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Read The Strongest Businessman 140 Chapter 140: Madman Of The Nigh

The Strongest Businessman is a web novel completed by Legend_of_Genesis.
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‘I don’t really get it. Why would they choose to concede? As far as I know, the Night Grand Clan is the weakest of the ten. They have the least number of Mortal Severing experts in their manpower. The only reason it was able to stand is because of the current patriarch of the clan whose strength was equal to the heads of the other 9.’

‘All the leaders of the Top 10 supersects are the almost the same in strength, the reason for the heirarchy was the difference in the quant.i.ty of geniuses in each sect and their owned properties and businesses. Why is that I could see apprehension in their eyes right now?”

Most people may not be able to but Dylan was able to easily distinguish the emotions of a person through their eyes and body language.

He saw how the eyes of Romero and Asiel dilated when the Night Grand Clan decided to crash the party. There was also momentary shocked expressions in every single one of the 8 supersects present that includes the Azelmek trio

While Dylan was wondering why all eight supersects decided to concede, the eight were still shaken by the sudden interference of the Night Grand Clan.

“d.a.m.n it! Why did it have to be them? They would rarely place a bid on something! But, Master told me if they were to bid, I must not compete with them!” Asiel crushed the gla.s.s of wine he was just drinking silently a while ago.

“It is for the best. You would not want to offend the “Madman of the Night” because of a herb. It is stated that he won’t interefere in matter of the city but if he wants something, he will get it without any compet.i.tion at all.” The Grand Elder warned with a solemn look on his face.

“But they are only at the bottom of the Top 10 while we are considered as one of the three monoliths of the city! Why is it that Master, the Academy Headmaster, holds that Madman of the Night so much when he could even fight evenly with Azelmek and Zachary?” Asiel growled in a low voice.

“You are right. I should not be telling you this to anyone but since you are already the successor, you might as well know. Your master could indeed fight evenly with Hallmaster Azelmek and City Lord Zachary but “Madman of the Night” is someone who could even defeat all three of them at the same time!” The Grand Elder revealed in a low voice.

“What?! That is impossible!!” Asiel never knew this matter. Hearing that his master, one of the strongest cultivators in the city, was actually defeated by someone when he was cooperating with Azelmek and Zachary?! It was inconcievable!

“It is the truth. You must have heard of the battle for lordship 100 years ago, right?” The Grand Elder asked.

“Yes. The results of that battle was a tie since all three were evenly matched.” Asiel outrightly answered.

“That was what the public knew. In reality, all 9 nine were dominated by a single person, Shadow Night, which the 9 leaders called the Madman of the Night.” The Grand Elder disclosed.

“It can’t be!” Asiel was still in the state of disbelief. He could not believe it.

” Feeling powerless, your master along with Zachary and 7 others surrendered the t.i.tle of City Lord but he did not want the City Lord t.i.tle because he said had no talent in leading people and was better off seclided. He only said that he would leave the t.i.tle to them and in exchange, when he wants certain items, no one will stop him or bar his path. That was his only condition.” The Grand Elder continued.

“I…If that is true, wouldn’t he and his descendants take what ever they wanted?! How are you sure that that elder is not using that promise as a pretext to get the herb that he wants? I have not heard anything of this case!” Asiel still could not bring himself to believe what he just heard. It seemed so ridiculous. Why would a man exchange lordship for some items? Couldn’t he just get them while he was also a City Lord?!

“That is because that man is ruthless enough that he even beheaded or bisected those who tried to wantonly abuse his backing publicly or secretly and had the leaders close off any information regarding these matters. So if that man, did what you just said then you would never be able to see him ever again. After several incidences and executions, no one from his clan dared to do it again.” The Grand Elder replied.

“No way…” Shocked, Asiel still had a hard time processing everything.

Other than Asiel, every single one of the representatives knew of this matter that was why they felt dread and fear everytime they encounter the Night Clan because they were lead by the strongest and most ruthless expert in the city!

‘There’s no use worrying about it. What’s done is done. I already earned nearly three thousand spirit stones from zero capital. Hehehe. I’m just going to focus all my attention to the auction instead.’ Dylan decided to put the past behind him and focus on making money.

The auction proceeded. The thirteenth item was a Mid Earth Rank treasure which was completely disregarded by the 9 powers that were present but were fought amongst men who had lower status or rankings.

Each following Mid Earth Rank treasure was sold around 100- 350 spirit stones as they were of higher quality than Groundsplitter. They were all acquired by powers at the Top 200 rank. There was even one treasure that fell on Brock’s hands.

“Sold for one hundred thirty nine spirit stones!” The final price of the thriteenth item was called out by Dylan. It was a Mid Earth Rank Herb called Three-leafed Healing Orange. Its’ effects enables a person to increase his recovery speed by 10% for three minutes. A high ranking hunter squad leader from the Thunderstrike guild bought the item after everyone withdrew.

“Sold for one hundred sixty spirit stones!” The last bid for the fourteenth item. This item was another Mid Earth Rank Herb called Cold Nightbreeze Fruit which could heighten a person’s susceptibility to Cold by 50% and even raise a person’s cultivation by a stage. A woman who was apparently the sectmaster of a sect called Icy Breeze Sect was the one one who obtained this item.

“Sold for two hundred five spirit stones!” The last call for the fifteenth treasure. This herb was called the Iron Veined Leaves which would significantly person strengthen a person’s internal organs.

“Sold for two hundred sixty nine spirit stones!” The sixteenth treasure ended with this as its’ final price. The Mid Earth Rank Herb, Burning Blood Fruit could make a person rise three whole stages using the fruit’s innate characteristic of burning half of one’s blood! Though there are no permanent damage of doing this, the entire process is said to be extremely painful. The person who obtained the item was

Despite this fact, a lot of people still fought for the herb making its’ price rise up until it surpa.s.sed two hundred. The person who acquired it was the Firebull Schoolmaster, Steven Bulwark.

“Sold for three hundred fifty three spirit stones!” Dylan ended the auction for the seventeenth treasure. The last herb for auction was called Rising Stone Roots which was capable of harnessing the power of the Earth to form Rock type Energy. But the most interesting effect it could offer was to raise the cultivator’s cultivation by an entire level!

With such a miraculous effect, it was no wonder that the price reached such heightes but it was eventually acquired by Brock Stones of the Stone Edge Manor.

“Oh my, the value of the items keeps on rising!” Someone spoke in astonishment.

“We’re only halfway through yet the quality of the items has already reached a high cla.s.s auction!” A friend of the person who just spoke shared.

“Does that mean this auction has already approached the level of the Premier Hall’s monthly auctions?” A large red-skinned man with a long hair curiously raised a question.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it is at most comparable to the Premier Hall’s weekly auction!” His female partner immediatly refuted.

“I agree. Have you not heard that two weeks ago they auctioned a high earth rank herb and a pill that were complimentary with each other?! The value of the herb and the pill is the same as the 6th and 12th item of this auction respectively!” A orange haired man who was a regular customer of the Premier Sect.

“Really? They were that valuable? Then what about their monthly auctions or their annual auctions?” The red skinned man gulped a mouthful of saliva. He does not usually go to auction houses due to his hunting schedules so it was only natural that he did not know.

“Their monthly auctions? They auction 25 Mid Earth Rank treasures and 25 High Earth Rank treasures. As for their annual auctions? It is rumored that the last 10 items of the 60 items are always known to be Heaven Rank treasures!” The orange head replied.


More people began to gossip as the auction continued…

“There are a lot of people swarming around here now and it has barely been two hours since this auction started.” A well-dressed person started another discussion elsewhere.

“Did you not notice that this auction has already caught the attention of the Top 20 Sects! On the fourteenth item, there were five groups of people who entered the room!” A fat woman behind that person said.

“What?” The person was startled.

“Oh, I have noticed this too. On the fifteenth item, I noticed that all the Top 20 sects have converged in this venue! The Moonlight Paradise, Thousand Treasures Pavilion, Enchanted Gardens, and 7 others are all here!” A muscular man with a large bear belly said.

“You’re right! I saw the Moonlight Beauty, Emilia Sparks just a while ago!” A scrawny lad spoke.

“Me too!” A handsome man said.

“I even saw the Spring Fairy!” The scrawny youth mentioned.

“You mean Lady Anastasia?” The handsome man asked.

“Who else?” The scrawny lad sarcastically said.

“Where?” The large man interjected

“They went to the 3rd floor of that building.” The youth pointed.

“They really are!” Their gazes saw that Emilia Sparks and Anastasia Spring were there at the left building. The Thousand Treasure Pavilion Head, Pill King and the other boss-level figures of the Top 20 along with their guards were also either at the left side or the right side.

“For the eigteenth item, it was something given to us by a very important client. I paid a great deal of spirit stones just to get this treasure. I present to you the Origin Core of a Core Transformation Rank- Obsidian Scaled Crocodile!” Dylan opened the chest he got from Beverly.

Within, a shiny black colored orb emanating strong origin energy enough to rival a Palace Formation expert or even someone at the Palace Establisment Realm!

A Spirit Beast also has a spirit core similar to humans. Reaching Origin Realm, their spirit energy starts to transform into origin energy as their bodies also breaks thourgh to Origin Realm. After breaking through, they would need to devour other beasts to form their foundation. After which, their spirit cores would undergo Core Transformation and evolve to an Origin Core!

They achieve this through the power of their bloodline which what they essentially rely on in order to grow stronger but it’s downside is that their peak is limited to their lineage’s power.

“This power…!” This shocked the entire crowd! It was yet another High Earth Rank treasure! But what shocked them was the fact it was not a herb! Everyone thought that the top-tier treasures that would appear in this auction would only be herbs!

Another fact was that there was actually a client who had negotiated with Dylan Ford! Why would someone hand over such a treasure to someone who has little reputation in the city?

“It is authentic! A beast core that successfully transformed into an Origin Core!” Nick Williams who hails from a top hunter guild naturally knows how to verify an Origin Core of a beast!

“With his strength, it would be really unbelievable if he killed a beast like that! It seems he has some rather strong connections…” Vice Head Garet contemplated.

“It seems like the reports are true. His way of doing things are really eccentric.” Pavillion Head Galick mumbled with an amused expression.

On the fourth floor of the Soaring Garden Auction House…

“It was probably given to him by Sir Null before he left.” Sheldon commented with a surprised look.

“Why didn’t I realize it sooner…” Azelmek stood up from his chair and had a complex expression with him as he said those words.

“What do you mean, Hallmaster?” Allen did not expect Azelmek to suddenly stand without notice.

“Is something wrong?” Sheldon asked.

“No, it is just… I finally realized his line of thought! It seems like my earlier conjucture was only slightly off the mark.” Azelmek shared his thoughts with his comrades.

“Sir… it is alright… You don’t have to be so hard on yourself. ” Sheldon shook his head, showing a face of pity.

“Don’t push yourself, Hallmaster.” Allen had a similar expression on his face.

They really did not expect anything now because they have been arguing about this topic since the start of the auction. Sadly, they could not arrive with a reasonable answer. Seeing that Azelmek still has not given up, they could not help but have such expressions.

“What…” Azelmek was stunned when he saw the pitiful gazes these two gave him.

“It’s alright, sir. I understand that it is hard to believe that the wots of the child could outsmart you. You should even be happy that you have been blessed with a brilliant disciple. It’s okay.” Sheldon also stood up and patted Azelmek’s back. He thought that it was only right to console him at this moment.

“I think so too. You should just sit down and relax as you proudly watch your disciple’s success from afar, Hallmaster.” Allen added.

“Enough! Don’t treat me like a pitiful sore loser! I’m serious about what I said!” Azelmek felt insulted so he raised his voice.

“Really?” The two was taken aback. It seemed like Azelmek is truly serious this time.

‘Huu, good thing we set up a barrier as a precautionary measure.’ They inwardly let out a sigh of relief because it was a good thing that they created an invisible sound proof barrier as soon as they arrived at their seats.

“You don’t have to believe me. I already lost the mood to tell you anyways.” Azelmek calmly said but there was a hint of coldness in his tone. He was still a bit angry, comsidering how he was treated.

“We’re sorry, sir. It’s just we thought you were only jesting. You did say you gave up already a while ago.” Sheldon apologized.

“Err…” Azelmek forgot that he did say those words so he coughed and replied, ” Ahem, since you apologized, I’ll just froget about it.”

“Hallmaster, you said that you figured it out. So do you know why he arranged his items like this?” Allen asked.

“Indeed. He arranged his top tier treasures like this for two reasons. One, to attract, not only the Top 10 sects, but the all of the Top 20 sects. Second, to give time to prepare for the final items of this auction!” Azelmek revealed.


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