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The Transmigrated Canon Fodder Overthrows The Male Protagonist is a web novel completed by Cha Mi, 茶蘼.
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Finally, the tardy Zhou Min strolled in under the loud announcement of the court eunuch. At each of her steps, her white and s.h.i.+mmering skirt swept the floor, trailing behind her. On her tightly bound waist hung a girdle. Numerous accessories from pearl to jade decorated her head, jingling as she walked. What gave that peculiar cuteness were those slightly big and round eyes, like glistening jewels, while her red little mouth, moist and plump, and her fair and tender skin accentuated her charm. As she walked in with the starry sky in the backdrop, her whole being seemed like a celestial maiden descending from the Moon. A beautiful sight to behold!

Lan Ziyu knew that his sister’s appearance doesn’t lose to himself, but unfortunately, she was always suppressed and bullied by the rest of the harem, thus her food and clothing were quite dest.i.tute. However, ever since 15 days ago, Lan Ziyu’s att.i.tude toward her has changed, thus those opportunists picked up the wind and had a reversal of att.i.tude, giving her what she deserved as this empire’s princess. In fact, her current beauty was the result of Lan Min’s innate beauty, the system’s stats and the effect of absorbing Lan Ziyu’s s.e.m.e.n. All of that served to increase her beauty to a new height.

The sudden appearance of Zhou Min silenced the whole hall for a short moment. A young minister sitting below Lan Ziyu even dropped his wine cup in awe. As for the Lan Ziyu, his eyes were riveted on Zhou Min, unable to tear away.

He remembered how beautiful she was on that night, but seeing her again after a long time, he noticed that her appearance could dazzle people as if she could vanish if he was to blink. Her beauty was moving as if a figment of his imagination.

“Your sister, Lan Min, pays respect to Imperial Brother. May Imperial Brother be blessed with health and fortune.” Her soft and gentle voice reverberated within the hall. In an instant, Lan Ziyu’s dormant dragon stirred, rising inside his pants.

Hearing how she addressed herself, all the ministers were startled. At first, they were still guessing who that young woman was, but they never expected she was the rarely seen Mist Empire’s princess.

“Imperial Sister, you may rise.” Lan Ziyu spoke with grace, his voice exuding a magnetism which could swoon any women who heard him, sparking their desire to get pregnant by him. Unfortunately, such charm was lost on her because she only had the impression of being stare by a snake.

This 484 didn’t give her much information on the mission as if it was hiding something… Wasn’t she supposed to overthrow the male lead? Yet, why did her sense of crisis tingle, and she had a feeling of déjà vu? What was going on?!

(/′ △ `\ )

Zhou Min got up and looked around her, but she didn’t find her seat. How awkward! (Θ︹Θ)? She was standing in the middle of the venue, unable to move to her seat or leave the place. Then, she saw a handsome young man on the lower left side of Lan Ziyu get up and yielded his seat. She smiled at him in grat.i.tude. Her courteous smile had no other meaning, but everyone in the hall gasped.

There was a saying that the halo of a beauty could bewilder people, but no one ever said that it could even suck their souls out of their bodies with a single look at her.

When Lan Ziyu saw Zhou Min smiled at Qi Hao, his eyes glinted sinisterly. He couldn’t help speaking in discontent, “Little Min’er, come here.”

Zhou Min halted, not continuing in the direction of Qi Hao. She turned her head and looked at her brother in disbelief. What the heck with that corny nickname? However, she saw the warning on Lan Ziyu’s expression. Her rebellious self urged her to bravely ignore him. However, she was living under his roof, so she had to lower her head.


She looked at Qi Hao in apologize. Although she had no idea who he was, she could deduce from his temperament and his seat position that he wasn’t a simple gentleman.

She slowly walked to the platform and continued until she was beside Lan Ziyu. She thought he would order a eunuch to add another seat next to him, but the reality was more dreadful – he actually skidded a bit and patted at now free place on the throne right next to him. “Come here.”

“Imperial Brother, that’s not appropriate! This…” The way he looked at her was too scary. It felt as if he was defiling her with his mere gaze. If she sat next to him, she felt her scalp would go numb from cold s.h.i.+vers.

“Come here!” He smiled while staring at her. His expression turned dangerous like a whirlpool sucking her in and never letting her go. He was warning her that if she dared to refuse, the consequences would be very grave. Being in the mire of everyone’s attention, she had no other choice but to comply.

Maybe it was due to the table in front of them or because of the elevated location of the throne, when sitting down, everything below the chest couldn’t be seen. Therefore, as soon as Zhou Min sat down, Lan Ziyu hugged her waist without hesitation and wantonly caressed her plump meat incessantly.

His expression remained natural as he leaned to the side. He squinted his eyes, appearing as if he was in deep thought or engrossed in the dancing and singing below. However, only Zhou Min knew the truth as she experienced first-hand his roguish behavior. His hand, akin to a swift snake, had dug into her clothes and crept lowered below her waist, trailing along her b.u.t.tock, exploring with enthusiasm the denied forbidden land.

Zhou Min quivered in fear. Since she couldn’t yank off the wandering hand, she grabbed it tightly and appealed to him in a low voice, “Imperial Brother, don’t…”

There was a difference between a martial arts pract.i.tioner and one who doesn’t. With a slight move of his palm, he was able to free himself from Zhou Min’s grip and now used both hands to caress that place he had long dreamt off ever since that night.

The soft sensation of her b.u.t.tock spread on his palm. He put a bit more strength as his fingers groped her perky and round posterior. His hands sank into her softness. Then, he stuck his thumb along her b.u.t.t crack and lightly rubbed. At times, he would slightly scratch it through the layers of clothing and parted the b.u.t.t cheeks further, slowly reaching deeper into her ravine, reaching for her hidden cavity.

The icy touch of the smooth fabric and his rough finger rub stirred his feeling of tenderness to his sister. As he caressed her, he discovered that she wasn’t wearing underpants. He was overcome by shock, then by anger as he thought how she was strolling around without underpants. He felt jealousy as he remembered all those men looking at her. However, as he continued to molest her, the soft sensation of her flesh let him gave birth of the urge of punis.h.i.+ng this dissolute girl – He wanted to strip off her skirt, pushed her on the table and f.u.c.ked her hard.

“Hmph…” Lan Ziyu harrumphed lowly. Shortly, another soft sound was heard near him. This time, it could be described as more raspy and sweet. The moan originated from Zhou Min. At that proximity, he was able to pick up a faint floral scent, so subtle that it seemed elusive. However, at this time, the scent suddenly became heavier. His eyes brightened in realization. It’s the same scent as that night!

It was an unforgettable scent which was eroding his reason at that moment. It was more potent than the most fierce aphrodisiac.

The fabric stretched by his tent was slightly wet. He felt as if his surroundings had blurred. He was lost in thoughts, recalling the charming and pet.i.te figure’s nakedness; how her delicate body laid under him in disarray; her plump snowy peaks with the pink little cherries on top. He remembered how he sucked those cherries until they were swollen and red, not forgetting how he marked her of red to purple hickeys.

The fragrance lingered around his nose, becoming more concentrated and lasting.

He felt a burning heat flowing down to his abdomen, making his lower body grow stronger. He added more strength to his grope.

“Oh… Hmm…” Zhou Min repressed her moan. Despite her small voice and the noise in the hall, not many people noticed them, but there was still a few of them, in particular, those who practiced martial arts.

The man, who previously yielded his seat to her, appeared puzzled, but he didn’t the concern in his expression. Zhou Min abruptly got up, but she fell back. However, her movements were too wide, she knocked against the table and made the cups clanked loudly. The sounds attracted everyone’s attention, but Zhou Min was too preoccupied to pay heed to them. She bowed her head and saluted her brother. “Your Imperial Sister is feeling unwell and will retreat first.”

She didn’t wait for Lan Ziyu to respond as she turned around and rushed out of the hall like a terrified herbivore, too afraid that he would refuse. However, even after her figure disappeared at the entrance, Lan Ziyu remained silent. He was looking at his finger covered in a translucent and thick fluid.



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