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The Tiger Within is a web novel created by Valinteena.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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The trip to shadow veil was a blur. There was no resistance to Mordakai and his carriage leaving, or at least if there had been, he had been certain Kyera and the Royals were not affected by it. They were out of the city by night fall and halfway to the the Warp Gate.

Warp gates were portals put in place by priests with stones enchanted with the magic of their G.o.d or G.o.ddess. Shadow veil was easily reached by using a warp gate while in possession of the royal rings. Each ring was carefully engraved with the runes of then Shadow King. This was true for every kingdom, but by use of a different deity.

The Ice kingdom of Crystal Peak was known for transportation through the G.o.ddess of winter, The kingdom of flame Ember Fall was reached through the G.o.d of Summer and so on and so forth. However, these gates could only be accessed by royals or their messengers, but cut the trip between kingdoms by days. There was no way he was dragging the Empress across the forests in her condition. So through the warp gates they went.

On the other side, it was nearly dark. They would have to camp for the night, but in friendly territory. However, one little confused princess wasn’t so sure.

“Kyera.. are we really going to camp here?” she asked frowning a bit. Her concern was partially because she had never slept outside before, and then other part was because she had been uprooted so suddenly. She wasn’t sure what was happening other than they were going on a trip without any real warning. It was exciting but scary too.

“Yes, these forests are known as the guardian wood. We will be safe here.” Kyera explained as she helped the child down from the carriage. Clovis followed them down with a curious expression.

“Why is that, I have heard it was a legend or something?” he asked curiously and Kyera couldn’t help but smile.

“It was many years ago, before the dawn of the Empire Wars. The brothers of the four empires had begun to fight. Well legend has it the south empire sent a army through the forest here to attack the Shadow Kingdom. The Shadow King, the G.o.d himself had born a daughter to the land. She held the powers of the shadows. She fought back the army to protect her people and old out for the army to arrive.” Kyera explained as she led the three to the river they had stopped beside. Raina began to drink the water.

“I see. She became the princess then?” he asked remembering stories of the Shadow Veil Empire starting with a Empress not a Emperor. Kyera shook her head.

“No she pa.s.sed in the battle. Her final spell cast to bind her soul to these trees. Now the trees defend this land from any dark intrusion, but at a great price. She will never pa.s.s to the next life and rejoin her kin, or kneel before her father the Emperor of death. Her final spell sealed herself away for all eternity. The first Empress you mentioned was a companion of hers, Ravena who survived the battle and declared this land for the Shadow King.” Kyera explained with a soft smile. She laid her forehead to the tree. She listened close and could hear her half sister’s heartbeat like a soft lullaby in her ears.

“What was her name, the Warrior?” Raina asked curiously and Kyera smiled brightly.

“She and I share a name. You see she and I are blood. The girl who perished was a shifter too, a fleet snow leopard, with a coat of pure white like the moon in the ink black sky.” Kyera explained as she filled her canteen with water. She took a deep drink, her aching muscles almost too much to tolerate.


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