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The luscious peaks and mountains lined up in folds like the waves of an ocean, appearing on and off.

Lin Fan was admiring the night scenery on the bow of the s.h.i.+p. Standing beside him was the young Lolita Zhiqiao; somewhat nervous, somewhat afraid.

Lin Fan stretched his palms out in front of the young Lolita, eyes beaming cheerfully.

Looking at Lin Fan, she carefully stretched out her tender, nimble hands and placed them onto his.

Holding the hands of his young disciple, Lin Fan let out a smile of happiness.

Fengtian Sect’s Battle Ark…

The mood has been grim since Lin Ao was defeated by a disciple of Glory Sect in a split second.

Fengtian Sect Elder’s face had been dark the entire way, without any signs of life. He was incensed to the max.

Lying on the deck was Lin Ao. The only thing on his mind was flashes of what happened before. His face was green as he tried to bear the terrible feeling on his crotch.

Or perhaps it was better to say that there was hardly any feeling there other than the pain.

Intense pain.

Glory Sect…Lin Fan!

Lin Ao’s eyes were sharp, furious beyond anything.

He did not know when he had lost consciousness. All he knew was that it felt extremely strange.

But this vengeance, he swore to pay it back in full.

Pa.s.sing by countless mountain peaks and oceans, the sight of the Glory Sect finally appeared before them.

The tall peaks of Glory Sect began growing larger as the gigantic ark approached back. Looking at the sect before them, the disciples were all filled with excitement in their hearts.

“Finally, we’re back!”

“That’s right. After leaving the sect for so many days, I did feel kinda homesick.”

“Even though we did not destroy them utterly, Fengtian Sect’s Lin Ao did have a lesson taught to him! That’s a pretty big victory as well!”

Holding onto Zhiqiao’s tiny hands, Lin Fan pointed ahead, “That’s your home from now on.”

Cai Zhiqiao’s bright little eyes sparkled as she saw the multiple peaks.

For the journey in the past few days, Lin Fan had a pretty good relations.h.i.+p with this only disciple of his. At the very least, he had broken through the initial awkwardness.

The main reason was because Lin Fan was smart. He had many ideas on how to keep a young Lolita happy.

“Master, will I be staying here in the future as well?” Cai Zhiqiao opened her eyes widely and asked.

Lin Fan smiled as he fondled the little Lolita’s head.

Today, Glory Sect was bustling with excitement.

n.o.body in the sect knew what was going on for this expedition. They knew that Glory Sect had suffered a great loss in the previous forbidden grounds expedition and had lost face in front of many sects. They wondered if they had regained some respect through this expedition.

“Our great Master is coming back!” Zhang Ergou stood within the crowds excitedly. He missed his Master dearly.

“Senior Brother, what you miss is Master’s Biggra, isn’t it?” Feng Bujue rolled his eyes and exposed Zhang Ergou mercilessly.

Towards this, Zhang Ergou was somewhat displeased, ‘Goodness, since when have you become this straightforward? Can’t you see that I’m not the only one who misses it?’

Feng Bujue looked at Ye Shaotian in the distance and sighed helplessly as well.

But deep in his heart, he did somewhat miss the wondrous feeling of having a Biggra as well.

Even though their master had only been gone for half a month, it felt like years to them.

At last, the gigantic ark floated stilly in the skies above them. The disciples below began counting the number of inner sect disciples who came down.




“Look! They’re all safe and sound! Not a single one was lost!” A few conscientious disciples who were counting carefully exclaimed excitedly.

“Eh? Why’s there a little girl!”

The disciples gathered questioned the presence of the young Cai Zhiqiao. But even more so, they wondered about the results of the expedition.

“Grand Master, Elder. We have returned safely.” Elder Yu was the first to descend the ark and he reported to the Grand Master and Senior Elder.

“Good.” Grand Master Yan nodded.

Stepping forth, Lin Fan saw the number of disciples gathered and let out a grin. Regarding the morale of the current Glory Sect, he had to do something to boost it up.

“Come, let me through…” Lin Fan’s voice came calmly through the crowds. From his storage, he pulled out the Snow Lion.

On that empty field in the center, a ma.s.sively humungous and brutal looking beast suddenly appeared, scaring the s.h.i.+t out of the disciples present.

“What’s that beast! Isn’t it way too huge!”

“Could that be…the Snow Lion?!?”

“What! THAT lesser celestial upper-level Snow Lion?!?”

“Such a complete carca.s.s! Could it be that our Glory Sect has obtained it entirely for ourselves?!?”

Everyone was shouting exuberantly with discussions rife. But one thing was for sure: in every single one of their eyes was a look of happiness.

Even Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders were somewhat shocked. They returned with the entire carca.s.s of the beast! Surely the other sects weren’t THIS generous?!?

“Grand Master, Elder, Junior Master Lin’s credit is tremendous for the expedition. If not for him…not only would we have lost quite a number of disciples, we might even have returned with nothing entirely.” Zong Hentian shouted immediately.

Every single person’s gaze turned to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan let out a wide smile. Cai Zhiqiao beside him was somewhat afraid by the sudden gazes of the, and cowered timidly behind Lin Fan.

Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders looked at Lin Fan with unfathomable amazement. They too knew about the Snow Lion’s strength. It was ferocious and brutal. Even with their strengths, they may not be able to take it down too.

But now, the entire carca.s.s, full and undamaged, was here before their very eyes. How did they manage to convince the other sects to give in as such?!

Looking at all their dumbstruck faces, Lin Fan lowered his chin slightly and looked around, as though everything was under his control, “This carca.s.s? Nothing much. In the hands of Yours Truly, she was defeated all the same. What matters most is about to come.”

Everyone was taken aback. Based on Junior Master Lin’s words, this was not the most important reward still?! What else was there going to be?!?

Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders looked at each other and laughed gently. In their hearts, they thought, “Isn’t this Lin Fan just the cheeky young lad. Just like him to keep everyone in suspense as such.”

Looking at their faces of antic.i.p.ation, Lin Fan grinned even wider. Opening his palms, a snow-white Snow Lion cub laid quietly asleep within Lin Fan’s palms.

When the cub appeared, every single disciple dropped their jaws.

“That’s…that’s the Snow Lion’s cub!!!”

“Wow, how could this be? Not only did we obtain the Snow Lion’s carca.s.s, but we also obtained its cub! Then what did the other sects have?!?”

Everyone was dumbstruck beyond words. Everything was way too surreal.

Even Grand Master Yan and the Senior Elders had a stir within their hearts. Just what had happened in the expedition?


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