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Evidently. Taitish’s hard work wasn’t in vain. An intense ripple suddenly appeared in the s.p.a.ce above.

At this moment, none of the pirates dared to proceed.

Soon after, a spatial illusion shattered.

The area that was originally rocks transformed into a sandy sh.o.r.e, while the seawater and beach suddenly transformed into mult.i.tudes of reefs standing in great numbers. That incomparably intensive ripple ushered a great sense of crisis to the pirates.

Within a short span of time, a cavern entrance of deep abstrusity emerged before everyone’s eyes.

The cave was a plain of pitch-darkness where its contents couldn’t be fathomed. It caused them to involuntarily recall the deep throat and digestive tract of a ma.s.sive wild beast, as though proceeding would mean their fates being devoured. Their flesh and bones would then be digested, and not a single trace of them would remain in this world.

Taitish spoke with a beaten tone.

“I employed extreme methods to uncover this entrance, s.h.i.+elded by witchcraft. It would probably remain only for a short period of time. If we wish to enter, we must be quick.”

Sheyan fixated on her eyes as he earnestly asked.

“How long will this temporal spatial door last? I hope you can give an accurate estimation, because If we lose our escape route, this will truly become a huge fiasco. I believe you don’t wish to be trapped here as well.”

Taitish pondered a little before confirming.

“It will absolutely not last less than two hours. Anything more than that, I can’t say for sure.”

Sheyan nodded before whispering several words to Reef. From there, Reef led two other pirates as they strutted towards the black cavern entrance.

Firstly, Reef had all along possessed his ace of awakening anything. Secondly, never forget, the trio had managed to acquire that miraculous item, the ‘Unmodeled Amnio-tank’ back in the Avatar World. Thus, his life couldn’t really be considered to be threatened. That was why Sheyan was willing to allow Reef to proceed at the front courageously.

The cave was deep and ghastly, as sounds of dripping water reverberated through their ears.

When they entered the cave, natural vestiges of erosion could be distinctly seen. Yet several hundreds of metres deeper, when other cavern channels converged, relatively clear marks of hatchet chiselling could be noticed. This was probably the deed of those accursed, tireless and undying Black Pearl pirates.

This discovery similarly boosted the morale of the pirates around Sheyan. At least, they knew they were on the correct path. The greedy nature of the pirates fuelled them with motivation to face any impending danger.

Throughout their journey deeper in the cave, they took stern precautions, but unexpectedly met with no mishaps. Could it be the installed mechanisms of those Black Pearl brats had failed?

After rounding a corner, the pirates could distinctively behold a cavern hall that could hold roughly a hundred individuals.

Numerous stalact.i.te pillars were erected through this cavern hall as they blocked off the vision of the pirates. The place was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a primitive nature style. Two enormous stone water jars were placed by both sides of this cavern hall.

The jars were engraved with an image of a freak with a large head but tiny body, who was lifting his head while wailing in anguish. The huge widened mouth of that freak was the tip of the water jar. Floating in the jars, lamp wicks the size of a kid’s arm were ignited. The bright embers illuminated the cavern hall with a delicate grandeur. A sudden lighted area in contrast to the narrow and sinister shade, immediately diluted the pressure on everyone’s heart; offering a relaxing sensation to them.

The water jars were filled with a viscous oily liquid that appeared as limpid as water. An unexplainable aura permeated through the atmosphere. A simple whiff suggested a slight fragrance, yet contained a stale insipid fishy smell after careful reflecting.

Blacksail crept forward as he sniffed cautiously before revealing a doubtful expression. After thinking a little, he reached out his finger for a dip before sampling.

“This seems like the boiled fats of a mermaid. A jar of fat might roughly allow the candles to burn for twenty years or longer.”

He could nonetheless be considered as an alchemy apprentice once. Thus, his deduction was acknowledged. After pa.s.sing through this cavern hall, their eyes became even brighter because they could see another large cavern hall right ahead; where four enormous fat jars had been arranged.

Most crucially, a rich layer of radiance mixed with the ember glows was casted into everyone’s eyes. As for that radiance, it was the glorious s.h.i.+ne of an innumerable amount of treasures!

As the saying goes, the brilliance of gems emanates life. Precious gems would s.h.i.+ne with greater gentleness and brilliance.

Through the myriads of years where the crazed pirates of the Black Pearl searched for the Aztec gold, they naturally wouldn’t spare the riches they encountered along the way. The reserves of gold, silver and gems were truly beyond imaginable.

A shocking wealth was casually piled up here, where a single piece would suffice to provide one with the basic necessities of life for the future. Yet, the trio had this strange sensation – the casually tossed treasures here felt like debris, as though it was a messy garbage field……

Of course, only contestants like the trio would look upon these riches with such nonchalant att.i.tude. The pirates beside them were absolutely in contrast. Pirates were ultimately pirates. Gulping a mouthful of gluttonous saliva, a pirate flung aside his c.u.mbersome makes.h.i.+ft s.h.i.+eld as he squawked with matchless delight; racing straight for the treasure trove.

Instead, Sheyan’s eyeb.a.l.l.s faintly contracted while Blacksail called out.


However, an abrupt flash of beams projected straight after Blacksail’s words faded. The pirates who followed Sheyan here definitely possessed outstanding skills. He reflexively rolled to the side, while raising his weapon to block. Instead, it was as though a sense of emptiness enveloped in. At the instance of shedded blood, the weapon held by that greedy pirate was split into two!

Such was the swiftness of this one attack. Even the one with the best eyesight failed to differentiate it. The only they could perceive, was that a seemingly gigantic suspended hatchet had swerved out from the cavern wall. Within a blink of an eye, it beheaded that invader into two!

After the initial numbing phase of being hacked into two, that pirate abruptly issued a fanatical and shrilling shriek from the agonizing torment. Big beard Davies then fished out a pistol and blasted the brains of that unlucky brat; ultimately ending his torment.

Although he was dead, his corpse remained. Under the flickering illumination of embers, the plain sight of a corpse flus.h.i.+ng out with mangled pulps and blood was witnessed by all. In this moment, the pirates sank into an unfortunate predicament of having no room to retreat or advance.

While they were anxiously thinking of a way, a sudden queer sound echoed into their ears.

Shockingly, it sounded like a human humming a minor key, like a man’s voice trying to mimic a girl’s singing tone; just like the archipela of Beijing soap opera.

As the pirates carefully listened, they realized the humming belonged to a familiar hymn – Dead men tell no tales!

As the hymn eerily harmonized with the current ambience, it undoubtedly tightened the nerves of everyone present. Sheyan then chided with austerity.

“Blacksail, I didn’t say a thing to you sneaking behind that stalact.i.te, because I wanted to see what you were up to. You’ve finally revealed your disguise eh?”

The others immediately glanced towards where Sheyan was looking at. Indeed, Blacksail was now hiding behind a stalact.i.te, while they could observe him crooking his back as though doing something. Moreover, that deliberately sharp humming was drifting out from his location

Big Beard Davies then cautiously pressed his greatsword as he inched towards him, before prudently inquiring.

“Blacksail, Blacksail?”

But after Davies approached nearer, Blacksail suddenly spun round. The pupils of his eyes had strangely vanished, replaced by utter whiteness. Two long dregs of turbid saliva leaked from his mouth.

Within an instance, he appeared like he recalled something, where his complexion drastically changed as though he saw a ghost. Then, he cried out in fright towards his surroundings.

“They’re here, they’re here!! The apparitions slain by the Black Pearl are here to guard this place!”

While he cried, he speared towards Davies and seized his ‘Iceshard Cruelty’ greatsword. Then, he pressed it against his throat spontaneously and urged crazily.

“Don’t wait any longer, kill me now. Kill me now!”

Within his fl.u.s.tered pleading state, his eyes brimmed profound despair. What sort of crus.h.i.+ng dreadfulness could cause a man filled with conviction to suddenly plead for death?

At this moment, Sheyan hastily swung a kick towards Blacksail before stomping down on him to restrict his movements. Then, he unhurriedly declared with a hammering tone.

“There’s something wrong with his mind, he must’ve consumed a substance that has distorted his mind; leaving him in a hallucinatory state. Seeing that none of us are affected temporarily, it should be the mermaid fats he tasted previously. Davies, knock him out cold and let that dumbwit taste your p.i.s.s!”

“Also, the fragrance of the mermaid fats may hamper our senses as well. Merely, the effects of it taking place are faint. Everyone, rip off and wet your clothes with the ground water, use it to mask away the poisonous air from your nose.”

“Let him taste my pee?” Davies hesitated doubtfully. “Cap’n, yer sure? I swear on me life, If I do that, Blacksail be seekin’ me life when he wakes.”


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