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Read The Trembling World Chapter 357 – Pleading Guilty

The Trembling World is a web novel produced by Albin, 奥比椰.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Read WebNovel The Trembling World Chapter 357 – Pleading Guilty

Chapter 357 – Pleading Guilty

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“What is the matter? Who is the one causing trouble?” the tall, skinny man asked.

Liu Gan didn’t respond. Instead, the shop owner had to explain the situation again. It was relatively truthful. During this extra time, the two security guards recovered and started whining with tears flowing from their face about getting beaten by Liu Gan.

“I’m asking you! Are they speaking the truth? Did you beat them?” the tall skinny man pointed at Liu Gan. 

The surrounding shop owners were just staring at Liu Gan and the tall-skinny player. This tall-skinny player was different from the other players; he was an Elder, a level 5 player. Liu Gan’s actions had been labeled as an offense. For these crimes, the retribution could range from whipping to prison sentence. 

“What they said is the truth. I a.s.saulted them. The main point was that I wanted to resolve the issue through discussion. Since we were getting nowhere with that method, I escalated the situation. I emphasize my point one more time, I want to rescue my friend so I will resort to any method possible,” Liu Gan answered indifferently. 

“Do you know what is the punishment for a.s.saulting the managing staff?” the Elder inquired. Now that Liu Gan had admitted for his crime, the following questions were protocol preset by the Elder Committee.

“I don’t know what the punishment is. I just care that someone s.n.a.t.c.hed my friend and imprisoned her in the cage. I will definitely rescue her. I gave your side sufficient time and alternative methods to resolve the issue, but you weren’t able to do anything. So, I will use my own methods,” Liu Gan replied.

“Fine, seems like I don’t have any need to discuss this any further. Arrest him!” the Elder pointed at Liu Gan. 

As an Elder in this village, no matter where they went, they were respected by the regular players. There was never an incident with a player using this rude tone speaking to them. Especially when the person speaking was a newcomer!

If it wasn’t for the Elder Leader’s rule that Elders could only strike when the opponent made the first move, this Elder player would’ve beat Liu Gan into a pulp. To bait Liu Gan into openly initiating an aggressive move, the tall Elder needed to provoke him. 

Once the order was given, the other two nearby players dashed forward. With both their arms, they gripped onto Liu Gan. But could they really hold onto Liu Gan with their combined strength? Liu Gan easily threw them off.

“You dare to attack other players in front of me! How dare you commit a crime in front of me! Seems like I have to teach you a lesson myself!” the tall Elder shouted.

“Okay, I will see how you can teach me a lesson, then?” Liu Gan frowned.

Liu Gan didn’t want to create trouble after he found Lee DingXin. He still had to find LuLu and DongDong. Keeping in mind that this Beginner Village was home to many others and it was very organized, Liu Gan had lost interest. He only wanted to finish up his agenda and find the Spatial Transfer Gate on Mr. Sheng’s map.

Who would’ve thought that after releasing Lee DingXin out from her cage, there would be so many people obstructing him. These people continuously nagged and hindered his travels, Liu Gan didn’t want to give them any more face. 

Elders were able to carry weapons within the village, and the tall-skinny player’s weapon of choice was a fire axe. He had another weapon, a machete, on his back. It seemed most of the experienced players found the fire axe a better weapon than the machete. 

Within NinJing City, there were plenty of locations to find fire axes throughout the buildings. It became the weapon of choice due to its abundance.

From the way others listened to the Elder player, Liu Gan guessed that the tall-skinny player was an Elder. That meant he could be a level 5 player or higher. To Liu Gan, they were no different than ants.

“This is your last chance to admit your guilt! Get on the floor and kowtow! Otherwise I will kill you, and I won’t even get punished!” “Stick Elder” shouted at Liu Gan. 

Killing people in the Beginner Village was a major crime. There had to be sufficient reason to do so. Stick Elder didn’t want to leave behind too much trouble, so the protocols had to be followed even if it was just for show. 

“This is also my last chance for everyone here. Clear the way, let me and my friend leave. As for all the disputes from earlier, I won’t argue with you. However, if you want to die, then I will fulfill that wish,” Liu Gan was getting irritated with their lethal intentions. 

“You are really reckless!” Stick Elder was unable to bear Liu Gan’s att.i.tude and rushed over to attack.

The crowd cried out in alarm. Ever since the Elder Leader killed the Third Elder, no one had dared to make any bold moves. Fighting was strictly forbidden within the village, unless there was a valid reason for it. Otherwise, both parties would receive severe punishment and a trial by the Elder Committee. 

Naturally, the Elder Leader set the rule to protect his fellow players. However, not every issue could be reviewed by the Elder Leader personally, so the Elder Committee was in charge of maintaining order in this society. Any issues between players would be brought to trial at the Committee. On top of the difference in strength between Elders and the average player in the village, no one would dare to solo challenge an Elder.

So to the audience, this newcomer, Liu Gan, must be very bold. He voluntarily started provoking the Elders. From their point of view, it seemed that this newcomer wouldn’t have a good end. Even if Stick Elder decided to kill this newcomer, the surrounding shop owners and security guards would testify on the Elder’s behalf. 

If the newcomer Liu Gan was to die in the fight, only his stupidity could be blamed. 

What disappointed the crowd the most was when the Stick Elder failed to kill the newcomer. Liu Gan easily dodged his attack. In retaliation, Liu Gan kicked the Elder away. Stick Elder couldn’t dodge the attack, so after the kick he flew backward and landed on his a.r.s.e. 

Stick Elder had no idea how that happened. Even though he didn’t understand, Liu Gan’s attack didn’t have any strength behind it. If Liu Gan had used some strength, this Elder would’ve died. 


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