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The Sweetest Medicine is a web novel created by Beauty Jiang.
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Chapter 66: It’s The Middle Of Summer, How Did She Get Frostbite?

Translator: Yunyi  Editor: Yunyi

Yu Gangan was a little surprised.

Didn’t rich people value their lives more than the average person? Why was she refusing treatment…

Yu Gangan sat next to Lin Jiayu, placed her hand on the young woman’s wrist and remained silent for a while as she examined her pulse.

She was silent for so long that Lin Guofeng and Su Zijing began to feel nervous.

A moment later, Yu Gangan moved to the other side of the woman and checked the pulse on her other wrist.

Lin Jiayu tried to retrieve her hand impatiently, but Yu Gangan pinned her down and said, “Don’t move!!”

Lin Jiayu furrowed her brows. Through the gaps of her wispy hair, she glared coldly at Yu Gangan.

But, Yu Gangan looked into the woman’s eyes indifferently.

Miss Lin’s eyes were very beautiful. Her eyelashes were long and her eyebrows were straight, giving off a brave and confident vibe. Just a simple smile and she could make heads turn. Before all this, she must have been bright and beautiful, and numerous men must have fallen head-over-heels for her.

Lin Jiayu continued to stare at Yu Gangan until her gaze twitched a little in defeat and she accepted her fate.

At that moment, Lin Guofeng grew so anxious, he began to question Yu Gangan, “Is it serious? Can it be cured?”

But, Yu Gangan did no reply as she finally understood why so many famous doctors failed to cure this young woman.

From Miss Lin’s pulse, it appeared as though she was healthy and simply a little short of breath.

Obviously, if there was no apparent illness, how was one to treat her?

But, that’s where the other doctors were wrong. Just because she wasn’t ill at that very moment, it didn’t mean she wasn’t ill before.

Yu Gangan stared at Lin Jiayu’s left hand for a while and then looked at her right hand. She then looked at Lin Jiayu’s bedside table, where a gla.s.s with a straw sat. Finally, her eyes fell on Lin Jiayu’s masked face and said gently, “Miss Lin, did you suffer from a serious case of frostbite 3-4 months ago?”

Lin Jiayu’s body stiffened a little in surprise as Lin Guofeng revealed an expression of disbelief, “How did you know, Dr. Yu?”

Su Zijing looked at the father and daughter’s reaction and immediately knew that Yu Gangan was right.

But, how was that possible?!

It was Autumn; 3-4 months ago would have been the middle of Summer. How did Lin Jiayu get frostbite?

Yu Gangan stood up and explained, “Miss Lin has a scar on her hand left from frostbite. The scar is fresh and doesn’t look any older than 6 months.”

“Even if she got it 6 months ago, that would have still been summer. How did Jiayu get frostbite in summer?” Su Zijing asked in disbelief.

Lin Guofeng subconsciously looked at his daughter, but she lowered her head and sat down as though she was trying to s.h.i.+eld herself off from the world.

So, instead of responding to Yu Gangan immediately, Lin Guofeng stretched out his hand and gestured her to follow him.

Soon, Lin Guofeng and his guests piled into the living room.

With a sigh, the man said, “Do you already know what’s wrong, Dr. Yu?”

“I’m not certain. I need you to clarify a few things for me. I’m sure Miss Lin won’t answer me if I ask her,” Yu Gangan replied.

Lin Guofeng took a sip of tea and said, “My daughter visited Antarctica in July this year. When she got back, she was sick, but she simply locked herself in her room. At that time, she wouldn’t eat nor drink and she didn’t want to see anyone. By the time she came to her senses and decided to get treatment, but it was already useless…”

“No. It’s not useless. She simply won’t let people treat her,” Yu Gangan cut in.


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