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The Ultimate Evolution is a web novel completed by Juantu, Volume Of Soil, 卷土.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Guarba hadn’t felt such a fatal, life-threatening, crisis in a long time.

Hence, he immediately ignored the glowing blood globe in front and s.h.i.+fted half his body, positioning his monumental crimson pupil to lock onto the Gundazan’s body, in an attempt to unleash his ultimate attack towards that suffocating cradle of crisis.

In spite of that, prior to the Gundazan announcing his entry, he had already sliced two deep lacerations onto his palm; so much so, that his eerie white palm bone could be seen. After concluding his sentence, two palms streaming with blood were already pressing onto the eyes of the malevolent Coiled Serpent Statue.

Regardless of elevation, loftiness or ravis.h.i.+ng splendor, this erected Coiled Serpent statue towered over all other enormous statues within the entire innermost reaches. At present, Sheyan, and the vast majority of Ndipaya tribesmen were all aware that its greatest functionality was in triggering the elevator to the Sun Garden.

Yet witnessing the Gundazan’s actions now, one could deduce the existence of another immense mystery residing in this statue. This was a mystery that could even banish the redoubtable Guarba to the land of the dead.

At this moment, a chilling wariness flooded Guarba’s heart; because as the high priest of the Ndipaya tribe, he understood that this Coiled Serpent statue possessed a sky shattering secret! Nevertheless, he had always believed this mystery to have vanished with the death of the old Gundazan. Never did he expect, this mystery had been inherited.

A second later, 3 seconds elapsed, and finally 5 seconds past. An awkward situation presented itself.

After Gundazan’s supposed blood magic interacted with the Coiled Serpent Statue….nothing happened at all!!!!!

Guarba was dumbstruck and so was Sheyan. In fact, even Gundazan was distractedly baffled.

“Perhaps after years of wear and tear, the mechanism is faulty?” Sheyan couldn’t help but guess, but instantly tossed that conjecture aside.

“No, impossible. The statue’s mechanisms pertain to the only gateway to the ‘Stairway of the Sun’, it was definitely built to be incredibly long-lasting and durable. Even if all other mechanisms of the Ndipaya Kingdom turned faulty, this would be the last to break!”

Though the battlefield had plunged into a cold awkwardness, Guarba was the first to react. After all, the threat he just felt couldn’t have been faked right?

Immediately, one could notice the Gundazan’s reflection forming within the pupil of Guarba’s shoulder eye. In the next instance, it was as though a thousand suns had blossomed simultaneously on this bonfire plaza.

Such bright intensity, such surging heat pouring down in torrents, everything converged into an exceptionally fine and straight resplendent light ray! A light ray a hundred folds amplified that of sunrays beamed out from Guarba’s monumental crimson pupil. It penetrated straight into the Gundazan’s body; incinerating out a tragic cauterized impalation. A wave of awful burnt flesh stench pervaded in spirals into the air.

That finger width light ray didn’t disperse but flickered constantly for a full second; utterly decimating his foe with immeasurable heat and unrivaled velocity. After flashes of radiances, many ping pong sized blood holes had formed on Gundazan’s steel-like muscles.

Even in the aftermath of this dusty environment, one could spectate the panorama of white clouds and the blue sky through those blood holes.

Due to the infernal heat of those light rays, all victimized flesh had been incinerated into ashes. Even the surrounding wounds had been cauterized and closed, preventing any blood from leaking out! In a cruel sense, any organ, muscle or flesh nearby those blood holes was roasted to 70-80 percent cooked.

It didn’t stop there. The spirit force of that furtive monumental eye was equally lethal, compounding over another layer of spiritual destruction.

The Gundazan stood there lifelessly for a brief while. His face revealed an agonized, despairing and d.a.m.nable countenance. After vomited a mouthful of blood, he finally collapsed. This time, be it physical or spiritual, he truly sustained fatal injuries!

This Coiled Serpent subtribe chieftain faltered in misery. Suppressed within his own sea of consciousness for years, he finally resurfaced as a hidden boss; intending to secure victory with a single hammer blow by relying on an inherited secret, pa.s.sed on from generations to generations. Instead, he pathetically discovered this secret was probably just a trivial ploy to placate the dignity of Gundazans.

Nevertheless, the Gundazan’s actions weren’t completely ineffective.

By stealing away most of Guarba’s attention, that glowing blood globe, paid for with most of Hecaosi’s vitality, directly collided into Guarba and exploded with blood and flesh splattering everywhere. Strangely, a huge portion of mutilated mess chose to adhere to Guarba’s monumental crimson eye.

The Guarba who lorded over this battlefield instantly suffered the brunt of Hecaosi’s dying wrath. An ice-cold numbing sensation slowly diffused into him after being contaminated by that glowing blood globe. Not only that, his nefarious monumental eye gradually corroded while his own vision begun dimming, feeling as though his whole body was slowly enshrouded by darkness!

Only now did Guarba realized, the exterior glow of the blood globe, was merely masquerading a ball of sticky liquid within. Possibly, it was the venomous liquid secreted by that parasitic python. Even solid rocks and rubber dissolved upon contacting the splattering liquid, what more his own flesh?

Within a split second, grotesque sizzling sounds transmitted out from his corroding skin, hair and even his bone, as though he was immersed in sulfuric acid. Beneath his tightly shut eyes, his ghastly white cheekbones were also exposed from the sprinkling residues of that glowing blood globe.

The redoubtable Guarba couldn’t help but drown in the agony of strands of flesh being devoured away, as he groaned with incomparable sorrow.

In this precise instant, Hecaosi pulled out a short javelin. Crafted in the shape of a serpent, when Hecaosio gripped this javelin, the air seemed to have frozen with ghastly eeriness.

Never ever forget!! Hecaosi was, after all, an elder of the Coiled Serpent subtribe that’s adept in long-range combat. His far range combat abilities were definitely lethal! Drawing back his short javelin, he directly hurled it. Instantly, a ripping sound pierced the air.

Presently, the struggling Guarba couldn’t dodge in time and was his chest was directly punctured by that serpent javelin! Like an electric drill, the serpent javelin whirled frantically, excavating out large amounts of flesh and blood; forcibly drilling open a horrifying ma.s.sive hole in Guarba’s chest.

In response, the enraged Guarba howled berserkly and gripped the tail end of that serpent javelin. Then, that sinister crimson blood eye on his right shoulder inflated rapidly like a ball, before, it ruptured with a thunderous boom!!!

The instant that monumental eye ruptured, even the distant Sheyan was overwhelmed by an intense hallucination; as though time had halted.

Not only had time halted, he could sense that all functionality of his sensory organs had been sealed. His sight, taste, hearing, smell, feel and even the unexplainable intuition, was completely eclipsed. It was as though he still existed in this world but took no form.

When Sheyan regained his vision, it was coincidentally the moment where Guarba stomped in, and mercilessly dug out Hecaosi’s heart with a single claw. Then, he insatiably chewed and gobbled it up, as blood trickled down his lips; truly a gory sight to behold.

As for Guarba, his figure was equally pathetic. That monumental crimson eye on his right shoulder had been completely obliterated, leaving only a dismembered crater in its wake; a disorderly mess of bulky veins, nerves and flowing fluids. Moreover, portions of his deathly pale skeleton could be seen through the hosts of corroded flesh holes.

After consuming Hecaosi’s heart, Guarba expressed a desire to continue. Upon noticing Gundazan still holding onto his final breath underneath the Coiled Serpent statue, Guarba staggered over with heavy footsteps.

His footsteps left a trail of watery footprints, as though his bodily fluids, or random fluids, were being forcefully squeezed out.

Guarba panted heavily as he finally arrived before Gundazan. Suddenly, he felt something amiss. Upon turning around, he realized a pair of incisive eyes were glaring at him. In this instant, a strange sensation welled up in Guarba; as though this pair of eyes had been fixated on him for a very, very long time.

“Who, are, you?”

The owner of the eyes unhurriedly crawled up from the heap of corpses. Cutting a relatively sorry state, his body was drenched in blood. Nevertheless, his demeanor remained composed and unyielding, like the developments so far was well within his calculations.

Guarba disliked the expression that stranger was casting, because he normally employed the same expression when looking at others; an expression of holding one’s life and death within his palm. Conversely, when treated by someone else like that, it was akin to the disparity of being killed by someone or killing off someone.

Hence, Guarba took a step forward as he breathed heavily. He could tell this individual should be a foreigner, one whose strength was merely comparable to a mediocre tribe warrior.

During the golden era of the Ndipaya Kingdom, such warriors were numbered at over 50,000! Even with the current enfeebling decline, the warriors of this caliber under Guarba exceeded 200.

Therefore, the abruptly emerging Sheyan was completely viewed like an ant, a puny discountable ant!


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