table to hear you from the faintness of your voice, ma’am. May I ask you what it was again?” Dylan asked in a polite manner.

“Uhm, I like… this.” The 18 year old lady pointed at the words “Glazed Pork Ribs.”

Dylan held a pen and started to write down the order. He then smilingly asked, ” How about the other gentlemen and ladies? What delicacy would you like to dine with?”

“How about you recommend as some of your best and serve it to my family, Store Owner Dylan?” The old lady interjected and smiled.

“If this is not against anyone, then I will humbly do so.” Dylan reconfirmed.

“Of course.”, the old lady said

“Then, I will take my leave, ma’am.” Dylan excuses himself from the group for him to start cooking. He went up in the platform and started cooking.

Dumbfounded, the middle-aged man was unable to comprehend what is currently happening. “Wasn’t he supposed to be a wastrel owner of a broken down shop? How is he able to exude such elegance and calmness that I have only seen with the head of the Thousand Treasures Pavilion? What’s more it seems to be he is able to influence us to do his bidding? When did this Dylan Ford become so formidable?”

It was true that the previous Dylan was a newbie to the Business World and did not even have the slightest inkling of any business related information and knowledge. He had an extremely limited view towards business and management that was why he was deemed a wastrel of the local business community. Because despite of opening a store for the past four years, Dylan was still unable to get little over a hundred customers.

But, that was then. Now, the new Dylan, who was recognized to be the greatest businessman of earth, was the one who is inside the body of this world’s Dylan Ford. He would be able to change the entire negative image that people a.s.signed to his former self. He would be able to prove everyone wrong.

‘I don’t believe that he will be able to cook that well.” The middle-aged man said.

“Are you sure, Gary?” The old lady questioned her son.

“Uh.. of course I am. How is someone able to cook so good overnight??” Gary retorted.

“Grandmother, what did you say his name was again?” The 16 year old teenage girl asked suddenly.

“Yes, grandmother. I would like to know as well.” The 18 year old lady b.u.t.ted in.

“His name is Dylan Ford. Why do you suddenly ask? Is it because you find him to your fancy, Mary and Marie?” The old lady teased her granddaughters.

“…” The two beauties did not reply for a moment.

“Mother, stop spouting nonsense! My daughter, Mary, would never like such a waste!” Gary bellowed.

“Yes, mother. Marie is a beauty that has over a hundred of suitors. There are several people who are more handsome and stronger than this Dylan Ford and come from better background. As her father, I disallow this because Marie has a good future ahead of her!” The 2 meters tall burly man was a little bit angry from his mother’s comments. He bore some resemblance to Gary.

“What Richard said is right! Both of our daughters our jewels to the clan!” Gary forcefully agreed from his brother’s explanation.

“Oh, really? But can’t you see that Mary and Marie or even your wives is already flushed red?” The old lady questioned.

“…” Every woman present was silent after hearing those words.

“What do you mean? There’s no way- what??” Richard scanned as he saw that it was true all four women that were mentioned was flushed red.

“Hhow?” Gary stuttered.

“It’s because of that man’s natural charisma. He is able to be elegant, calm, warm and humble at the same time. It is a very difficult thing to do for various businessmen. They may be able to act this way but it will sometimes give others who have good eyes of discernment that these businessmen are acting somewhat forced. Even when I was conversing with the branch head of Thousands Treasure Pavilion, he was still somewhat forced and unable to perfectly harmonize these four.” The old lady explained.

“Even the branch head of Thousands Treasure Pavilion cannot?” The Brothers were shocked by knowing this. Although they knew that she is approaching her rest, they could never doubt the woman who managed the whole clan after their father died. His knowledge and expertise was something they would not doubt.

Their mother was a veteran in business and had an excellent eye of discernment. She could judge the people’s character by just basing on their movements and habits. But they still found it unbelievable that a lad who has not even reached the age of 20 could do something like that.

“But, Dylan Ford is able to do so. The condition in which he was just displaying is called Harmonized Soul. Harmonized Soul is attained if you’re able to perfectly harmonize two or more auras at the same time. In the business world, that is one of the most sought for requirement for the most legendary occupation in the Great Mystic World, the Mystical Magnates.” The old lady continued.

“What?!” The brothers were dumbfounded.

“He- he has the qualifications… of becoming… a Mystical Magnate?!” Both of them shuddered. It was a good thing they weren’t as dumb as to offend a Mystical Magnate. A Mystical Magnate has the ability to gather experts because of their influence and power. It was rumored that there was a man who sullied the name of a Mystical Magnate. His whole clan was exterminated by the experts gathered by the Mystical Magnate.

They felt a cold tingle down their spines as they felt horrified by the strength of such a person. They felt relieved not being too rash.

The women, on the other hand, were stunned. They never thought that Dylan could become such a person. The two young ladies felt their heart racing. As any women would like strong and handsome men, they felt more infatuated towards the man cooking on the platform. “Have I fallen for this man?”, they both murmured softly.

“Now, do you understand why I, Marites Aaron, came to befriend him?” Marites Aaron said.

“Yes mother.” Both man simultaneously nodded.

“It seems like we would have a good meal.” Marites smiled.

As Marites finished, a brilliant smell flooded the air. The fragrance was nerve-soothing and peace-inciting. All of them felt that their nerves calm down. They felt relaxed and at peace. It came from the young man who was just preparing the plates. He slowly went down from the platform and walked over to them.

“Dear customers, your dishes will be here in just a couple more minutes. How about some nice tea first?” Dylan said and placed over cups to each one of them and poured the tea from the searing hot teapot.

“Thank you, sir Dylan.” Marites thanked as she received the tea.

“No, thank you, Ma’am Aaron.” Dylan smiled and left.

‘Oh, it seems like this Dylan Ford’s hearing is much better than I expected.’ Marites was amused because she knew that she never introduced herself to Dylan before. It was only today did she first spoke of her name. Although there might be other explanations, but her intuition told her so. A woman’s intuition is rarely.wrong.

‘Mystical Magnate, huh.’ Dylan contemplated as he looked through the sky and faintly said.

“Let’s get ready, hehehe.” He smiled.

The whole Aaron family liked the tea even the little boy got a taste of it and liked it. The tea was mellow and serene which is appropriate for any age group.

“What good tea…” Garry complimented.

“You were right, mother. I was wrong.” Garry apologized.

“Hahaha. It’s okay. You can apologize to Store Owner Dylan later. But for now, let’s just enjoy this tea and later on our meal.” Marites said.

“Yes, mother.” Gary replied respectfully.

After several minutes…

“Here are your orders, ladies and gentlemen.” Dylan presented the exquisite food he prepared as he gently placed it on top of the tables. Each food was a delicacy. Just a look would water a person’s mouth. There were glazed pork ribs, exquisitely roasted chicken, seared wolf meat, fruit and vegetable salads, and herbal beverages. The family started eating as soon as they were served the food.

“Yeeey, food!” The little boy gobbled. “Delicious!!”

“It is really delicious”

“Compliments to the chef!”

“It is both exquisite in presentation and taste!”

Dylan received many compliments towards his cooking as he smiled and simply said “Thank you for enjoying my cooking. I am very glad that all of you fancied its taste but I have to take my leave as other costumers will be coming.”

Dylan knew that the smell of his food has already spread and was bound to attract customers. So he politely excused himself. As he excused himself, he walked towards the entrance and opened it. Then, suddenly people started appearing. He welcomed them warmly and guided them to a table seat. This time it was a group of 6, it was the group his first customer brought. After a while a group of people also appeared and he did the same thing as well it was strength of 11 brought by the second costumer he had.

He prepared and served every order that was given to him. Every single one of his customers liked his food and did not spare a single sc.r.a.p of it to be wasted.

More and more customers came. The whole restaurant was now filled with 45 people and it was just lunch. Even if they were great in numbers, Dylan was still able to outstandingly entertain each and every one of them.

The quality of his cooking spread like wildfire and as swift as the wind in the city. The news of a new restaurant, Gardenford Restaurant, was spreading all throughout the city so many people started to go to test the food there.

In Gardenford Restaurant, it was noon. But, the number of customers skyrocketed to 65! Dylan was still able to entertain all guests despite the great numbers.

“I underestimated the curiosity and gluttony of humans.” He bitterly laughed.


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