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After lunch, Yu Gangan wanted to look for He Wanxin. So, Fang Zhihan decided to drive her and told Lu Xuechen to leave on his own. As for Lin Jiayu, he had no intention of dropping her off either.

Lin Jiayu didn’t mind, “It’s fine, I was planning to return to my parents’ place anyway.”

Yu Gangan held onto Lin Jiayu’s hand and said, “Yes, go home and visit your parents. You can have dinner with them as well.”

If she experienced the care and warmth of family, Yu Gangan believed she would definitely regain love and hope in her life.

However, Lu Xuechen was displeased as he pointed to the back of Fang Zhihan’s departing car and yelled, “Mr. Fang, it’s my bad luck to have met you.”

Lin Jiayu glared coldly at the man before she asked the security guards at the door to help her call a taxi.

But, as fate had it, she happened to see Qiao Pan’er at the entrance again.

Next to Qiao Pan’er was a young woman with big eyes, a tall nose, and a pointy chin. Her features were defined, but her chin was much too pointy, like a drill.

As soon as this young woman saw Lin Jiayu her expression sunk.

When Qiao Pan’er saw the woman run into Lin Jiayu, a complex look appeared in her eyes as she immediately wedged herself between the two women, blocking her friend’s line of sight, “Qiuqiu, your car is over there. Let’s go this way.”

The woman called Qiuqiu stared at Lin Jiayu. Didn’t people say that she was suffering from a heartbreak? That she was ill, refusing to leave home and living a miserable life?

She was so happy to hear that. But, what was this? The Lin Jiayu in front of her was still the same Lin Jiayu she knew from the past: arrogant, cold and beautiful.

She immediately threw Qiao Pan’er’s hand aside and stormed over to Lin Jiayu with a fake smile. “Lin Jiayu,” she said mockingly.

Lin Jiayu was polite to Qiao Pan’er because she could still tolerate her shamelessness. But this woman was a different story. Lin Jiayu completely looked away and treated her like she was invisible.

Feeling a little awkward, Qiao Pan’er said in a soft voice, “Qiuqiu, don’t say anything.”

With a cold laugh, Qiuqiu said, “Haha, I’m not the only one that’s saying it. Back when she s.n.a.t.c.hed away my boyfriend, no one took my feelings into consideration.”

Lu Xuechen leaned to the side and watched the three women with interest.

Where there were humans, there was trouble; where there were women, there was war. 

Lin Jiayu glared at Qiuqiu, “s.n.a.t.c.hed away your boyfriend? When were you ever his girlfriend? Your plastic face resembles a snake demon so much that it gives him nightmares!”

These words made Qiuqiu so upset that she almost screwed up her face in anger. But instead, she gritted her teeth and laughed, “Yes, you’re great and amazing. Weren’t you dumped by him as well? A woman that only knows how to look down on others is only worthy of men that are after her money.”

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and pointed at Lu Xuechen, “Apart from a toyboy like him, who could handle your nasty temper?”

She then looked at Lu Xuechen in ridicule.

Lu Xuechen: “…”

What did this have to do with him?

He was just watching a show, but he was suddenly implicated.

He was Lu Xuechen, the dream lover of a billion women; a man that charmed countless young ladies and was wors.h.i.+pped wherever he went.

How could she call him a toyboy when he was looking so handsome in his luxury-branded suit?

Lin Jiayu was about to reply when an arm suddenly wrapped around her shoulder and a cheeky voice said, “Sorry, but I like beautiful women like this. Even if I can’t marry a beauty like this, I would never be interested in a plastic freak with the face of a snake demon.”


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