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Translator: Eisen Editor: Weasalopes

As I reach this place, something catches my attention. I haven’t encountered a single Orc after fighting those Gozu and Mezu. I wonder if any Orcs actually live in this place.

But this is still troublesome in a way. There are Floating Bombs here. And Demon Centipedes, too.

Well, I guess that we’ll do more than just fight Orcs then. Even now, Jericho is thrashing those Demon Centipedes, but I still don’t feel quite satisfied for some reason. Oh, that’s it. I’m not having as many chances to let myself go wild in battles. After fighting the Gozu and Mezu, I’d better fight fair and square. When it comes to Floating Bombs, all it takes to finish them off is shooting at them with a Water Needle.

Come, now! The antidote is no longer in effect. Come whenever you want!

This is the same trap as before. The pathway keeps going around in circles. Though it’s my fault for not noticing that Sense Magic had worn off a while ago.

I’m reactivating Sense Magic to check the surroundings. As expected, there’s a door here. I use Unlock on it and have Jericho push the rock away. I expected another hall, but this seems to be a little different.

I can see some stairs. And something is bursting to light from the stairs. I’m already getting used to these guys by now.

Gozu Lv 2 Phantom Enemy Target Active

Mezu Lv 2 Phantom Enemy Target Active

You guys again, huh? But I’m grateful. I know that fighting you guys will make it worth my time. I’m just in the mood for this.

「Enchanted Weapon!」

After the fourth use of Enchanted Weapon, the Mezu rushes toward us. He’s coming after me. The Gozu faces toward Jericho, Mumyo and Obsidian. Heather is providing support close to me.

How should I deal with this brawny Mezu? I can’t beat it fair and square. I also know that attacking their vitals isn’t very effective.

I feel my body moving faster. It must be thanks to Heather. Thanks! I easily avoid the swing of the Mezu’s staff, and get close to it. I hit its wrist with my right hand and scratch at the same time. I have my Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh equipped in that hand. It draws no blood. But the best comes next.

I grab its arm with my left hand and apply pressure to its joints. Then I throw it away by flipping it over. My first goal is to force it to drop that staff of his. It’s too risky to have that around here.

The Mezu is still holding its staff. I step on the staff and kick the monster’s face. Still not letting go of it, huh? I pierce the back of its hand with my Bagh Nakh. Whenever it tries to stand up, I step on its staff. And I keep kicking its face.

Did you finally let go of the staff? I kick the staff far away and face the Mezu. Well. How should I fight it?


The Mezu draws near with a menacing roar. It’s fast! But not as fast as an actual horse. And I know that it’s not proficient in unarmed combat. Though it still seems to have a considerable amount of power and speed.

I scratch away at its belly with my Bagh Nakh from its side and step on one of its feet. It’s not falling, huh? I thought that it wouldn’t be so easy. It seems to have a good sense of balance. I hit it as it turns around. Then I throw a series of punches at its torso. The monster’s HP has only gone down by about 10 percent. This… Now this is fun!

Of course, I’m also attacking its vitals. I know it’s not particularly effective, but I still keep on attacking. Even if I tear at its throat, the damage isn’t too different from hitting its torso. I continue to hit it repeatedly with my left fist, which is equipped with my Gale Tiger Push Dagger. I think I have the upper hand here. But it’s not going to be an easy victory. I’m fighting to my heart’s content.

I’m having a great time, really. I’m really satisfied. I know that the Gozu has already been defeated. I could get Jericho and the others to help and finish this easily.

But I won’t have them get in the way of my fun. It would be such a waste.

Even if hitting its vitals doesn’t work, it seems to be ignoring the laws of physics. I’m applying the locks properly, and my throwing technique looks on point. It’s just that it’s weird that the monster doesn’t seem to be in pain. But this is a good opponent. More of these can come as much as they want.

A dangerous but fun time goes by. Since the battle is taking a long time, more Mezu are coming to attack us. I feel a terrible power. But it’s not enough for me to get nervous, actually.

Defeating these many Mezu is taking quite some time. But using only kicks and punches to defeating seems quite effective. You could say I’m torturing them to death.

《Job Level Up!》 《You may learn the following Support Skill(s) :【Sleight of Hand】 》 《【Punch】 Level Up!》 《【Block】 Level Up!》 《【Dark Magic】 Level Up!》 《Summon Monster 『Mumyo』 Level Up!》 《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Mumyo leveled up! All right. His DEX has increased automatically upon leveling up. I’ll choose INT as his second stat increase.

Mumyo Skeleton Lv 4→Lv 5 (↑1) DEX 16 (↑1) AGI 15 INT 12 (↑1) STR 12 VIT 12 SPI 11

Skills Hammer Buckler Block Physical Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Medium] Dark Attribute

But the pop-ups don’t stop there.

《Summon Monster 『Heather』 Level Up!》 《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

This is great! These Gozu and Mezu did come in handy, didn’t they?

Her SPI has increased automatically upon leveling up. I’ll choose VIT as his second stat increase.

Heather Fairy Lv 2→Lv 3 (↑1) DEX  6 AGI 19 INT 20 STR  1 VIT  3 (↑1) SPI 23 (↑1)

Skills Flight Levitation Magical Resistance [Medium] MP Regeneration [Small] Wind Attribute

Should I say that we’re leveling up fast? Or is it that the monsters that we’ve been facing lately yield lots of experience?

We hit another fork in the road. This time, the path seems to be getting slightly uphill. The monsters that appear here are only Floating Bombs and Demon Centipedes. Since they come by themselves, defeating them is no problem. But these battles are boring, huh?

We continue to climb endlessly. The time now is 6:00 PM. I want to find a good spot to have dinner somewhere soon.

So I head to the hall. I can see that there are eight small rooms. Two of those small rooms should be locked out. The front side of the hall would then be its gateway.

I check each of the small rooms. All of the open small rooms were empty. Then what about the locked ones?

Let’s check those locked rooms. They’re all shut tight. Looking at them with Sense Magic on, I can see that they’ve been sealed away with magic.

I use Unlock on the first one. It looks similar to the other small rooms. But there’s a box in the middle of the room. I don’t feel any magic power from it.

Is it a treasure chest? Wait, wait. wait. What if this is a trap?

Just to be on the safe side, I have Jericho open the box. I don’t feel anything strange. And we found something surprising inside.

【Material】 Aquamarine Grade B Rarity 4 Weight 0+ A blue beryl. Also called Indigo Orb or Water Jewel. It is highly rare among beryls. It is a jewel related to sea water that is very popular as an amulet.

【Equipment: Necklace】 Mithril Silver Necklace + Grade C+ Rarity 5 M・AP+12 Weight 1 Durability 150 A necklace made of Mithril silver chains. Reinforced with magic. [Custom] Empowered by adding several pearls to this necklace. ※Water Magic Power Up [Medium]

The Aquamarine stone looks like a fine item. The necklace is great! However, it doesn’t fit me. The chain is too short, so I can’t wear it. Additionally, it has pearls all over it, so I can’t expect to strengthen it any further.

What if I give it to Obsidian? I try equipping it on him, but it’s too long. I somehow manage to adjust its length so he can wear it. Does it feel out of place? Obsidian doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. Okay. Let’s check things out for a while.

I see no changes on Obsidian’s status screen. I want to think that it does help him, though.

Well then. Let’s try unlocking the other room. I release the seal, and… What will happen when I open the door?

Shining bright red in front of my eyes. My field of vision is covered by red markers. The room is full of Floating Bombs! So that’s what it was!

I close the door without thinking. However, it seems that it’s been by the fact that its seal has been unlocked. The door bursts into a million pieces! Then Floating Bombs start flooding into the hall as if it were an avalanche.

There’s no time to lose. I select a spell and cast it. But the monsters are faster! Several bullets of fire are drawing near. This is bad!

But the attack doesn’t hit me. The fire scatters in all directions in front of a water barrier. Of course, I haven’t cast that. It was Obsidian’s doing. Checking his MP, I can see that it has decreased.

「Aqua Slash!」

The AOE Water spell makes it in time. Well, this is also thanks to Obsidian’s support. The monsters in the hall fall to the ground one after the other. But we’re not off the hook yet. Some of the monsters are outside of the spell’s range.

Obsidian flies towards a monster that still looks healthy. He has a Water attribute now. I can leave fighting the Floating Bombs completely to him. There are dozens of them anywhere you look!

There’s nothing to worry about. Obsidian’s next spell isn’t another Water Shield like before. Something like an Aqua Slash was taking place in the room. The number of monsters that were flying about freely has been reduced to just two. Obsidian then chases after those remaining two monsters.

「Aqua Slash!」

I fire my spell at the monsters that are already lying on the ground. One by one, their numbers decrease. Even though some survived the spell, they are already dying anyway. As I deliver the finishing blow on those remaining monsters, I check on Obsidian’s situation. One of the monsters he was chasing had been killed, and the other one is almost dead.

I was right to leave it to him! Jericho and Mumyo finish off the rest of the already dying monsters. It’s an easy victory from there. Finishing off the remaining monsters is a simple task.

《【Identify】 Level Up!》

Identify has leveled up after killing all those monsters. That’s great.

But it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to worry about. It’s nice to have obtained all of this peat, but it’s too heavy! My first 《Item Box》 looks like it’s almost full. I want to be able to carry it properly.

《【Disa.s.sembly】 Level Up!》

Disa.s.sembly levels up as well. Will you please work for once?

So, is there anything in the room where the Floating Bombs were? Nothing at all. Too bad.

Well then. This room is great and all, but I want to eat. Let’s try that spell.

「Instant Portal!」

I use it in a corner of the room. Well, what does it feel like?

It’s a mysterious s.p.a.ce inside. Everything around this s.p.a.ce seems translucent. Whoa. I can’t believe that monsters won’t attack us here.

After some consideration, I recall Heather and summon Bunraku. It’s time for sirloin again! With this much, I should have enough to enjoy this for days. Yum!

I see something strange while eating. It’s a monster. A Floating Bomb. It’s just pa.s.sing by in front of me as if nothing happens. I can’t see a marker, though. Its body looks transparent. And I can’t touch it, either. It’s as if it were a ghost.

So it’s safe to a.s.sume that this Instant Portal cuts through s.p.a.ce and creates a separate s.p.a.ce out of it? It looks like a somewhat suspiciously strange s.p.a.ce.

While we’re at it, should I try and see if I can log out here? Wait, I’ll have to re-summon my monsters if I do that. I can’t be wasting my MP on that…

Wait, wait, wait! Should I try to, though? I have about 70 percent MP left…

I guess I should try it out, since I’m so concerned about it.

I recall all of my Monster Summons. The log out confirmation screen comes out without me using a tent, so I’ll log out just like that.

Then I log back in almost instantly. Everything looks just as how I left it. Well, that should be obvious, shouldn’t it?

All right then. Can I log out once again?

I can’t. It looks like it can’t be done in succession. Well, isn’t the cooldown time about five hours or so? I can always use Return Home to go back to the Wind Spirit Village, so I don’t have to worry about that.

So, shall we go? Wait. I’ve been so busy eating that I’ve forgotten to refill my potions. Well, I only have a few empty bottles left anyway. I want to do this quickly, so I’ll use Quick Recreate.

Are we ready? Are we sure we’re not leaving anything behind? Are we ready to fight that Floating Bomb in front of us?

I have no Monster Summons. How stupid of me..

It’s already evening, so let’s go for a night-oriented formation. I summon Obsidian, Jean, and Mumyo. After some consideration, the last slot is taken by Volff.

All right. Shall we go ahead then?

As I try to leave the tent-like divided s.p.a.ce, an info screen comes up.

《If all of the current users leave the Instant Portal, it will lose its effect. Are you sure you want to proceed?》

I have the option to say either 《Yes》 or 《No》 , though in this case I naturally choose Yes. I should be able to confirm just by actually leaving.

And so we leave the Instant Portal. Of course, the Floating Bomb is still there.

Floating Bomb Lv 3 Monster Enemy Target Active Details: Airborne Fire Attribute

Huh? 【Identify】 seems to be yielding more information now.

Either way, it’s no match for Obsidian. He makes quick work of the monster. Oh boy, Obsidian is so strong now!

There’s another pa.s.sage just like before at the end of this hall. There are also some monsters there.

Another hall, huh? But it seems smaller than the previous one. It looks like a dead end, but I’ll use Sense Magic to look around. Looks like there’s nothing of interest here.

There are four small rooms though, and one of them seems to be locked. I use Unlock and go inside. But once again things look different in there.

Are those Orcs? Yeah, those seem to be Orcs. The monsters that are coming out of the room look rather weak! Since there’s no Orc Leader around, it’s not a big deal. Should I use 【Identify】 on these guys too?

Orc Lv 3 Monster Enemy Target Active Details: Above Ground

Well, I already knew that it has no elemental attribute. It seems that no matter how much information I can get with 【Identify】, there isn’t anything special to know about Orcs.

I go inside while kicking some Orcs about. Since their numbers are not as big, I can’t enjoy it as much as I’d like to. Boring. Really boring. They show more signs of pain than the Mezu, but they also look kind of cute. They die quickly without enduring much pain. Come on, Orcs. Put some spirit to it!

And these are the Orcs that don’t drop any gems! What a waste of time.

The good Orcs are the ones that drop gems. I utter a curse as I go through the forked road.

I go out to a place that suddenly opens up. The ceiling is high. And the wind feels nice.

There’s nothing here, I’m outside. I can see the moon and the starry sky.

Let’s take a look at the map. It looks like I’m close to the center of the S1W2 Map. Plus, it’s nighttime. I should be very cautious.

Let’s check the place where I just came to. It’s shaped like an anthill. What’s this? There’s a loophole here.

Obsidian’s eyes catch sight of something. He finds something that looks like an old tower.

No way… An Area Portal already?

That tower looks like it could crumble down at any minute. The stones used to build it look clearly weathered down. Hmm. I use Sense Magic. There’s nothing weird going on.

The entrance to the tower is also in shambles. It looks that this was originally a truly splendid tower once, but is now but a shadow of its former glory. I cannot feel any magical power from it. Still I can’t help but feel uneasy about this.

What’s the inside of the tower look like? It looks like a cave. There are some stairs along the walls of the tower, but it doesn’t look like they can be climbed.

I get to the center of the room. An event starts. A voice resounds within the tower.

《O trespa.s.ser.》

《We art the convicted ones.》

《We art the rescued ones.》

《We art the absolute judges.》

《Thee must try thy soul against our judgement.》

《Thee must be put under trial.》

《Our trial is fair. Will thee test thy spirit, heart and flesh?》

This info screen looks like bad news. But I answer 《Yes》 in order to advance through the event. Are we ready?

Sand begins to rapidly fall from above. I quickly step back without thinking. I use the spell I had prepared already.

「Enchanted Weapon!」

I use this spell on Volff first. I select my next spell immediately after that.

The falling sand is starting to pile up. Is it building up into something? What is it?

Sand Golem Lv 1 Servitor Magical Being Enemy Target Active Details: Above Ground Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight] Fire Resistance [Slight] Earth Resistance [Slight] Wind Resistance [Slight]

What’s with this guy? And it looks like it’s not alone…

Executioner Dust Specter – Hab.o.o.b Lv 3 Event Monster ??? Details: Airborne Dust Attribute Fire Resistance [Slight] Wind Resistance [Slight] 1

This guy here looks like a lump of sand floating in the air. It’s similar to a Gas Cloud. Since it’s the Event Monster, it seems that defeating it first should be my priority.

「Enchanted Weapon!」

This time I use the spell on Jean. Our enemies have yet to make a move. The one to begin the battle is actually Obsidian.

He sends out a bundle of Water Needles as if it were a fine membrane.

Our enemies have many resistances. But they are easy to read. Since we already know their details, it’s easy to know what to do next. We should use Water Magic against them. This should be easier than our previous battles.

This is not easy at all.

That Sand Golem is very troublesome. Of course, our Water Magic is damaging it. But this is a Golem, a rather tough opponent. Moreover, it seems to be impervious to Volff’s attacks. It’s sandy body seems to spread out instantly. Still, it’s taking damage. But only ever so slightly.

As for the Hab.o.o.b, it may be a little easier to deal with, but then again, maybe not so much. Our Water Magic is certainly damaging it, but it’s using the Sand Golem to shield itself from our attacks. But its special attack is very troublesome. It’s similar to my spell, Thermal Expansion. It hits Volff, Obsidian, and Jean directly with ease. Mumyo also gets. .h.i.t, naturally. I really have to do something about this.

Before using Enchanted Weapon on everyone, I use Resist Dust as well. Our damage is starting to pile up dangerously. I give Recovery Pills to everyone except Mumyo. I take a Recovery Pill myself, too. If it has come to this, this might end up being a drawn-out battle.

I’ve been really busy since the start of this battle. I’m using magic to heal damage from the battle left and right.

Something unexpected is also happening. Mumyo is not able to keep up with the damage he’s taking, despite his healing factor. Even with Fire Heal, he’s only recovering nothing more than a little bit of health over time.

Since his attribute is Dark, he has a way to heal himself. He could use Dark Heal to recover a good amount of HP if he wished to. Hasn’t he realized that yet?

Oops…! I have to do something about those guys!

How about some more Water Magic? Have we run out of MP yet? Obsidian still has about half of his MP left.

What can we understand from their movement patterns? The Sand Golem changes between being humanoid and a cloud of sand repeatedly. I think it’s happening at fixed intervals. In its humanoid form, its attacks are powerful, but its movements are slow. Even Mumyo can easily avoid its attacks. And while we manage to land hits on it, the amount of damage that we deal to it seems to be a bit lacking. We finally put it under 40 percent of its HP.

It’s really bothersome when it turns into dust. It looks like all physical attacks go straight through it while in that form. Do they deal any damage at all? But above all, the cloud of sand is everywhere, covering my eyes and making it impossible for me to open them. So instead, we are the ones who are getting damaged the most.

The Hab.o.o.b has finally started to deplete its MP reserves. Is it just going to move while cowering behind that Sand Golem? No, it’s getting closer to me. Ignoring the damage it’s being done to it, it clings onto me and starts coiling around me like a snake.

My MP starts to gradually decrease. At the same time, the Hab.o.o.b’s MP goes up to around 70 percent. But that’s not all. A Status Abnormality marker appears over my own marker. This guy…! What did it do to me? And my MP is down to 30 percent!

I have to make him pay for this.

First of all, I’ll focus my fire on that Hab.o.o.b. Obsidian and Jean a.s.sault it from above. I also throw a series of punches at it over and over. Volff and Mumyo continue to attack by encircling the enemies.

Now that it’s come out from behind that Sand Golem’s back, we can attack it.

The Hab.o.o.b lets go of me, and the Sand Golem materializes in its place, receiving my attacks in its stead. c.r.a.p! I was this close to actually deal some damage to that Hab.o.o.b!

Hab.o.o.b retreats once again far beyond my reach. I have Volff, Obsidian and Jean chase after it. The Sand Golem begins to turn into a cloud of dust and in order to move towards the Hab.o.o.b. I attack it while it’s still transforming itself, hoping it to be effective. I continue to attack without any restraints.

Volff makes it in time before the Sand Golem has a chance to materialize itself. Hab.o.o.b’s HP disappears just like that. And with it, the MP it stole from me disappears as well.

At last, only one remains. All that’s left is that Sand Golem.

「Gravity Bullet!」

The Spell hits the spot where it just materialized. There’s no effect…? Did the Sand Golem’s HP not decrease at all? What’s with that?

The spot the spell just hit was blown away as expected, but it seems that the affected part just turned into sand. Though there’s a big hole on the Sand Golem now, it looks as if it has taken no damage from the attack. This is nonsense!

As I decide to make a move, something holds my feet down. A huge amount of sand is flowing at my feet. d.a.m.n it. I am rendered unable to move in a matter of seconds.

Before I know it, the Sand Golem gets close to me. His fist is coming this way. His formidable fist is in right in front of my eyes. He swings it downwards directly above me.

This is it.

I’m dead.

If that hits me, I’ll be so dead.

But the fist never hits me. I’m being sent flying away from where I was standing just now. The one who has tackled me away is Volff.


Volff’s HP disappears in the blink of an eye.

I can’t believe this. But Volff’s corpse is definitely right in front of me. I’m swelling with rage! I want to hit something really hard! I select one of my spells and furiously cast it.

「Water Needle!」

It hits the Sand Golem, which is still in its humanoid form. And at last, its HP goes down to 30 percent. Obsidian taps into his MP as well and fires off a Water Needle of his own. I’m not done yet.

「Water Needle!」

Its HP goes down to 20 percent. The next moment, it turns back into dust.


I have to stop it!

I don’t want to keep fighting it like this. If I wait, he’s going to materialize back soon enough.


This ends now!

「Aqua Slash!」

I fire an AOE spell with all of my rage. I’m such an idiot, really. Did I forget that the attack that Obsidian used first back then was the most effective tactic? I was so hooked up with using physical attacks along with Enchanted Weapon. I have failed to see this because that strategy has worked in the past.

Volff died because of my lack of judgement. He is only going to receive a death penalty, but I am still to blame. This is my mistake.

Volff’s corpse disappears. Just as if it was never there to begin with.

The Sand Golem’s HP disappears as well, and it turns into ordinary sand. As if all this time, it had been nothing more than a vision.

《O trespa.s.ser.》

《We art the convicted ones.》

《We art the rescued ones.》

《We art the absolute judges.》

《We will disregard thy trespa.s.sings.》

《Thee hast conquered our trial.》

《Thee will eventually repent your sins.》

《Though know that more charges against thee yet remain.》

And with that, the event seems to be over.

《S1W2 Map’s Area Portal cleared!》 《You have gained 4 Bonus Points. You currently have a total of 10 Bonus Points.》 《【Speedcasting】 Level Up!》

I am lost in thought, so I pay little attention to the info screen. I’m too preoccupied to even think of having any sense of accomplishment. I just don’t feel like it. There are no traces of any fierce battles having taken place until now. Everything vanished as if it were nothing but a vision.

Although they got to survive, both Obsidian and Jean are in terrible condition. Mumyo can heal himself, so he hasn’t stopped recovering from its wounds.

It’s still early, but let’s stop for now. This is how I’ll punish myself for letting Volff die.

I leave the Area Portal, and use Return Home. With the almost non-existent remaining MP I’ve got left, I teleport to the Wind Spirit Village. Without anything particular in mind, I set up my tent on the first suitable spot I find, and recall all of my Monster Summons. I slip into my blanket, and log out immediately after that.

Will I forget about what happened today come tomorrow?

Protagonist Keith Race Human Male Racial Lv 13 Job Summoner Lv 13 (↑1) Bonus Points Remaining 10

Skill Sets Staff Lv 11 Punch Lv 8 (↑1) Kick Lv 8 Joint Lock Lv 7 Throw Lv 7 Evade Lv 7 Block Lv 8 (↑1)  Summon Magic Lv 13 s.p.a.cetime Magic Lv 6 Light Magic Lv 6 Wind Magic Lv 7 Earth Magic Lv 7 Water Magic Lv 7 Fire Magic Lv 7 Dark Magic Lv 7 (↑1) Ice Magic Lv 5 Lightning Magic Lv 5 Tree Magic Lv 5 Dust Magic Lv 5 Lava Magic Lv 5 Steam Magic Lv 5 Alchemy Lv 6 Pharmacy Lv 5 Gla.s.smaking Lv 3 Woodworking Lv 4 Synergy Lv 10 Appraise Lv 9 Identify Lv 10 (↑1) Discern Lv 3 Cold Resistance Lv 5 Grab Lv 7 Horsemanship Lv 7 Precise Manipulation Lv 9 Jump Lv 4 Heat Resistant Lv 4 Climb Lv 4 Dual Wield Lv 7 Disa.s.sembly Lv 6 (↑1) Physical Reinforcement Lv 5 Mental Reinforcement Lv 6 Speedcasting Lv 8 (↑1) Spell Effect Amplification Lv 3 Spell Range Amplification Lv 3

Equipment Kaya Wood Rod × 1 Kaya Wood Tonfa × 2 Enraged Pickaxe + × 2 Silver Necklace + Snow Leopard Push Dagger × 1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger × 2 Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh × 1 Wild Horse Leather Armor + Snow Ape Armguard Wild Horse Boots + Snow Ape Leather Helmet Rampage Belt + Rucksack Item Box × 2

Items: Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools

t.i.tles: Old Summoner’s Temporary Pupil Protector of the Forest Man of the Middle Path Spell Glossary

Monster Summons: Volff Grey Wolf Lv 2 *Death Penalty* Zangetsu White Horse Lv 1 Helix Hawk Lv 7 Obsidian Owl Lv 7 Jean Bat Lv 7 Jericho Wood Golem Lv 5 Goki Demon Lv 6 Senki Beast Ape Lv 6 Rig Slime Lv 5 Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv 4 Mumyo Skeleton Lv 4→Lv 5 (↑1) DEX 16 (↑1) AGI 15 INT 12 (↑1) STR 12 VIT 12 SPI 11

Skills Hammer Buckler Block Physical Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Medium] Dark Attribute Ninetails Red Fox Lv 3 Heather Fairy Lv 2→Lv 3 (↑1) DEX  6 AGI 19 INT 20 STR  1 VIT  3 (↑1) SPI 23 (↑1)

Skills Flight Levitation Magical Resistance [Medium] MP Regeneration [Small] Wind Attribute

TL Note: are a type of intense dust storm that occur regularly in dry land areas. ↩


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