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“So, you came to the Three Pure Sect only to go to the Violet Manor?”

Her voice was cold. Xiao Chen trembled and raised his head, only to find Bai Ying’s cold eyes. “Sh*t. Have I said too much? She’s an elder at the least…”

Bai Ying smiled gently. “Relax. I’m just teasing you.”

Xiao Chen let out a sigh of relief. Bai Ying turned around and looked at a big tree that stood lonely outside the window. She said, “You want to go to the Violet Manor. Mo Yu also wants to go there. But only one of you can go.”

“Only one person can go?”

“That’s right. Seven years ago, the Sect Leader fought for this quota.” Bai Ying turned and looked at him quietly, her face serious and solemn. “So, only one of you can go to the Violet Manor. If you lose the compet.i.tion to him, I won’t be able to help you then.”

“Would you mind telling me something more about sending disciples to the Violet Manor?” Xiao Chen asked seriously.

Bai Ying walked to the table, threw the jumbled clothes to her bed, looked at him and said, “Sit down. I’ll tell you about it nice and slow.”

Xiao Chen immediately sat down. Then, Bai Ying started to talk with a flow of eloquence until it was nearly dark.

“The thing you need to know is that the Spiritual Qi in the Human World is thin and not suitable for cultivating. But, only a few people were able to go to the Violet Manor. The Three Pure Sect had been declining gradually. Although the sects in the Violet Manor were not willing to accept our disciples, we tried hard to earn some quotas. Every sect wants to send their outstanding disciples to the Violet Manor, do you know why?”

Xiao Chen’s brow furrowed tightly. He asked, “Why?”

Bai Ying looked at the setting sun and said, “They hope that their disciples can be powerful someday. If one of the disciples sent there reaches the Nascent Soul Realm, the sect will be dominant in the Human World. If one of them reaches the Nirvana Realm or even the Apotheosis Realm, the sect will be able to open the Transport Formation that can send all of its members to the Violet Manor. But…” She smiled bitterly at this moment.

“But what?” Xiao Chen asked, frowning.

Bai Ying smiled gently, sighed, and said with a sad tone, “Let’s not talk about those disciples the Three Pure Sect had sent to the Violet Manor over hundreds of years. There are countless disciples sent there by the other sects, but how many of them came back after they became powerful? They forgot who they were and where they came from. They felt embarra.s.sed, even shamed, to say that they came from the Human World…”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist and said, “How can they do this…”

Bai Ying smiled and said, “Of course, few of them can reach the Nascent Soul Realm. The Violet Manor is much more ruthless than the Human World. The Foundation Building Realm cultivators are nothing but jokes in the Violet Manor because they were nothing in front of the Core Forming Realm Cultivator cultivators. As for the Nascent Soul Realm cultivators, they can casually kill any low-leveled cultivators. Therefore, more than half of those disciples had already been killed in beefs and vendettas…”

Looking at the setting sun, Xiao Chen asked, “In hundreds of years, none of them had reached the Nascent Soul Realm?”

“There was one. Hundreds of years ago, the Seven-star Sect sent a genius to the Violet Manor. Not only had he reached the Nascent Soul Realm but also the Nirvana Realm. But, he had made too many enemies there. In the end, his soul was demolished; what’s worse, his enemy asked an Apotheosis Realm expert to directly ravage the Seven-star Sect.”

Xiao Chen was stunned. It seemed that the Violet Manor was indeed ruthless. He asked, “Then who was the one that our sect sent there?”

Bai Ying touched her chin and thought for a while before she said, “The last time? It was about seven years ago. That one was good talented and she had reached the Foundation Building Realm in only three years after joining our sect. She should have at least reached the Core Forming Realm by now. I suppose she won’t come back to intervene this time, right…?”

At the end of the conversation, she suddenly became very dignified and said, “No matter what, you have to work hard to earn the quota. I always feel that Mo Yu is somewhat ill-intended. You have to be careful about him.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Got it. Many thanks, elder, for reminding me.”

Bai Ying waved her hand and turned to walk to the dresser, searching for something. She then ransacked the bed and the wardrobe before muttering. “That’s strange. I remember that I have put it here the day before yesterday. Where is it now…”

Finally, she found several neatly stacked books under a pile of messy clothes. She took them to Xiao Chen and said, “Here. These are the cultivation method of Lv 8, Lv 9 Qi Refining Realm and Lv 1 Foundation Building Realm. Besides, this is the exclusive cultivation method that I created. Take them back and read them carefully.”

Xiao Chen was a bit touched while holding the books. He raised his head and smiled, saying, “Many thanks. If I find my master and get her approval, I will definitely come back and call you master in front of you.”

“Good luck then.” Bai Ying said with a smile.

Xiao Chen smiled gently. Although she looked like his master, they were completely different. His master always looked cold and stern, while the Third Elder was easier to approach.

Bai Ying noticed that Xiao Chen was looking at her like an idiot. She got close to him and said, “What, have you just thought it through? That you won’t go find your master and stay with me forever?”

“Emm… I still have some work to do. I’m leaving now.”

Looking at his back, Bai Ying shook her head and said, “Running away like a dog. Am I really not as good as your master? Hehe…”

A few moments later, the Second Elder’s voice rose outside her room. “Alas, Junior Sister…”

“Sh*t.” Bai Ying frowned and said, “Uhh, Senior Brother, I’m busy cultivating now. We should talk tomorrow…”

“Alas. Come out. I’m not here to denounce you.”

Bai Ying walked out after hearing this. The Second Elder glanced at her room and sighed, “Alas. Can’t you just clean up your room?”

Bai Ying stretched herself and said, “I’ve been sorting out cultivation methods for that kid. I have no strength to clean the room. But you know what, he didn’t even want to call me master. Alas…”

The Second Elder gently eyed her and said, “All right, all right. I’m here for business.”

“What business? Is Yan Li so angry at me that he got sick lying on the bed?”

“Ahem. The things happened in your dream. I’ve worked it out.”

“You’ve worked it out?” Bai Ying immediately turned serious as her face became slightly pale. She murmured, “That nightmare has been troubling me since 16 years ago. In recent years, it almost stopped haunting me. But several months ago, it came back again. Especially these days, as soon as I closed my eyes, it…”

“I don’t know where it was in the dream. I just saw the hall collapsing, the peaks breaking down, and blood flowing like a river. A black gas shrouded that man who killed everyone on sight. In the end, he called me master. It’s so horrible…”

Bai Ying turned pale and started to speak incoherently. The Second Elder sighed and said, “I’m afraid it’s because of… The Sinful Cause you had in your last life!”


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