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The Strongest Dan God is a web novel completed by Pure Feathers, 郁真羽.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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In the front mountain of the Wind Rebel Academy, there was a huge commotion.

During the morning cla.s.s, many students started whispering to each other.

From time to time, some people would glance out of the window, but no one knew what they were looking for.

“Hey, have you guys heard? It was a big event yesterday.”

“Nonsense, who doesn’t know that at the admission ceremony, thirty newcomers have actually pa.s.sed the admission test and entered our Feng Ni Academy? This ratio is far from what it used to be.”

“There are thirty rookies. It can’t be. That Gao Jian has never failed before. At most, he would show mercy and let ten people in. What’s going on this time? Is there a particularly strong expert leading the way?”

At the same time.

A middle-aged man in a loose robe was lying on a rattan chair.

However, just as he was speaking, he noticed the chaotic scene below the stage and immediately frowned.

After which, his voice resounded throughout the entire arena.

“All of you shut up and properly attend morning cla.s.s. Who allowed you to whisper to each other? Do you believe that I can directly take you all to the Discipline Hall and see if you can still show off after ten days?”

Upon hearing the three words “Discipline Hall”, all the students glanced at each other, their expressions slightly changing. They stuck out their tongues and immediately quietened down.

There was only one person who kept turning his head to look outside the window.

He was dressed in golden silk robes with an eagle pattern belt tied around his waist. He had a head of ink-black hair and a pair of eyes as clear as water.

However, he seemed to have turned a deaf ear to his teacher’s words, as if they were nothing more than air.

The middle-aged man wearing a wide robe looked at him with a gloomy face and said in a bad mood.

“Qi Zimo, are you deaf? Let me tell you, just because of your talent in alchemy, you can ignore your teachers and do whatever you want. Come back and sit down, then continue listening to cla.s.s.”

The people at the side also came over, exhorting in a small voice, “That’s right brother Zimo, it’s better if you listen to Elder Liang’s words. If he really takes you to the Discipline Hall, then you’re finished.”

Suddenly, Qi Zimo spat out three words. His expression changed a little bit.


Old Liang frowned as he approached Qi Zimo, “What did you say just now?”

“Ye Feng.”

Qi Zimo stood up abruptly, his expression changing immediately. His whole body seemed to be trembling with excitement.

“He’s here, he’s here… He really came. “

His blood was boiling.

He ignored everything and ran to the window, scanning down and taking a closer look.

As expected, the people in the distance were getting closer and closer.

Standing at the back of the line was none other than Ye Feng.

“Great, Ye Feng. It was just as the news said. He came to the Wind Inverse Academy, and I knew that he would definitely pa.s.s the admission examination.”

His words were incoherent because he was too excited.

“This …”

Not only the surrounding students, but even Elder Liang was looking at Qi Zimo in shock.

Ever since Qi Zimo entered the academy, he had been studying hard day and night. He was exceptionally quiet, as if he could not hear anything outside his window.

Others might think that he had no desires, but now he was like a chicken that was on the verge of being injected with blood. Just what was going on?

“Ye Feng, what’s going on? Qi Zimo, is there a relationship between him and you?”

“Oh, oh. Speaking of which, I seem to have heard that one of the new disciples this time around is from Heavenly Law City. Could it be your friend?”

“No, how could it be a friend?”

Qi Zimo stared at the person outside the window through a thick layer of gla.s.s, his eyes filled with a sharp light.

“All in all, listen up. No matter who it is, don’t attack that Ye Feng …” Because he is my prey and my mortal enemy. “

… ….

He took a stroll and walked leisurely around the courtyard.

After pa.s.sing the admission ticket, the hearts of the freshmen finally dropped.


Ye Feng suddenly sneezed for no reason and frowned slightly.

He looked up for a moment, then smiled and shook his head.

“Ye Feng, you’re interesting.”

Hong Sheng laughed loudly, “Sneezing means that you are being targeted by an old acquaintance. However, this is your first time in Star Fall City, where would an old acquaintance come from? What are you looking up for?”

“Perhaps, but sometimes intuition comes. There are many things that are hard to say.”

Ye Feng smiled and shrugged.

In front of them, two people turned their heads and chuckled.

“Yeah, there must be a reason for Brother Ye to say that. You big and tall lords, what do you know?”

“Isn’t that so? I still have a deep impression of the scene where Brother Ye subdued that aloof individual yesterday. The fact that we were able to enter the academy was all thanks to Brother Ye.”

“Hey, you two little brats, what nonsense are you saying?”

Hong Sheng grimaced, pointing at the other party as he spoke unhappily.

“Obviously, yesterday, I contributed the most. Even if I didn’t do anything, I still have to work hard. You b.a.s.t.a.r.ds only know that the winner is the king and the loser is the thief. If it wasn’t for me yesterday, you wouldn’t even know what to do.”

At this moment.

Ye Wanyue’s gentle voice came from the front.

“Why are the two of you waiting at the back? Hurry up and come over here. After walking around the academy, it’ll be the dueling ceremony. If you miss the hour, then just pretend you didn’t attend the admission ceremony yesterday and head straight home.”

Ye Wanyue gave him a mysterious smile, “Oh right, Hongsheng, I told you in advance that the person you are pairing with is over there.”

He followed the direction of Ye Wanyue’s hand and looked into the distance.

What entered his line of sight was a weak-looking white-clothed woman. Her face was deathly pale, and it was obvious that her physique was extremely poor.

Hong Sheng laughed heartily. “Haha, you’re scary again. What do you mean ‘going home’? Moreover, this is a joke. There’s no reason for you to place me in her group.”

“This is the pairing manual that I just got. Take a look at the list and pictures yourself. Her name is Feng Ling.”

Ye Wanyue was expressionless. She didn’t explain anything and just lightly tapped her hand.

A spirit book floated before Hong Sheng with a gentle gust of wind.

Hong Sheng gaped for a moment, then took the Spirit Book. When he looked at it closely, his expression changed greatly.

There were a total of thirty instructors written on the spirit book. Each of them brought ten students and each of the instructors had their own drawing.

As for Hong Sheng, he happened to be in Feng Ling’s group.

“It can’t be. I’m really going to be paired with her.”

His eyes widened as if they were about to split open.

He wanted to be a disciple and learn skills. No matter what, he should be a powerful man. What was the point of being a disciple to this little girl? Could it be that he wanted to learn some fancy boxing and fancy things?

“Do you think she wants to be paired with a tough guy like you? To be honest, everyone has no other choice. The higher ups arranged it, there’s no way to push it off …”

“Speaking of which, Lady Wanyue, the person you are paired with …”

Hong Sheng stared at the Spirit Book for a while before suddenly raising his head, “It should be Ye Feng.”

Hearing this, Ye Wanyue revealed a look of helplessness.

She sighed, “That’s right. Although I really don’t want to admit it, it’s the truth.”

“Okay, you have it, Ye Feng.”

Hong Shengming smiled and patted Ye Feng’s shoulder, then said in a low voice, “Acknowledging your sister as my master. To be able to encounter such a good opportunity, I am truly envious of you.”

However, Ye Feng shook his head and looked towards Ye Wanyue.

“Wan Yue, is’ forming a pair ‘meant to acknowledge a master?”

Ye Wanyue was stunned for a moment before she nodded.

“Not bad, that’s what you mean.”

“Alright, if that’s the case, then I won’t be pairing up with you.”

Ye Feng’s voice was abnormally loud and clear.

The moment he said this, not to mention Ye Wanyue, even Elder Mo who was walking at the front was shocked.

Hong Sheng and Ye Feng had become friends after a fight. After yesterday’s admission ceremony, their relationship had improved by a lot.

He pushed Ye Feng and turned his head to face the crowd. “He’s joking. Why are we all so nervous? It’s fine, we all should go and do what we need to do.”

Everyone heard him as a joke, looked at each other and turned away.

However, Ye Feng continued to speak with concentration.

“Of course it’s not a joke. What I said was the truth. If I were to become your disciple, then I, Ye Feng, will not.”

From beginning to end, only Jia Lan was his real master.

As for the others, they could form a pair, but he wouldn’t truly take them as his master.

In this way, Hong Sheng was stunned on the spot, embarra.s.sed beyond belief.

The crowd also turned around and looked at Ye Feng, not knowing what he was doing.

Not taking a master.

Ye Feng had only been in the school for the first day, what sort of trouble did he get into?

If he angered Elder Mo or an even more powerful elder, then wouldn’t it be a waste of time to chase Ye Feng out of the academy?

Hong Sheng lowered his voice and quickly said, “Hey, Ye Feng, everything is fine. What are you thinking? Do you think it’s because you’re embarra.s.sed that you’re his sister’s disciple?”

Even Ye Wanyue started to advise him. Her pretty face was full of anxiety.

“Yeah, Ye Feng, what happened to you all of a sudden? From the looks of it, you should be a smart person as well. Why don’t you think about it? Even if you don’t want to take me as your master, you should at least pretend to be one.”

If Ye Zifeng was kicked out of the academy because of her, she would probably continue to feel guilty.

Elder Mo took big steps as he frowned. He stepped into the sky and walked in front of Ye Feng, revealing a dark expression.

“Ye Feng, what you said just now was decided after you thought about it carefully. There are some things that you haven’t done yet. Don’t say anything crazy, do you understand?”


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