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Read The Typhoon’s Wife Chapter 295 – Procrastinating

The Typhoon’s Wife is a web novel produced by har_k.
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Neil was sitting in his chair and thinking about last night. He had a somewhat silly smile on his face and a gleam in his eyes that had been missing for long.Mi Rae’s shocked expression kept flas.h.i.+ng in his head as she realized that he was moving in with her. To him, she was cuteness personified. Every expression and every gesture she had,  wormed it’s way into his heart. He actually laughed out loud when he thought about how she had tried to make him sleep in the guest room.. He had cleared her head of that notion soon enough . Though they were not doing anything other than sleeping together… yet. They still needed to get used to each other’s presence. Sigh… She was innocent and inexperienced..Though she reacted beautifully to every intimacy, he did not want her to feel rushed.Though he would soon have a case of blue bal** if they did not do something soon.He was imagining all sorts of explorations of the delectable body when his door opened and he was. .h.i.t by a paper ball on the head.

In walked his nemesis and best friend Alicia and said irritatingly,”What was the discussion expression you had on your face?I almost puked when I came in.”

Neil narrowed his eyes at her and snapped back”Does this look like a public place to you that you can just walk in?If you do not wish to see my expressions you can always stay out!And my face does not resemble a dart board..why would you throw stuff at it?”

“I threw trash at you..not darts..And you were probably thinking something trashy which is why I probably I mistook you for a trash can.”

Neil leaned back and said,”Al,your insults are getting visious by the day!Why are you here to pester me today?Go pester your ‘dear hubby’.”

Alicia pouted at that and said,”My hubby has become unflappable.He won’t give any reaction to my tantrums!”She sat there with her arms crossed as if she was a child.Neil smiled at that but instead of giving her any sympathy,he tut tutted and showed her the door.”Get going little girl!I am very busy thanks to you and your hubby..acquiring things left and right with no consideration for the poor over working people of my department!”

“Ha!Your department just hired a few new lawyers and interns.And you are even getting another new a.s.sistant!So if your department is over worked it is because you are s.h.i.+rking your responsibilities to procastinate about your Mi Rae!”

“As if you don’t procastinate about my brother!”

“Of course I do..But the difference is that I take action on the plans I make which makes your brother extremely happy!How are you going to do anything if you don’t even see each other now that Mi Rae has gone back to her house!”

“I have moved in with her so I can work on my plans as well!!”,Neil snapped back.And then seeing the truimphant expression on her face,sat back!He had been played thoroughly.By not asking about their relations.h.i.+p’s progress directly,Al had caught him off guard and made him confess!Sulking,he said to her,”Now that you have the informatin you came for..go away and leave me in peace!”

After a beat of silence,Alicia broke into loud guffaws..Poor Neil baby moved in with Mi Rae!How awesome!Tell me more!Have you seduced her yet?”

“Al,you are behaving like a dirty old pervert wanting to discuss all the details.”

Alicia was insulted at that and said,”Ha!I am doing this for your good!I would go and discuss the details with Mi Rae but she would be embara.s.sed..And I want to talk dirty but I can’t do that with Ryu because then it would lead to doing of the *dirty* deeds which at present is a strict no no..Let me live through the two of you voraciously!”

“Da** you Al!That was too much information!I am going to have to bleach my ears and my mind!And we have not reached that stage so please spare me!”

Ignoring his cursing,Al c.o.c.ked her head and asked in a serious tone,”Why not?”

Neil looked at her perpexedly and said,”What why not?”

Harrumphing Neil said,”Why have you not done the dirty yet?Neil are you still not sure about each other?Are you still being hot and cold towards her.”

Neil’s forehead furrowed and said,”Of course not!Just that the timing never seemed right.And I don’t want to rush Mi Rae into anything..She is an innocent.And I want her to feel special when we do this..”

“Neil!You knothead!Listen to me carefullly,you are being as slow as a tortoise.You may be Mi Rae’s first time and it is right that you do not rush her but she is not a teenager who is doing this for the sake of experimentsSo this is not about l.u.s.t!When a man and woman in love make love it is a confirmation of their feelings for each other.Going slow is good but if you are too slow,she will never feel secure in the relations.h.i.+p.So get your as* moving.!And seduce your wife!”

With that piece of sage advise,Alicia was about to leave the room when she remembered the other purpose of her visit.”By the way,Ah Hai has received his discharge from the military and will be coming back soon and I have already told him about his new sister in law to be..”Neil listened gravely and nodded his head at the end.He understood what Alicia was implying-that he needed to resolve those knots as well..”

What Alicia and Neil did not know was Ah Hai was going to be back sooned than either of them expected.


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