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The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor is a web novel completed by Unknown.
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Cuppa: Wow! Today is the last day of 2017! I would like to give all my readers that have been following this novel thus far my heartfelt thanks, you guys are awesome! I hope you have enjoyed what has been delivered so far and do look forward to more of HQY’s antics. I a.s.sure you, there would only be more and not less of the things you enjoyed in the future chapters. Cheers!

Why is she lying here?

Isn’t this her accommodations within the Aged Consulate?

Wasn’t she drugged by Huan Qing Yu earlier on? When she thought of that, Huan Qing Yan’s face turned pale before flushing red instantly.

“Young Master Ya, I, I……”

She quickly lowered her head to look at her clothes, it was indeed Ji Mo Ya’s outer robe; when she peeked into the gap from her chest, she noticed that the clothes in it were torn and tattered, ‘I am finished!’

Did I lose my virginity?

Was she tainted by that disgusting man?

Oh my G.o.d, she could not remember. All she could remember was that embarra.s.sing act of tearing off her own clothes…

Huan Qing Yan’s eyes were turning quickly, she noticed her body seemed fine and did not feel out of place. She tried her best to recollect, but all she could remember was this huge chunk of cool jade that she hugged on tightly, and rubbed on it…

“That sc.u.m has been killed by this Young Master.” Ji Mo Ya looked at her expression that was a mix of embarra.s.sment and anger, finding it funny to look at.

Huan Qing Yan’s face turned even more red!

How can she explain everything, did Ji Mo Ya see the whole process? He killed? At which point of the incident did he arrive to kill?

Such an embarra.s.sing scene, she felt that she had no face to meet anyone anymore!

Huan Qing Yan immediately dove into her a blanket that was beside her…

“Wuuu wuuu… Young Master Ya, what happened to me, did that beast taint me? Is my chast.i.ty gone? Wuuu wuuu, you can just tell me the truth, I can take it…”

Ji Mo Ya finally relaxed; if this la.s.s can say those words, that means she’s fine.

“Oh, so you really cannot remember anything?” The sides of Ji Mo Ya’s mouth began to curl as he spoke.

Did she really forget how she groped his body like an octopus and even tore off his clothes earlier on?

“I don’t remember anything. All I remembered was hugging a piece of jade and a very delicious drink…” Huan Qing Yan’s head poke out of the blanket; it was extremely flushed and very pitiful looking.

Ji Mo Ya couldn’t help but laugh.

He quietly placed his injured hand behind his back; due to Huan Qing Yan repeated sucking, it had become ghastly pale.

He had also lost quite an amount of blood and was beginning to feel tired.

He decided to stop joking with her, “Rest well, do not think to much of it, I will…” take responsibility of you, these last words didn’t leave his mouth.

Huan Qing Yan, who was confused and pitiful just a second ago, suddenly jumped out of the blanket and became extremely heroic, “Young Master Ya, where is the body of that sc.u.m? I want to whip his corpse! Death is too easy for him!”

“Although my body has lost its chast.i.ty, but we are people of a big world; there’s no need to be bothered about such small details as there’s still a long road for us to walk… although I cannot exact revenge personally, to know that revenge was done, I am also happy!”

“In addition, Young Master Ya, I know now that you are that piece of jade that I hugged earlier on. However, no worries, I will take responsibility of you, if no one wants you in the future, you can just marry me…”

The corners of Ji Mo Ya’s mouth twitched. How did the mind of this girl work? It was truly not something that a normal person could catch up to.

Her nerves were so thick that it had reached the realm of immortals, that pitiful and shameful look that he saw earlier on was definitely his eyes playing tricks on him!

“There is currently too much spirit energy within your body. Take the opportunity to properly refine it else there might be side effect. If there’s anything else, we will discuss about it tomorrow morning instead.” Ji Mo Ya knew firsthand how much power his blood possessed.

Of course, he had already controlled the amount that la.s.s had sucked from him but it was still a large amount.

It was enough to cause her to blow up due to an overload!

As he spoke, he saw mist beginning to gather on top of Huan Qing Yan’s head; a large amount of spirit energy was beginning to gather and take form…

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