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Read The True Mistress Has A Thousand Hidden Identities Chapter 84 – Eat Humble Pie

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Chapter 84: Eat Humble Pie

Helen took two steps backward subconsciously, looking a little horrified. After all, she had seen Claire’s strength, and her wrist was still hurting.

“Good!” She pointed to Claire and stared at Ada. “Let’s wait and see. I must make you Smiths pay a price!”

With that, she picked up Bob and limped out of the room.

Ada hurriedly chased after her. “Helen, this is all my fault. I will teach this girl a good lesson. Don’t be angry!”

Claire jumped off the table and walked to the closet. She picked up the clothes on the floor, shaking off the dust. Then she walked to the bed, and slowly picked up the tattered Doraemon dolls.

Her face was dark.

She didn’t care about the other things but these dolls were her treasure.

Not long after, Ada returned to the room, her face all dark.

“Claire, go to Helen’s home and apologize! Even if they want you to kowtow, you’ll have to do it!”


Claire almost laughed. She put the stuffed cotton back into the dolls and said leisurely, “I won’t apologize, so don’t make me say it a third time.”

Ada was dizzy with anger. “Fine! I can’t handle you. I’ll have your father discipline you!”

Upon receiving the notice, Allen rushed back home.

Claire cleaned up the room.

A servant ran up and knocked on the door, saying coldly,. “Madam wants you to go downstairs.”

Claire didn’t say a word and slowly finished making the bed before she left the room.

Several servants were pointing and gossiping about her.

“She’s over now.”

“She always does whatever she wants, so bold and reckless. I knew she would bring disaster to the Smiths!”

“This is good. She really needs a good lesson. Now she’ll learn how to behave.”

In the hall, Allen, Ada, Sheldon, and Phoebe sat together. Hearing her footsteps, they raised their heads at the same time.

Claire walked over slowly and sat down on the opposite sofa. She leaned back casually, folded her arms around her chest, and looked around leisurely.

Four pairs of cold eyes stared at her as if treating her like a prisoner to be interrogated.

Allen looked majestic and said solemnly, “Go apologize to them tomorrow. I’ll take you there myself.”

Claire yawned. “If it’s about this, I’ll go upstairs to sleep.”

“a.s.shole!” Allen patted the coffee table fiercely. “How dare you show this att.i.tude, you stupid ignorant girl? Do you know who you offended today? You’ll implicate all of us!”

“You finally told the truth. You’re just afraid that you’ll be implicated.” Claire couldn’t help but chuckle. “You can kick me out. Then you guys will be safe.”


Allen was speechless for a while.

He had wanted to kick this girl out long ago, but how could Fei Yue get out of trouble if he did so?

So he had to keep this scourge!

Phoebe hid the gloat in her eyes, adding fuel to the fire. “Dad, Claire has always been a bit grumpy, so she couldn’t help it. I don’t think she did it on purpose…”

Claire slightly lifted her eyelids, and her cold stare shot at her like a dagger.

Phoebe was so frightened that she lost her voice.

Allen rubbed the place between his eyebrows and softened his tone. “Claire, I know you’re not in the wrong, but Helen’s cousin-in-law is someone we can’t afford to offend. Please eat a humble pie this time for our sake. What did that kid destroy? I’ll compensate you, okay?”

Claire’s expression was indifferent. “No way. The last thing I’ll do is to eat a humble pie. I’ll resolve this matter and won’t implicate you.”

With that, she stood up and walked back to the second floor.

Allen yelled behind her. “Resolve it? You really talk big. How can you resolve it? I’ll have to clear up this mess for you!”


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