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Meanwhile, Dionisius, who has gone on his way, grumped while walking on the market of Arcadia.

“Who does he think he is? So what if I kill one person or two, he didn’t have to be that mad” Murmured Dionisius.

Dionisius felt strange, as a G.o.d, he didn’t care about mortals and how he toyed with them, that it-s how is supposed to be, the natural order of the world

And yet…

“What is this bitter feeling?” Though Dionisius.

“Excuse me”

While Dionisius was walking someone stopped him, he looked up and saw a woman looking at him, the woman was not extraordinary, in fact, one could said that she was pretty plain with her black hair in a ponytail, she wore a commoners outfit and was a little plum, not fat though. All in all, she looked like a regular commoner.

“And who might you be?” Asked Dionisius.

“My name is America, I came here to arrest you for the murder of the head of the Actenios family, Griftor Actenios, please come with me without resistance” Said America.

“He was a murder too, he deserved what he got” Said Dionisius.

“Might be, however, it’s not up for us who decide who lives and who dies, there are authorities that decided, higher ups if you want a name for them, I am just a p.a.w.n that follow orders, it’s my job, not a job that I am proud of, but its my job, so please, don’t make things complicated and follow me” Said America.

“And if I said no? what are you going to do about it?” Said Dionisius.

“Then I will have to be impolite” Said America.

“Do you have any idea who are you talking to?” Asked Dionisius.

“…” America didn’t say anything and walked towards Dionisius.

Dionisius’s eyes turned serious while America Approached.



“Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s welcome our new challenger” Said the host while presenting America, who was still looking plainly at the coliseum.

Dionisius went out in his adult form while looking at America.

“It seems that someone already told you about my powers” Said Dionisius.

“Not that it matters though” Added Dionisius.

America looked at the adult form of Dionisius and sighed slightly.

“Your adult form is indeed formidable, however, even now…”

“You are not my match, give up” Said America.

“Arrogant” Said Dionisius.

He grabbed one of his favorites, the lance.

“Pick your weapon” Said Dionisius.

America looked at the set of weapons and choose a sword.

“A sword huh? So she specializes in close combat” Though Dionisius.

The fact that America was so calm despite looking at him now, make Dionisius warry about America.

“But there is no problem, she is just a human after all” Though Dionisius.

“Good sword” Murmured America.

Dionisius approached America and swing his lance towards her in a swift motion.


The lance quickly approached America who didn’t move from her site, she looked at the lance and lightly moved her head to the right.

The lance pa.s.sed near the right left cheek of America, scratching her a little.

America watched the lanced that left a small wound on her cheek.

“I see” Said America plainly.

Dionisius frowned a little and moved her lance once again aiming to America who evaded the lance of Dionisius once again, Dionisius become angrier and angrier and swung the lance faster and faster.

Sure, America didn’t have it easy either, while the speed increased she also suffered a wound every now and then, but, despite this, her expression didn’t change, she just looked plainly at the attacks of Dionisius.

After a few minutes of attacking, Dionisius backed up.

“Who are you?” Asked Dionisius.

“I told you, my name is America” Said America.

“Don’t play dumb! Those reflexes aren’t something that you can acquire! Answer! How are you able to use your power as a champion in my coliseum!” Said Dionisius.

“…” America looked at Dionisius.

She swung her sword forward and went straight towards Dionisius.


Dionisius defended himself, this time, America was at the offensive, she wasn’t as fast as Dionisius, but, her attacks were more effective, some enough, Dionisius arm was sliced by the sword, of course, the attack wasn’t deep, nevertheless, his wounds added more and more, soon, it pa.s.sed the wounds of America.

“Screw off!” Shouted Dionisius.

He took advantage of a small gap and lifted his lance, piercing America’s shoulder.

America looked at the lance piercing her shoulder, and, without hesitation, she pierced her sword as well, however, she pierced towards Dionisius’s chest!

“Ugh!” Dionisius felt the metal piercing into his flesh, he backed up immediately leaving his lance on America’s shoulder, however, his chest was already bleeding.

“f.u.c.k! It almost pierced my heart!” Though Dionisius.

America looked back at Dionisius and, without one expression, took off the lance and ripped of a part of her s.h.i.+rt to bandage the injury.

“I am not a champion”

Dionisius looked back at the plain America, who, for the first time, answered at him.

“The blood of my kind and my sense of duty, those are the only weapons that I need” Said America.

Dionisius wanted to say something more but, he could only throw some blood from his mouth.

“This s.p.a.ce sure has its benefits, but, it also has its restrictions, for instance, you take advantage of your body and your skills in weapons to suppress your enemies, plus, you have high stamina, I can see that you had a lot of battles” Added America.

She walked towards him and stopped a few centimeters away.

“But, in front of a true master, you are still weak”

“You! Agg! You know who you are talking too!?” Added Dionisius.

“Yes” Said America.

“I am talking to an overestimated foe” Added America.

She swung her sword, and, with one swift, she cut off Dionisius’s head.

Dionisius couldn’t believe what just happened, just before he collapsed, he could hear the shouts in the colosseum.



“Agh!” Dionisius walked up immediately, however, a pain quickly invaded him.

“I- I can’t move!” Though Dionisius.

“You are lucky, I can’t absorb soul power, else, you will be unconscious due to the lost” A voice came from above him.

He looked up and saw the plain face of America, looked at him.

“Pl- please- I- I was wrong…” Said Dionisius.

“That’s not for me to decide” Said America.

She grabbed Dionisius and put him in her shoulders, not before giving him a hit on his neck.

“Now be easy, that we are going to be late and I am going to get scolded” Added America.

Before losing conscious, Dionisius only have one though.

“Save me, aunty”


With that Dionisius’s world went black.


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