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Chapter 390: Attempt To Lure The Snake (4)

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

Qiao Pan’er was panic-stricken, “3 months ago, straight after the seminar ended, Guan Shan suddenly sold his cafe and said he was returning to his hometown with his wife and children because he was unwell and need to recuperate. President Jiang, it’s obvious that he knows something. He was afraid of attracting trouble so he dropped everything and left with his family.”

Jiang Baian was stressed out.

He was definitely sending someone to look for Guan Shan to determine whether his camera captured anything.

But, apart from that, he needed to go see He s.h.i.+gui.

Humans were selfish. As long as he gave him sufficient benefits, he was sure he would be moved.

Even if he wasn’t moved in the past, would he drag his student down with him a second time when he had almost died once?

Yu Gangan visited the mall and bought two sets of clothes for her teacher, as well as some daily necessities. She also bought him a mobile phone because his previous phone was soaked in water and had stopped working.

After shopping, Yu Gangan returned to the police station to find that her teacher and Officer Zhou went out together.

Although she didn’t know what they went to do, Yu Gangan was sure that the person that wanted to harm her teacher wouldn’t dare to make a move in front of a police officer.

But, to be safe, she called Zhou Zhou and reminded her to take good care of her teacher and to send him home after they were done.

After that, Yu Gangan went to Baifang Pharmaceuticals to look for Fang Zhihan. Since she was returning to Baiyang City with her teacher, she naturally needed to ask Fang Zhihan if he was returning with her.

But, to her surprise, she ended up coincidentally running into Jiang Baian at the entrance.

The last few times that she visited the lab at Baifang Pharmaceuticals, she did not run into Jiang Baian, so she thought he no longer worked there.

It seemed, Elder Jiang was quite a sentimental person.

Yu Gangan wanted to pretend that she didn’t see a thing and walk straight in.

But, this was obviously impossible. “Yu Gangan,” Jiang Baian called back.

Yu Gangan looked at him calmly, “What?”

Now that she had chosen to be with Fang Zhihan, she couldn’t avoid seeing Jiang Baian and talking to him. Since she couldn’t avoid it, it was best for her to face it.

Jiang Baian’s cold eyes fell on Yu Gangan’s face as he said with a slight smile, “I heard that your teacher is back?”

As soon as this remark was made, Yu Gangan panicked.

She had forgotten that she suspected Jiang Baian of harming her teacher, but the man brought up her teacher’s return first.

What was the meaning of this?

Was he feeling guilty?

Was he afraid that her teacher remembered he was a murderer?

If he was suspicious of her teacher, would he try to kill him again if he remembered something that was bad for him?

In an instant, her heart was full of possibilities.

Yu Gangan smiled slightly, “That’s right, my teacher is back. But, his return makes no difference because I already know what you did. Let me warn you, heaven is watching and there is a G.o.d. Those that do bad things will receive their retribution.”

Jiang Baian stared at Yu Gangan dangerously.

He sneered and pointed at Yu Gangan threateningly before he turned and left.

Yu Gangan looked at his back, not sure if he understood the meaning of her words. What was he trying to say when he pointed at her?

Both of them seemed to understand what was going on, but they also appeared to be shrouded in mystery.


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