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Read The Surgeon’s Studio Chapter 819 – The Engineer With the Best Luck?

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Chapter 819: The Engineer With the Best Luck?

“I am.” Zheng Ren opened his eyes and smiled.

At the door stood a 1.6 meters tall girl with shoulder-length hair, dark skin, and was a little chubby. She looked to be about 27 or 28 years old.

She was a little embarra.s.sed and came to Zheng Ren with a little shyness. She bowed slightly and said, “h.e.l.lo, I am an engineer from Xinglin Garden Company. My name is Hu Yanhui. From now on, I will be in charge of a.s.sisting Professor Zheng in the live broadcast of your surgery.”

“Oh, welcome.” Zheng Ren nodded.

‘Why did Xinglin Garden send a rookie?’ Zheng Ren was very surprised.

As soon as they met, Zheng Ren labeled Hu Yanhui as a rookie.

It was not that Zheng Ren judged people by their appearance. A capable engineer’s confidence came from their heart, just like an awesome doctor. Looking at Hu Yanhui, she did not look like she had any confidence at all.

Could it be that Xinglin Garden was not sincere? Looking at Peng Jia, who looked like he was very earnest, it could not be either. Moreover, according to Su Yun, if Xinglin Garden wanted three or four rounds of venture capital, they had to increase the flow of the surgery live broadcast room.


Zheng Ren looked at Hu Yanhui’s somewhat awkward expression. He found it hard to believe that she would successfully complete the work.

“Have a seat,” Zheng Ren said gently. Although he was silently criticizing her in his heart, the smile on his face did not change at all.

“Professor Zheng, this is my business card. Can I add you on WeChat?” Hu Yanhui said politely.

Zheng Ren did not care. He took out his phone, pulled out his WeChat QR code, and added Hu Yanhui on WeChat as a friend.

“Professor Zheng, the company requested that I try my best to do the live broadcast of every patient’s surgery. Do you have any special needs?” Hu Yanhui asked softly.

Zheng Ren looked at her and felt that it was a little funny.

What was Peng Jia thinking about such a rookie being sent to do such an important job?! Was this a joke?!

“No, I will take the patient to do the magnetic diffusion at around six, in a while. If the surgery is possible, I will inform you on WeChat. You can come tomorrow morning,” Zheng Ren picked up his phone and said to Hu Yanhui.

“Professor Zheng, can I go with you to see the patient?” Hu Yanhui asked.

“Why are you looking at the patient?” Zheng Ren was surprised.

“I want to understand the hospital’s procedures as soon as possible. Although it is not helpful for the live broadcast, I want to do more.”

Zheng Ren nodded. To him, this did not matter.

Seeing that Zheng Ren nodded, Hu Yanhui said happily, “Then I will wait for you at the door of the department at six.”

After saying that, she bowed and turned around to leave.

[Su Yun, what is Xinglin Garden thinking? Why did they send a rookie here?]

Zheng Ren sent Su Yun a WeChat message to express his dissatisfaction.

[Boss, Manager Peng said that this is the luckiest engineer in their company.]


Zheng Ren wanted to curse.

Was Xinglin Garden so unreliable? How was she lucky?

The employee with the best luck; why did Peng Jia not make Hu Yanhui buy the lottery? If her luck was really good, scooping up the lottery pool was no less than a round of venture capital.

It seemed that he had to reconsider this matter.

But Xinglin Garden was the only medical professional website in the country. Zheng Ren could not help but have a headache when he thought of this.

This was really…

Sigh, really unreliable.

[Boss, what’s wrong?]

Su Yun saw that Zheng Ren did not reply for a long time, so he replied and asked.

[No, the girl looks like a rookie. She is very worried about whether the live broadcast will be successful.]

[I asked manager Peng. He patted his chest and promised that as long as Hu Yanhui makes a move, within reason, she will be able to do it 100%.]

‘Within reason?’ Zheng Ren was stunned.

Could there be a possibility of it pa.s.sing such an extent?

[Manager Peng has already begun to make use of the time to invest in advertis.e.m.e.nts. Soon, there will be the words ‘Xinglin Garden’s Live Surgery Broadcast Room’ in Chunghwa. I reckon that this sum of money has directly emptied out Xinglin Garden’s liquid funds.]

Zheng Ren looked at Su Yun’s words and did not reply. He was only thinking about what he should do if he could not do it.

He was really caught unprepared.

He could only see if Hu Yanhui could successfully complete her work tomorrow. If there was a problem, he would definitely get Peng Jia to replace her.

Zheng Ren was not discriminating against rookies who had just entered the workplace.

Feng Xuhui was a rookie. Zheng Ren did not care at all because Feng Xuhui was only responsible for running errands. However, Hu Yanhui was responsible for the live broadcast of the surgery and handling all these unexpected things. Could she do it?

Looking at Hu Yanhui’s fl.u.s.tered expression, Zheng Ren was very uncertain.

‘I’ll just wait and see,’ Zheng Ren thought. ‘At most, I’ll fail once… But if I fail, will the mission to become famous fail as well? I won’t be able to find a live broadcast platform in a short period of time.’

‘I can’t possibly get a live broadcast platform where the girls sing and dance, right?’

Zheng Ren repeatedly comforted himself. He was a man with +16 Luck!

Since there was nothing else, Zheng Ren went straight to the System library to read books. Since he had a library, Zheng Ren’s entertainment activities had changed from online novels to reading professional journals to kill time.

To others, it was very boring, but Zheng Ren enjoyed it.

While reading, his phone vibrated, and Zheng Ren hurriedly came out of the System s.p.a.ce. It was WeChat. At this time, only Xie Yiren or Su Yun could send him WeChat messages without blocking the notifications.

He opened his phone and saw that it was Xie Yiren.

[What do you want to eat tonight?]

[Get a bite next to the hospital? I’m going to do nuclear magnetic dispersion at seven o’clock.]

[A bite? That’s not good. Then I’ll go home. How about I wait for you to come back?]


Zheng Ren agreed and looked at the time. It was already past four o’clock.

After coming to 912, Little Yiren did not have a lot of work to do. She was a little idle. Zheng Ren wanted to perform a large number of surgeries, but because of the limited s.p.a.ce in the wards, he could not do it.

When he thought of the busy day and the warm food he had to eat when he went home, he felt a sense of happiness.

Zheng Ren began to look forward to getting off work.

[Boss Zheng, the last patient’s examination will be completed at 5:30 pm at the nuclear MRI. Can you bring your patient here directly?]

‘The heavens will follow one’s wishes,’ Zheng Ren was thinking when Doctor Liang’s WeChat message came in.


Zheng Ren immediately replied. He looked at the time and patted professor Rudolph Wagner’s shoulder. He said, “Lil Fugui, go do the nuclear MRI. Chang Yue, you should go and communicate with the patient’s family about the live broadcast of the surgery.”

“Okay, Boss.” The professor happily handed the task in hand to Little Oliver, and then followed Zheng Ren out of the Interventional Department.

Just as he walked out of the door, Zheng Ren saw a somewhat familiar figure appear in front of him in the corridor near the window.

‘Uh… Who is this again?’

Although Zheng Ren was in the advanced stages of face blindness, he still had a lingering impression of this person in his mind not long after he greeted her.

It was Hu Yanhui…

Why was she here?

Hu Yanhui was carrying a large black schoolbag on her back. When she saw Zheng Ren, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on her face. She hurriedly ran to Zheng Ren.

“Professor Zheng, are you going to eat? I’ll treat you to dinner tonight?”

“No.” Zheng Ren directly refused.

“Are you going to get off work?”

“There’s news from the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. It says that it can be done at 5:30. Come, let’s go to the Digestive Department together.”


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