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Read The Trembling World Chapter 293 – Abnormal

The Trembling World is a web novel produced by Albin, 奥比椰.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Chapter 293 – Abnormal

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“Just endure the pain for a little while.” Liu Gan continued suturing up the wound.

“Did the Therapist Huang discover something? Is that why HuJun killed him?” Han GuangMing asked Treadmill.

“I don’t know, but whatever WeiTao found, he didn’t tell me in time. He was murdered by HuJun too quickly,” Treadmill replied to Han GuangMing.

“Why did you rush over to stop HuJun?” Liu Gan asked. Liu Gan was still holding Treadmill’s hand for suturing.

“He is always glaring at me, I only wanted to convince him otherwise. I wanted to have a good talk with him and dissolve our grudges. I never would’ve thought that he was that compulsive…” Treadmill covered his first lie with another lie. At this point, he can only continue lying.

“From the way I looked at you, it seemed really urgent. It doesn’t look like it was something as simple as talking, right?” Liu Gan suspiciously looked at Treadmill.

“Ah, I really only wanted to talk. To resolve our grudges. It came from good intentions, but he didn’t appreciate my kindness…” Treadmill said in a few words. These few words weren’t a lie.

Liu Gan stopped asking any more questions after he was done suturing up Treadmill’s palm wound. Then with Han GuangMing, they covered Huang WeiTao’s body with a bedsheet .

The job of a Therapist was highly sought after. In the prison compound, there weren’t many Therapists or Doctors, only a total of two. With the sudden lost of a healer, Liu Gan felt depressed, but also angry. This matter wouldn’t easily be resolved. But, the question of how to handle this situation, Liu Gan decided to he needed to hear the thoughts of Zhang ShengLi and w.a.n.g DeCheng first.

Otherwise, he might get angry and just kill both HuJun and Zhou JingJing. Obviously, this option wasn’t the best choice.

Treadmill stared at Huang WeiTao’s body with the bedsheet. Then, he suddenly thought of something…

When Treadmill was going over to report to Liu Gan, about Zhou JingJing, Huang WeiTao rushed over to stop him. Mentioning something about it was just a joke. Then pulled him back away from Liu Gan.


After being pulled apart, was when he saw HuJun leave with Zhou JingJing to the bathroom. Treadmill wanted to rescue HuJun, so he rushed over, but he completely ignored Huang WeiTao’s actions. Thinking back on it, Huang WeiTao had no reason to pull Treadmill back from Liu Gan. So why did Huang WeiTao pull him back? What exactly did Huang WeiTao discover?

Treadmill couldn’t get over this roadblock, he didn’t think it through before. But, it was too late to ask Huang WeiTao now, since he is long gone.

After the nervousness and horror had subsided, Treadmill’s heart began to hurt. Even though Huang WeiTao and him weren’t buddies, it was because of him that he died. All Huang WeiTao wanted to do was resolve the dispute, but HuJun ended up killing him. In the end, Treadmill felt responsible for Huang WeiTao’s death.

Staring at Huang WeiTao’s body. Treadmill remembered the days when they would laugh and joke around. Huang WeiTao would be there to treat his wounds while they were fighting. The more Treadmill thought about it, the more he felt hurt. Fear warring with guilt, Treadmill lost control of his state of mind and ran over to Huang WeiTao’s body to cry.

Seeing Treadmill in such condition, Qi Shaohua also felt pain in his heart. He knelt down beside Treadmill. Both were grieving over the lost of a companion. Qi Shaohua and Huang WeiTao were in a group together, so their friendship was on good terms.


“Elder Liu, it is my fault, I should’ve locked up HuJun earlier. That way Therapist Huang wouldn’t have died,” Han GuangMing said to Liu Gan.

“This type of situation isn’t so simple. It is hard to say what exactly happened. I want to go down to the cargo bay to check on the situation with the anchor. If the airship isn’t able to stop drifting in the open sea, then everything is in vain. Oh right, stay here and keep watch on Treadmill. Don’t let him leave your sight. I feel like there is something wrong with him. As if he is keeping something from us,” Liu Gan said to Han GuangMing.

“Oh?” Han GuangMing turned to look at Treadmill after hearing Liu Gan say that. He also felt that Treadmill wasn’t acting normally, but what was abnormal was hard to say.

Treadmill stopped crying as he found the small mirror on Huang WeiTao’s corpse. The small mirror was completely dyed with blood. Treadmill quickly picked up the small mirror and wiped off the blood. In the mirror’s reflection, he looked at everything behind him, and shivered.

Where Liu Gan and Han GuangMing stood, there was a face that had Black-Spots and black eyes without white sclera. The black eyes glared in the reflection at Treadmill and it caused his heart to skip a beat. Treadmill nearly dropped the mirror onto the floor as his heart started beating against his chest.

Could it be that Huang WeiTao went to stop him because… There isn’t only one Black-Spot Variant.

Huang WeiTao is a really good buddy. He must have figured out that through the mirror, Liu Gan and Han GuangMing weren’t normal. Huang WeiTao must have afraid of alerting the enemy of the situation, so he said ‘he was joking’ as an excuse to pull Treadmill away from Liu Gan and Han GuangMing.

That was how Huang WeiTao saved him!

Onboard Serenity, it was not only Zhou JingJing that had been replaced. At least two more have been killed by a Black-Spot Variant Zombie.

Right as Treadmill picked up the mirror to wipe off more blood to take a careful look at whether it was Liu Gan or Han GuangMing is the shapeshifting Black-Spot Variant. Behind him were footsteps.

Treadmill picked up the mirror and turned his head to look. There was only Han GuangMing alone. Liu Gan had disappeared from view. Han GuangMing was looking suspiciously at Treadmill, so he walked over.

The Black-Spot Variant was none other than Han GuangMing!

“Han…squad Leader Han…where did Elder Liu go?” Treadmill was trying his best to calm himself down. He lifted up his head as he smiled at Han GuangMing.

“Why do you care where Elder Liu went to? What is that in your hand?” Han GuangMing still suspicious of Treadmill.


“What is in my hand? Oh, my hand was injured, it just hurts a lot…” Treadmill replied as he slipped the mirror into his sleeves, then showed the injured hand to Han GuangMing. The secret of the mirror must not be revealed to him.

“If you don’t want to die, it is best that you don’t play any games with me,” Han GuangMing threatened.


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