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Chapter 194

As Sheyan allowed his imaginations to run wild, he arrived at the end of the path. Welcoming him was a stretch of glistening huge lake, coincidentally shaped as a crescent as it surrounded the land ahead, forming a peninsula. 20 metres away, a humongous blue crystal statue was erected, the crystal sculpture coincidentally blocked off the pathway towards the back of the peninsula. 20 metres in front of the crystal statue was a formless repulsion pressure preventing entry, probably a magic barrier.

This blue crystal sculpture had an appearance of a stern looking goblin, but magnified by a hundred folds. The carvings were meticulous, even the creases and wrinkles of the skin was distinct. It held a giant sword in its left hand, and a s.h.i.+eld on the right. An immense formless oppressive force radiating over. Reaching here, Sheyan sensed an incomparably intense threat from the surroundings. Probably a formidable trap mechanism installed. Once activated, it would surely cause Sheyan to die a tragic end.

A large monument stood beside the goblin sculpture. It was carved to look like an erected golden coin. The monument appeared to have corroded over time, on the verge of collapse. At the top, the ancient goblin imperial characters could be vaguely recognized.

“Even G.o.d, can do nothing against this demon……”

“We can only deceive to it, trick it, consecrating the delicate and innocent gold coins. Offering precious minerals to please it……”

“Finally, dawn approaches……”

“Unknownst why, the demon actually decided to fall into a deep slumber. It even prompted us to build an enormous imperial tomb.”

“We gritted our teeth and endured, finally completing this work on the eve of the empire’s destruction.”

“After the demon turned dormant, we followed the instructions of G.o.d and executed a legendary magic division sphere. Although this method was useless in exterminating its soul, it will split it into 10 portions. According to the ancient east saying, shackling its 3 immortal souls and seven mortal forms!”

“This magic division sphere sacrificed the lives of the 13 grand n.o.ble goblins, resulting in the other races seizing the chance to instigate a powerful uprising.”

“We followed G.o.d’s instructions, sealing a piece of the demon’s soul into the altar, and the remaining 9 fragments separately into different locations!”

“Although our empire was annihilated, although our civilization had perished…….”

“But we goblins have never regretted!”

“Who asked you to take delight in robbing our money, while the other races only want our lives!”

Weirdly, Sheyan was able to read and understand the characters above through his nightmare imprint. He displayed total silence and incomprehensible expression towards the ancient goblin’s logic. His suspicions had grown deeper, expressing great curiosity towards this ‘demon’. Extending his hand out, that severed finger became intensely hot, and slowly floated towards the distance. It then halted right in that goblin statue’s face.

Although in Sheyan’s eyes, all goblins looked relatively alike. But he could vaguely make up that this sculpture had features that were exceedingly similar to Mr Infinite, as though they were blood related. The goblin sculpture suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the severed finger. Its pair of eyes flickered red glows. Sheyan could suddenly feel the biting cold chill intensifying. Obviously, the hidden mechanisms had been activated.

In a flash, the goblin sculpture spat out the severed finger, stoning for a brief pause before its red glowing eyes va

nished. The the statue bluntly crumbled down, as the crystals crashed to the ground and dissipated into speckles of fine dust, drifting into the wind. The obstructed pathway was now freed. Sheyan who was covered in dirt and dust, patted away the crystal dust over his body and picked up the severed finger key. He couldn’t resist cursing at this Infinite’s ancestor.

After entering the front gateway, its interior greeted him with ma.s.sive heaps of gold coins, glittering and sparkling gold in his eyes. Unfortunately, when he thought of gathering some, the nightmare imprint immediately presented him with a ruthless notification:

“Retrieving these ancient gold coins will incur the cursed wrath of the ancient goblin empire. Do you wish to proceed? Yes / No?”

Sheyan had already encountered cursed objects before. In the end, that apparition from the caribbean sea world likewise fled after being defeated. Sheyan wasn’t afraid with his haughty 31 points of physique. But adding on the words ‘Ancient goblin’, he would tread more carefully. Moreover, behind those words there was an additional ‘Empire’, a vehement fearfulness of death soared within him as he instantly selected ‘No’.

To Sheyan, this sort of tempting yet unlootable circ.u.mstance was extremely torturous but inevitable. Under normal situations, for contestants to reach this point, they at least required a 100 strong coordinated and bonded party! Every party member’s focused basic attribute would have to at least reach 50 points! Then they could endure the trials and slaughter their way in.To that party, they would definitely possess some methods to resolve this Ancient goblin empire’s curse.

Instead Sheyan relied on Infinite’s severed finger to arrive here unimpeded and un.o.bstructed. Moreover this severed finger was acquired because Infinite dreamt of nightmares daily, it could be said that Sheyan did not contribute much effort in acquiring it. Therefore, being unable to obtain any rewards was understandable. After clarifying this point in his mind, Sheyan no longer felt any resentment. Instead, he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with expectancy as he continued advancing.

After pa.s.sing through the sculpture’s barrier, Sheyan saw a splendorous and majestic tall platform. The platform was segregated into 3 levels. The flight of stairs leading to it was astonis.h.i.+ngly luxurious and extravagant. The stairs were constructed with marble, and the railings on both sides were crafted with gold, with flowery ornament carvings.

After ascending the first level, a silver underbrush occupied his vision. Emerald and jadeite apple trees and golden apple trees, br.i.m.m.i.n.g splendor and majesty. The further he proceeded, the more astonished Sheyan became. It was like walking into the golden garden of eden heard of in the legends. He was utterly shaken by this elegant and mystical scenery.

After traversing through this stunning imagery, Sheyan proceeded up. The second floor, he discovered two ferocious gigantic dragons arranged on both sides! Sheyan was momentarily shocked as he displayed a defensive stance. Even if such a stance was totally useless in the face of these dragons who were at least above rank seven legendary creatures.

According to the Harry potter’s world, the left dragon should be the Romanian Longhorn. It had greenish-black scales, and s.h.i.+mmering golden horn. It was a rare species only ate cooked food, similar to humans. Normally after impaling their preys with their horn, they would use their dragon flames to roast their food. While the silver blue fiery dragon that was extremely captivating on the right should be the Swedish Short-Snout. They could spit out dazzling blue flames that were extremely scorching.

Probably because Sheyan’s arrival had broken through a certain spell, the twin dragons were long dead. He joyously rushed up to reap any benefits, but instead the two dragons crumbled to the ground. Turning into dust, not even a footprint was left. The full of expectations Sheyan turned frustrated and dull. Coughing violent as he spat a phlegm into the pile of ash, considered as venting his anger.

Finally, Sheyan reached the end of the platform. What greeted his sight was generous heaps of precious jewels, stacked like a pile of rubbish. Those precious gems dazzled together, their dense sparkling brilliance as thick as fog, causing one’s vision to turn blurry. Of course, these precious gems contained an increasingly formidable curse. Curses like the ancient imperial curse, thousand year lingering vengeance etc. But based on Sheyan’s current prowess, once he violated anything, his life would instantly be decimated and not even the dust on his corpse would be spared.

After much difficulty pus.h.i.+ng his way through the heaps of jewels for 10 over metres, Sheyan finally saw the highest core location of this platform. There was a strange silver throne standing on that spot!!! He could faintly make up somebody sitting on it. His heartbeat sped up, as he urgently and hastily marched forward to have a glimpse at this person’s appearance. Instead, he shockingly realized that the throne was facing away from him.

Sheyan wasn’t afraid as he took several strides up. He realized that as he moved, concurrently that throne would strangely rotate by itself. Currently, he was obstructed by a pile of jewels and unable to proceed forward. Even if he could think of any method to bypa.s.s, it only resulted in the same outcome – standing on the same place. Sheyan carefully observed and discovered, beside the throne, there was actually a translucent light blue goblin smirking as it pushed the chair. Its characteristics and appearance was exactly similar to that apparition in the caribbean sea world. Naturally, the earlier movements were due to its mischief.

Sheyan immediately activated his ‘insight’ ability. Nothing went wrong this time as its information straightforwardly appeared:

Tireless spirit of the artisan goblin

Species: Ghost type

Characteristics: Forever cannot be attacked, nor can it attack others.

Description: This is the mysterious spirit bred from the vengeance of the goblin who constructed this imperial tomb. After death, it didn’t dare to profane the demon king, and can only vent its resentment on the silver throne of the demon king. If you cannot engage it, then you’ll forever be unable to understand the ultimate truth.


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