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Chapter 25Chapter 25 Going Back

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Xiaya did not answer, he only laughed and pointed his finger at the sky. As for whether in the end, it was referring to heaven or outer s.p.a.ce, would depend on the other party’s guess.
Sure enough, Master Mutaito readily took the hint and nodded his head, mistakenly believing that the two of them came down from heaven. If they have come from Lookout, then it is not strange to know his name, as they may have heard about it from Kami.

Looking at the two youngsters in front of him, Master Mutaito could not help but sigh, “I couldn’t imagine that there are actually such outstanding individuals in this generation who have been trained on Lookout. It seems earth’s martial arts have not worsened ah!”

Master Mutaito knew perfectly well that the legendary Kami living above the Korin Tower was a very mysterious existence. When he had climbed Korin Tower three hundred years ago to create Evil Containment Wave for defeating King Piccolo, he had once heard Korin mentioning that there are higher G.o.ds living on Lookout above Korin Tower.

At that time Master Mutaito had believed Kami to be a very strong existence in his heart, unaware that he has already surpa.s.sed Kami by many times over.

Seeing Master Mutaito misunderstanding their origin, Xiaya laughed and did not explain. And thus afterward exchanged few words with Master Mutaito and then both bid farewell to each other.

As both of them were shrewd martial Artists, just by feeling each other’s Ki they had roughly probed each other.

Due to his strength vastly surpa.s.sing Master Mutaito, Xiaya was only slightly surprised at the other side’s strength and had no desire to fight. And as for Master Mutaito, he has already experienced countless fights in wars, so he does not want to raise his hands. Besides, today was his last day in existence and knowing that there are still such experts on earth was sufficient for him.

Seeing Master Mutaito leave, Xiling took out some snacks from her backpack and said while eating: “That old man is really weird, his body’s Ki is so much stronger than other earthlings. But why does he have a strange halo on his head?

Xiaya glanced at her and explained: “It’s because he is not a living person. He is someone from three hundred years ago, and had b.u.mped into us today when he just returned to this world!”

“Hey, you mean that old man had come from Underworld?”

Xiling forgot to eat snacks as her mouth was opened from surprise.

“You think he is on holiday? That old man is called Master Mutaito and was one of the greatest martial artists who saved earth 300 years ago, you would think he trained all those years in Underworld, how could he have become weak…”

Xiaya smiled and looked at Xiling, and then explained to her how the souls of mortals after death have to be judged by King of h.e.l.l so as to enter the Underworld.

In particular, the standard of “good people to heaven, evil people to h.e.l.l” is explained in more detailed.

“Death is not regarded as an end for people after death, and the soul also has to pa.s.s the judgment of the King of h.e.l.l. Then, what happens to us Saiyans after we die?”

“h.e.l.l in all likelihood!” Xiaya shrugged.

Saiyans while working for Frieza has burned, looted, and committed a fair amount of crimes. According to the rules of Underworld, all such people will go down to h.e.l.l after their death.

Xiling couldn’t help but look up, a surprised look on her face, but thinking of Saiyan’s conduct, if the soul really goes through judgment, I am afraid all will go down to h.e.l.l.

“So if you do not want to go down to h.e.l.l in future, you will have to either good and evil or be fair and re

incarnate; or you have to ensure that you will never die, so will not be judged by King of h.e.l.l,” Xiaya said very humorously.

“I can not do too many bad things in future!”

Xiling mused briefly, less killing of innocent in the future is for her own consideration which will only make her feel suffocation and itchy, and as for what Xiaya said about to never die, she just treated it as a joke and forgot it. She was just puzzled why Xiaya seems to know everything, he is obviously just like her, a child.

Regarding Xiling’s doubts, Xiaya could not provide too many explanations, as he could not let others know that he has come from another world, at least until he has enough power, he cannot reveal it.

So he changed the topic: “Oh, by the way, it has been more than half a year when we arrived on Earth, and all that has to be done has been done, and our purpose has also been achieved. So, it is now time to return to Planet Vegeta!”

“Are we going back?”

Xiling was a bit excited. After leaving Planet Vegeta for so many years, she was already impatient to go back.

Sure enough, as soon as this topic was brought out, Xiling’s attention was immediately diverted. Xiaya secretly sighed and thought, in the future cannot again show off as if he knows everything, otherwise, she will be suspicions.

“Yeah, it’s been years that we left, it’s time to go back. But remember to hide your Battle Power once we get back to Planet Vegeta and don’t attract anyone’s attention,” Xiaya said.

Xiling nodded, she was not that ignorant little girl like before. After following Xiaya around for so long, she was imperceptibly influenced by him.The saying that the highest tree in the forest would be destroyed by the wind, she naturally understands.

It’s just that she felt reluctant to leave earth for a moment. Of course, she felt reluctant because she would not be able to eat the different kinds of delicious food from the earth, and as for the rest, she couldn’t care less.

Then she moved closer to Xiaya and put one of her hand on his shoulder.

Xiaya also put his hand around her slender waist, the feeling of young girl’s body came from his palm, and a lily flavored smell tickled his nose.

He held his breath and concentrated, activating his s.p.a.ce superpower. After a moment, an indistinct brilliance shone in their former place while the two people have already disappeared from the earth.

Unlike the difficult situation he was in when they came to Earth six months ago, Xiaya was much more relaxed this time around and had become much more proficient in using Instant Transmission. With huge energy support, activating Instant Transmission was no longer so difficult.

He jumped back and forth from one planet to another, and half an hour later, they appeared on the distant Planet Selma.

Back to the familiar Planet Selma, Xiaya took a deep breath.

“Although Instant Transmission ‘superpower’ is convenient, it consumes much more energy than Planet Yardrat’s Instant Transmission and is not even comparable with Kibito’s !” Xiaya inwardly pondered.

When he uses Instant Transmission ‘superpower’, he not only has to know the location of the target area ahead of time but also has to consume a lot of extra energy for spatial transmission; falling behind Planet Yardrat’s method of locking onto the target aura. Of course, when his strength reaches a certain level, it will exceed Planet Yardrat’s.

Uhh, maybe after merging with Yardrat’s Instant Transmission in the future, their combination may reach Kibito’s Instant Transmission!

“Xiling, let’s first go and take the s.p.a.cecrafts out.”

“M-hm!” Xiling nodded.

Xiaya took her by teleporting, back to where they had landed.

The small mountain valley was still familiar, but the vegetation here was denser than when they had left. Maybe before long, it would be restored to the lush forest from before.

Returning to the valley after more than half a year, Xiaya couldn’t help but lament that although they had only left for half a year, if the time inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was also calculated then a year and a half had already pa.s.sed.

As for his strength, it has been more than 2,000 Battle Power when he left Planet Selma which is approaching 13,000 Battle Power now, multiplied by several times.



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