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Read The Tiger Within 221 What Do You Plan To Do Part 1

The Tiger Within is a web novel produced by Valinteena.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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“No. He actually treats me quite well. I think he may actually be one of the good ones.” Kyera admitted glancing over at Talis to see his response. The boy seemed skeptical, and after everything she really couldn’t blame him for feeling that way. After everything their people had gone through, he had every right to be less than trusting of the humans.

“I see. Do you…are you backing him?” Talis asked, well aware that it was nearly time for the Emperor trials to begin. Kyera’s eyes darkened a bit as she considered the other candidates for the position. Everything she had learned while at the palace had convinced her of a few things.

“If The First or Third prince achieve the throne there will be dark days ahead. The second Prince, Alexi… I don’t know. I have had a few very interesting encounters with him. He is the least troublesome and cruel of the brothers as far as I can tell. Clovis… I think he would be a good Emperor.” Kyera replied carefully. She hadn’t given it much thought besides that Clovis was the only humane seeming one out of the group.

“Alright. I trust your judgement. What do you plan to do?” Talis asked watching the pair ahead of him, wondering if these two were going to cause trouble in the future. They both posed a threat to Kyera… he just prayed they wouldn’t become one he would have to tend to himself.

“To be honest, Come home and take back the lead so we can continue to rebuild peacefully. I need to break the contract, and I am hoping that I will be able to put Clovis on the throne while I am at it. That way we have an ally on the throne. I know that Raina has a positive view on our kind, so she might be the key to improving the life of our people.” Kyera offered, finally admitting this to someone other than herself. She had many hopes for that little girl and all of them were big. The hope that she would one day help increase the acceptance of her people was fleeting, but in her heart she knew this child would do great things.

“I see. You need to break that contract before you can come home. Do you have any leads as to how it works? I know they can be difficult? Where you able to minimulate it as we discussed before?” Talis asked, remembering the conversation in the bazaar. Kyera shook her head a dark look pa.s.sed over her face.


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