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The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India is a web novel produced by R. V. Russell.
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_Sonjhara, Sonjharia_.–(One who washes for gold in the beds of streams.) A caste. Subcaste of Binjhwar, Injhwar and Dhimar.

_Sonkar_.–A small caste found in the Chhattisgarh country, and also in Saugor and Damoh. The name Sonkar is said to be a corruption of Chunkar or lime-dealer, and the Sonkars of Saugor make their living by carrying clay and lime on donkeys for building and whitewashing walls. In Saugor they are also known as Beldar (navvy) and Gadhera (donkey-driver), and occupy a despised position. Possibly on this account a few of them in the northern Districts and the whole community in Chhattisgarh have abandoned their traditional calling, and have taken to growing vegetables like the Malis and Marars. Here their status is better, and they rank as a gardening caste. Their customs resemble those of the lower castes of Chhattisgarh. They obtain auspicious dates for their marriages and different ceremonies from Brahmans, but otherwise these are not employed, and the caste headman, known as Kurha or Sethia, officiates as priest. At their weddings the sacred post round which the couple walk must consist of a forked bough of the mahua tree divided in a V shape, and they take much trouble to find and cut a suitable bough. They will not take cooked food from the hands of any other caste, even from Brahmans.

_Sonkarasaria_.–(Impure gold.) A section of Bhona or Bhulia.

_Sonkutri_.–(b.i.t.c.h of the wild dog.) A totemistic sept of Kawar.

_Sonpakar_.–(A tree.) A totemistic sept of Kawar and Chero.

_Sonratan_.–(Gold jewel.) A section of Chandnahu Kurmi.

_Sonthaga_.–(Gold-cheat.) A subdivision of Pardhans in Kawardha. They cheated people by pa.s.sing false gold, and hence were so named.

_Sonthal_.–Synonym for Santal.

_Sonwani_.–(_Sona-pani_, gold-water.) This is a common sept among the primitive tribes and castes derived from them. The members of this sept occupy a quasi-priestly position, and readmit offenders into caste by giving them water to drink in which gold has been dipped. They also purify those who have got vermin in a wound by sprinkling this water over them. A section of Ahir and of Rawat or Chhattisgarhi Ahir; a sept of Dhoba, Dhanwar, Gond and Kawar; a section of Kalanga, k.u.mhar, Panka and Teli.

_Sori_.–A sept of Gond and Pardhan. Sori and Khusro are the two subsepts of the Markam sept.

_Soyam_.–(Worshipper of seven G.o.ds.) A division of Gond in Chanda.

_Sravaka_.–A Jain layman.

_Sri Gaur Mala_.–(A resident of Malwa.) Subcaste of Barhai.

_Srimali_.–(From the old city of Srimal in Rajputana.) A subcaste of Gujarati Brahman and Bania.

_Srivastab, Sriwastab_.–(From the old city of Sravasti in the north of Oudh.) A well-known subcaste of Kayasth. A subcaste of Bharbhunja, Darzi and Teli.

_Sua_.–(Parrot.) A section of Chadar, Khangar and Kasar. A sept of Bhatra and Kawar.

_Suda_.–Synonym of Sudh.

_Sudh_.–A caste. A subcaste of Kolta and Lohar.

_Sudha_.–Synonym of Sudh.

_Sudho_.–Synonym of Sudh.

_Sudra_.–The lowest of the four traditional castes. See Introduction. There is no Sudra caste at present in the Central Provinces. A subcaste of Barai.

_Suibadiwa_.–(_Sui_, porcupine.) A totemistic sept of the Dhurwa Gonds in Betul.

_Suji_.–(From _sui_, a needle.) Synonym for Darzi.

_Sukul, Shukul_.–(White.) A surname of Kanaujia Brahmans.

_Sulankhi_.–Subcaste of Mahli.

_Sunar_.–A caste of goldsmiths. Subcaste of Bishnoi.

_Sundhi_.–Synonym of Sundi.

_Sungaria_.–(One who keeps pigs.) Subcaste of k.u.mhar.

_Sunni_.–One of the two sects of Muhammadans who follow the orthodox traditions, Sunni meaning traditionist.

_Sunri_.–Synonym of Sundi.

_Surait_.–A name signifying persons of impure or mixed descent. A subcaste of Dhakar and Halba. A subcaste of Jharia Rawat (Ahir) in Bastar, being the offspring of Jharia Rawat fathers by women of other Rawat subcastes. A subcaste of Sonkar in Kanker, consisting of the offspring of illegitimate unions. A subcaste of Jhadi Telenga, k.u.mhar and Marar (Mali).

_Suraj, Surya_.–(The sun.) A section of Binjhwar, Gond, Khangar, Marar, Mowar, Rawat (Ahir) and Sansia (in Sambalpur).

_Surajdhwaja_.–A subcaste of Kayasth.

_Surajvansi_.–(Descendants of the Sun.) Name of one of the two great divisions of Rajputs. A clan of Rajputs. A subcaste of Barai, Khairwar and Kalar. A section of Chamar, Dhanwar, Gond and Koli.

_Suratha_.–A subdivision of Valmiki Kayasth.

_Sureyam_.–A Gond sept named after the _sui_ or porcupine, because, it is said, a porcupine pa.s.sed by when they were worshipping their G.o.d.

_Surkhi_.–(Red.) A clan of Surajvansi Rajputs.

_Sutar_.–The name of a carpenter in the Maratha Districts. Synonym of Barhai.

_Suthra Shahi_.–Synonym for Nanakpanthi.

_Sutsale_.–(A thread-weaver.) Subcaste of Koshti.

_Suvarha_.–Named after the _suar_ or pig. Subcaste of Dhimar.

_Swami_ or _Aiya (Iyer)_.–(Master.) A t.i.tle given to leaders of the religious orders. A t.i.tle of Sanadhya Brahmans in Saugor. A subcaste of Jangam.

_Swetambari_.–A sect of Jains who put clothes on their images.

_Tadvi_.–A name for Muhammadan Bhils.

_Tak, Takshac_.–A clan of Rajputs, now extinct.

_Takankar, Takari_.–(From _takna_, to tap, to roughen the face of a mill-stone.) A synonym or subcaste of Pardbi. A synonym for the Pathrot or Pathrawat stone-workers in Berar, who are cla.s.sed with Beldars.

_Takle_.–(Fallen.) A subcaste of Kasar, said to consist of the descendants of persons excommunicated for s.e.xual offences.

_Tamashawala_.–(Showman.) A name given to Nats.

_Tambatkar_.–(A coppersmith.) Synonym for Tamera.

_Tamboli, Tamoli_.–(A seller of the prepared betel-leaves.) Synonym for Barai.


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