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Chapter 129

Currently the government was still controlled by the chinese, these malay militants actually formed a small minority within the military. No matter how refined this ploy was, the battle within this building would never persist for long, strictly speaking it would only take 1 hour. This skysc.r.a.per was 40 storeys high, every floor had 3-4 thousand square metres. One full day was not enough to completely search the whole building. If that new prime minister did not react with countermeasures within an hour, then he truly wasn’t qualified to hold that appointment.

On the other hand, if the 3 of them fled downwards, there would be only a few escape points. The mastermind behind this terrorism would certainly have people to lock up the access points, and going down there would in turn be more dangerous. To think of this points wasn’t difficult, but to be able to consider this in such a tight-locked situation, it showed the qualities of composure, wisdom and courage.

Huffing and puffing they made it to the top floor, but not the roof. At the top, they chanced upon several wealthy individuals and their bodyguards. Lee Sian Hai was relatively familiar with them, after combining their forces, their defensive strength was enhanced. Not even 10 minutes later, the faint sound of shouts and screams travelled here. Sheyan went out to survey and saw a group of dark skinned local aboriginals rus.h.i.+ng up. Within their hands were glimmering blades, iron rods and other pole like objects. They were wantonly robbing and killing.

This originally lofty and luxurious building had sunk into a wide scale riot, this was probably the methods used by the criminal mastermind to conceal the truths. Blending this deliberate ploy within the facade of racial rioting. Those thugs were tangled up with a bunch of people wearing grey windbreakers. These people did not partic.i.p.ate in the looting and killing, their expressions were solemn and their steps mighty. Their hands were stashed into their trouser pockets as they observe their surroundings. Obviously they were killers who were specially trained.

Once these discovered a suspicious target, they would uniformly take fire, reducing their targets into a honeycomb. And this group of thugs left 30-40 people on every level to plunder while the rest continued ascending and searching.

Even the the current situation seemed hopeless, Sheyan did not carry any worries. This was because the two bottles of ‘Maotai 1950 pulp liquor’ were already placed inside the cabinet on the previous room they were in on the 17th floor. Even if those thugs search, they would mostly cover behind the door, under the bed and outside the window areas. Why would they even think of searching the cabinet for millions of dollar worth alcohol? To Sheyan, completing the milestone took precedence, regarding Mr Lee Sian Hai he was just a bonus item. Saving him was good, but if he could not, Sheyan wouldn’t even mind.

After Sheyan returned, everyone else including Lee Sian Hai looked rather apathetic. Only a wealthy man with the surname Huo from Hong Kong was fuming, loudly scolding vulgarities. After five minutes, those Indonesian aboriginal thugs had arrived at the level Sheyan was at. Their knives and poles carried no threat to Sheyan, moreover d.i.c.k who was supremely versed in firearms leading a few bodyguards sniping from the back. Instantly, casualties scattered everywhere. However once those grey windbreaker killers swiftly arrived, the tides quickly turned around, wounding Sheyan occasionally and d.i.c.k even took a severe bullet to his right chest.

Suddenly a whirling sound boomed across the atmosphere. Following that three helicopters swiftly landed onto the rooftop. 4-5 special forces in their camouflaging uniform stealthily crept down and pro

ceeded to guard the access path to the rooftop in a flash. Afterward, elite soldiers started to rush down, although there were casualties, those grey dressed killers were ultimately unable to contend against the army, even the Indonesian aboriginal thugs were forced to retreat down the building.

These special forces were reinforcements called by Lee Sian Hai. Lee Sian Hai was a person steering the financial flags.h.i.+p of his family, undoubtedly he was one of the biggest pillar behind the prime minister. Naturally he had a mighty influence of a leader. Although he fell into dire straits, his att.i.tude remained graceful and unyielding. Snorting he sat down on a nearby stool.

“You guys came quickly!”

Saying this sentence just when his protection squadron was nearly depleted, Lee Sian Hai was intentionally being sarcastic. The leader was a lieutenant colonel, his face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g red and steered his words clear of the trouble.

“Mr Lee, you’ve been startled. Please immediately ascend and leave the place.”

After speaking he reached out his hands. Lee Sian Hai who lived as a prince was also exhausted and startled, he naturally did not haggle on for long and prepared to ascend the chopper. The other wealthy figures also started boarding one after another. But at this moment, Sheyan raised his brows and obstructed Lee Sian Hai, he simply said:

“The aura of death around you is thick, the calamity is not over, if you really think that you have escaped the danger, then you are really stepping on the pathway to disaster!”

After hearing Sheyan’s completely unsubstantiated words, that lieutenant colonet immediately shouted out with an ashen face.

“Guards, get this lunatic out of my sight.”

The surrounding soldiers surged forward, yet Sheyan put up zero resistance. His lips curled into a chilling sneer as he looked towards that wealthy Hong Kong Mr Huo.

“Mr Huo, I can tell you are a righteous person. If you don’t wish to die, wait here for another half an hour.”

Lee Sian Hai halted his footsteps, hesitating for a while before waving his hands.

“Set off!”

Five minutes later, those three helicopters took off. As they started climbing to a higher alt.i.tude, a sudden blaze flashed across from the roof of the opposite building, it was 4 ‘Stinger’ guided missile! After 3 missiles flew out, the pilots tried their utmost to dodge it, but two of them got hit in the end. The other one knocked onto the skysc.r.a.per beside it, spinning unsteadily for a few rounds before exploding into a fireball.

Lee Sian Hai glanced through the window at this scenery, his facial muscles twitched uncontrollably. He currently changed to an army uniform, another soldier dressed as him by wearing his clothes and boarding the chopper. In the end the consequence was as such. The other wealthy figures apart from Mr Huo all lost their lives in the explosion. He looked at Sheyan with complete trust, and couldn’t help asking:

“This……friend, what do we do next?”

Sheyan laughed:

“Don’t ask me this question, you should seek a professional.”

At this point, half of the elite soldiers stayed back with Lee Sian Hai. Amongst them, a military officer was still unconvinced of Sheyan, stepping out of his ranks and exclaimed:

“Sirs! Our third reinforcements are coming, I reckon the best course of action is to stay and wait for back-up!”

In half a day, Lee Sian Hai had already knocked at death’s door twice. Furthermore, the recent helicopter incident had left him still in cold sweat, doubts had already arose in his heart towards the capability of the military. He shot an inquiring glance at Sheyan. Sheyan then took out his ‘Endless Vodka’ and drank a mouthful, smiling he said:

“I have no objections.”

Observing Sheyan’s compliance, Lee Sian Hai was rea.s.sured and nodded his head. Lee Sian Hai recalled the words Sheyan previously spoke, he was usually astute and circ.u.mspect and his heart a little apprehensive, he couldn’t help but ask Sheyan:

“May I know what’s the meaning behind this mister’s words about the aura of death?”

Although Sheyan had a mature appearance, one could tell he was roughly 24. By calling him mister, Lee Sian Hai was showing respect for the wise. Obviously Sheyan could not mention that his perceptive sensing allowed him to sense the nearby ambushers, thus he pretended to be a fortune teller. He merely shrug his shoulders, smiled and shook his head.

Lee Sian Hai observed Sheyan’s body language, and his imaginations started to run wild:

“Eh? Is it cannot say? Impossible to say? Or don’t know how to say?”

Sheyan calmly and determinedly replied.

“It’s cannot say. If I say, I will have to pay a severe price.”

Lee Sian Hai gasped, having an enlightened expression:

“I understand, I understand. Then how long do you think before we can leave this place?”

Sheyan’s lips slanted slightly, grimly replying:

“If the skin, flesh and blood of those a.s.sailants are not thoroughly smeared onto the walls, then you will never be safe.”

Lee Sian Hai deeply pondered, then with face of killing intent he turned to the nearby person and gave an order. Those special soldiers were already distributed into critical places. As long as any suspicious character approaches, a burst fire would follow, there was no such thing as law and order over here.

Within 4 hours, the reinforcements managed to round up the entire building and cleanse it. Lee Sian Hai allowed Sheyan to walk alongside him, this was giving Sheyan face but his hidden motive was to borrow Sheyan’s strength to protect him. Until Lee Sian Hai returned to his mansion and sat onto his sofa did he loosen up. He looked at Sheyan and sincerely asked:

“How should I thank you?”

Sheyan laughed and replied:

“Just treat me to a drink.”

6 hours later, Sheyan had already become an employer in this mansion.

His job scope was: Chauffeur.

Lee Sian Hai’s personal chauffeur.

Following their exchange, Lee Sian Hai would a.s.sist him in collecting the remaining alcohol types. Initially Sheyan wanted to request for him to help search for the whereabouts of Fuyuan boat, but as the words reached his lips he swallowed it back in. Because this matter was his only weak point in the present world, he would definitely not easily tell it to others!

Sheyan cus.h.i.+oned his head with his two hands and laid on the bed. Although his heart had a faint feeling of insecurity, this was still the most dependant method he could think of. He could effortlessly complete the milestone mission, and could personally search for Uncle Dasi. Singapore was small, but this pellet size country was able to enter the top 50 countries. One could tell its economic might was robust. Having such a reliable backing in Lee Sian Hai, even if Sheyan was like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might, it was much better in comparison to searching alone.

As Sheyan was about to fall into deep sleep, his chest suddenly started burning up. He immediately jolted up from the bed as his mind received a notification from the nightmare imprint.

“Please return to the nightmare realm from the present world within 24 hours.”


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