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Chapter 61:The Sword’s companion

Translated by: Chua

Edited by: I and Elka.s.sar

Blackbeard sat beneath the oil painting, his waist and back perfectly upright. If not for his aquiline nose contributing to his vicious appearance, he would really have the air of a British Royal Navy general. Davy Jones sloppily leaned against a chair by the side, his domineering aura spewing out of him, he glanced towards the door when someone walked in. Sheyan was extremely quick-witted, he immediately bent his body to bow saying.


Davy Jones nodded his head, squinting his eyes he said.

“The sword you offered to me, was it really taken from Ammand’s hands?”

Sheyan shrugged his shoulders and innocently proclaimed.

“Boss, the amount of people who recognize this weapon in the Caribbean sea are more than the sharks in the water!”

Davy Jones laughed out loudly, he turned to face the steel cold expressionless Blackbeard.

“I feel what my third officer said is absolutely right.”

When Davy Jones laughed, Sheyan finally felt the pressure on him easing, he raised his eyes to look and his heart skipped a beat. Because that renowned Blackbeard was holding a shaft that looked very familiar, it looked like it was exactly the weapon ‘Ammand’s silver sword’ that he gifted Davy Jones! The sword had been pulled out from its scabbard, but with Sheyan’s exceptionally keen observation skill, after a second look he felt something was wrong. Because this sword’s hand guard (protective layer at the holding area) curved to an exaggerated arc, and it was curved to the right side whereas Ammand’s sword should be curved to the left.

At this time, Blackbeard retrieved another sword, this sword was the real Ammand’s silver sword. The two sword resting side by side on the table, apart from the contrasting opposite curvature of its handguard, both swords exterior and even the faint silver glow were exactly similar. Simply put it was like staring into a mirror. Blackbeard glanced at Sheyan with a cold look, he then directed his attention again to the two swords.

Presently, Sheyan had already roughly inferred the entire process of development. Davy Jones previously should have known that Blackbeard was secretly searching for this cla.s.s of weapon, his thirst to find it was great. Therefore, when he received this gifted weapon, he immediately contacted Blackbeard. However, when Blackbeard received this sword, he still couldn’t find out the mystery within, this he felt it was a counterfeit and requested Sheyan to confront him.

Of course there was a suspicious point: Why didn’t Blackbeard himself forcibly take it from Ammand? First possibility was that he could not steal it, because Ammand is an extremely astute and powerful character. But from Sheyan’s deduction, the bigger possibility was that he had no knowledge of it!

In this era, people with some sort of status would normally use this sort of traditional sword. For example in the movies, the main lead Jack Sparrow also was an expert with a sword. This sort of sword was like a self-defense tool within the British Royal Navy. Even though there wasn’t any sword obsessed person that would kill for swords, but a personal weapon was of utmost importance. Even if Blackbeard was a captain of the three legendary pirate s.h.i.+p, he wouldn’t lower himself to request to look at other people’s weapons.

Blackbeard continued examining the swords, he attempted to raise the two swords at the same time, and even placed Ammand’s silver sword near his own eye to look at it. It was like he wanted to dissect it with his eye power. Finally, he shook his head grimly, sighing he was about to stand up and leave. Suddenly Sheyan spoke up.

“Please pardon my intrusion, captain, I’ve already discovered a strange phenomenon, do you mind sharing your difficulty with me?”

Blackbeard stared at Sheyan, his eyes carrying his mockery and contempt distinctly. Without saying a word he walked out. Just when his hands were about to contact the external air, Sheyan added on.

“If you can tell me, then perhaps there is a glimmer of hope to your question. If you leave, then this hope would be lost.”

Maybe the excruciating long searching had sapped away at Blackbeard’s patience. Maybe Sheyan’s confidence had persuaded him as his body remained rigid for a brief moment before turning around quickly. His hoa.r.s.e voice was like scratching steel.

“If you dare to leak out my secret! Then I will surely turn you into an undying, and you will forever be the lowliest slave of my s.h.i.+p!”

‘Bang!’ Davy Jones slammed his wooden cup heavily onto the table, the rum splashed out over half the table. This scottish brute had an icy cold expression as he said.

“Mr Teach (Blackbeard’s name is Edward Teach), this is not the Queen Anne’s Revenge, my third officer’s fate will be decided by me!”

Blackbeard showed no fear, as he stared back callously. The sudden air of conflict between two huge personalities suddenly cause Sheyan to feel light in his legs, he felt a crus.h.i.+ng painful pressure pressing against his body as he stumbled back a few steps. At this moment, Blackbeard suddenly continued.

“My sword, was obtained 10 years ago. What happened then… do not need to know. But it is said that the wielder of this sword, will be invincible in a close combat s.h.i.+p battle. However, it isn’t complete, legends has it, that finding its other half would then allow it to demonstrate its greatest potential.”

Hearing till here, Sheyan already understood. Seeing the light, he replied:

“That is why Ammand’s sword in every aspect, accurately complements this sword as the other half. But instead, it did not display any unique reaction.”

Blackbeard remained silent, but his expression could confirm that Sheyan’s speculation was unmistaken. Sheyan then gently grinned:

“Precisely the case, I’m the only one sitting closest to the door.”

Blackbeard raised furrowed his brows, obviously irritated at this pesky pirate digging his nose into his things. But, Davy Jones gazed at Sheyan with full interest. Because, to the pirates, Sheyan’s current sitting position had his back faced towards the door. This was extremely ominous, probably because a pirate at dawn, was not sure of living to the evening (chinese idiom – Precarious lifestyle). Sitting at that position meant that a stranger could anytime strike you from the back once he entered the door, once a person realizes he would be already dead. Sheyan continued:

“Because I’m sitting in this place, therefore I can see what you two cannot.”

Blackbeard’s heart beat faster, there was an unclear throbbing within his heart. What he lacked was something to break through! Instead he continued listening to Sheyan.

“Just now, the scabbard of the sword i gifted to boss was placed on your seat. When you picked up your weapon, I actually saw a radiance coming out from that scabbard!”

The two silver swords had an exactly similar appearance, but Ammand’s scabbard looked extremely ancient. It was terribly worn out, and was even wrapped with a layer of black rags. It was obvious why Blackbeard instantly placed it to one side on the stool. Saying till here, Sheyan slowed down his pace.

“I reckon, a sword’s other half, may not necessarily be another similar looking half just like the rare occurrence of two males successfully establis.h.i.+ng a family! The genuine mystery behind this legend, may actually be…. Its scabbard!”

Sheyan had not even finish speaking, yet Blackbeard’s eyes were already blazing with a soul combusting radiance! By extending out his palm, his own silver sword automatically flew into his hand. Concurrently, he tried to hook the scabbard on the ground with his leg, but hooked onto nothing! Raising his head, he discovered that Davy Jones had already used some sort of unorthodox method to retrieve that scabbard into his hand. This scottish brute’s eyes were flowing with a malicious excitement, his huge nose was flushed red. Davy Jones leaked out a sly smile, but used a mild tone to speak.

“Beloved Edward, I suddenly have some regrets regarding our former business. Therefore I willing to pay up a penalty to exchange for the rights of owners.h.i.+p of this!”

With his words, the surrounding floorboard suddenly cracked and split open! It was as powerful as a door slamming open. Even the surrounding dust on the shelf started to float down from the vibrations. Following that, the lid of the wooden chest on the floor automatically opened up. Like the jingling of bells, the interior l.u.s.trous golden coins automatically flew up into oblivion and vanished. It was like a small scale tornado pa.s.sed by here and sucked up all the treasures. Davy Jones laughed out loud, he then patted Sheyan’s shoulders and said.

“Beautifully done!”

Blacbeard had a stony expression, but from the whitening of his hands because of his tightening grip onto the sword hilt, his mood was obviously quite furious. Only someone who was familiar with Blackbeard’s sinister nature would understand, this was the expression when his anger had reached the limit. Instead! The person sitting in front of him was Davy Jones! This was someone who was able to stand on equal footing in terms of influence and individual strength! Moreover, he was still on the Flying Dutchman.

“State your price.” Blackbeard once again sat down on his chair. His eyes had gradually intensified, giving off a chilling sensation of a cobra about to devour his prey, filled with a coercive and vicious aura. Instead, Davy Jones leisurely sat down, pondering for a moment he reached out his right hand. He then bent his big thumb, middle finger, small finger and swayed his remaining two fingers in the air arrogantly.

The muscles twitched violently on Blackbeard’s face, he stared at Davy Jones and suddenly fished out two items from the strap at his waist. The first item looked completely weird, it was actually a palm-sized sack weaved with an old fas.h.i.+oned cloth and red thread. Its opening was strangely shaped like the bottom part of a woman. Sheyan wasn’t clear about this item yet, only when he returned to the present world would he realize. That was a utterly famous voodoo object known in the Caribbean sea world, it was called Dakan Momo.


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